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"Why are we up so early?" Ino complained.

"A Shinobi must be alert at all times, even when they are asleep, mistress," Knight said from Ino's PeT, "There may come a day when you are not without me, milady."

"I know, but it's early…" Ino whined.

The Konoha Shinobi, Maylu, and a bandaged Skye were all sitting on the higher level near the beach of Oran Island. On the sands, Lan, Naruto, and Sasuke stood across from Haruka. Haruka wore a tight black jumpsuit with a large black vest. She had black sandals and black fingerless gloves. Over her face, her hair done in a short ponytail, was a mask resembling Gregar's face. On her back was a ninjato. She took the mask off and held up a strange seal tag.

"Remember, you three, go all out," Haruka ordered, "Once I put on this Voice Seal, you're not going to be sparring with me, but fighting to near-death against the ANBU Gregar."

"Yes, mother," Sasuke bowed.

"Oh boy…" Lan gulped.

"Good thing we've got a Dimensional Area set up," Naruto chuckled nervously before all three engaged CrossFusion, "We're ready!"

"Good," Haruka smirked before placing the seal and mask on, her voice alternating to a deep voice (A/N: Think of Koragg's voice from Power Ranger Mystic Force, and placing a henge to shift her form to a masculine form, "Prepare yourselves, Chuunin."

"Oh boy…" Skye paled, "So that's why I feel scared of their mom at times…"

"And you're afraid of her because…" Sakura began.

"She, Sasuke, and Yuchi-chi were the only ones who knew about my little…operation. I was trying to get use to my body's new features and she said she knew someone who could help. A few days later, I'm running for my life through Choina with the guy over there chasing me with all kinds of Jutsu."

"But did it work?" Gregar smirked behind his mask.

"Oi! I hear ya smirking!" Skye barked.

"Let's begin," Gregar spoke as he turned to the trio, releasing a barrage of fireballs without handseals.

"Impressive. Instantaneous Jutsu," CF Shinobi examined as they dodged, "Then taste this; Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!"

"Wind Style: Wind Rapid Fire Jutsu!" CF Kyuubi shouted as he exhaled a barrage of air bullets.

"Water Style: Water Shotgun Jutsu!" CF Megaman shouted as the sea shot out a barrage of water-made bullets.

Gregar stomped his foot on the ground and walls made of sand rose up, blocking the attacks. They fell and revealed Gregar had vanished. The trio looked around before flinching and jumping away as a pack of wolfs shot out of the ground, each one wearing a Gregar mask. The trio used their Default Weapons and took them down with lasers, bladed yo-yos, and kitchen sinks.

"Kitchen sinks?" CF Megaman asked.

"It called for it," Shinobi replied.

"Oi…" CF Shinobi sighed as Gregar appeared from the tree behind them and placed a kunai to CF Shinobi's neck.

"Too slow…"

"Oh, is it truly too late?" CF Shinobi asked before Sasuke's main dinosaur summon rammed into Gregar, "I believe you have yet to meet my partner in battle; Pyro, it is time."

"Right!" Pyro roared.

"Combined Henge!" both shouted, "Shinobi: Saurian Mode!"

"S-Saurian?" Gregar gasped as he watched the form appear, 'That dinosaur summon is connected to Mu?'

"Fire Style: Raptor Leg," CF Shinobi: Saurian growled as his legs were engulfed in flames.

He performed a series of roundhouse kicks that sent the flames out. The flames shaped themselves into a hoard of flaming raptors. Gregar unsheathed his nanjato and began to swiftly slice through the raptors with ease. He snapped his left hand and a water dragon shot out of the water and nearly got CF Shinobi: Saurian when Minato blocked the attack with his chakra alone.

"Nice try," Minato smirked, "Naruto, let's go!"

"Yosh! Combined Henge! Kyuubi: Zerker Mode!" CF Kyuubi shouted as he donned his knight armor, "Lightning Style: Lightning Shockwave!"

CF Kyuubi: Zerker swung his lightning-made blade, releasing a lightning shockwave from it. Gregar once more formed a barrier out of the sand via a kick. It fell and Gregar uppercutted CF Kyuubi: Zerker and sweep-kicked CF Shinobi: Saurian. They began to get up when a kunai was aimed at their necks. Gregar stood over them, leaking raw killer intent. Both gulped with a bead of sweat going down their foreheads when a mist began to form.

"Kufufufu…Well, well, a pleasure to meet you, Gregar," a voice said before Gregar turned to see Netto, letting the two lose CrossFusion.

"So you are Netto?" Gregar asked as he stood up and took out his blade.

"Why yes, yes I am. However, I can only last five minutes," Netto replied as he held up his trident, "So let's make things fun, shall we? Chikushōdō."

A hiss got Gregar's attention. Everyone watching the fight gawked while pointing behind him. Gregar turned and nearly lost his henge. Behind him was an anaconda the size of a horse. The snake lunged at Gregar, who quickly dodged.

"Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu," Gregar sighed.

A dragon made of water emerged from the nearby sea. The water dragon rammed into the snake and ripped it to shreds. Gregar's eyes widened behind his mask as he saw the blood.

"Surpised? Chikushōdō calls forth actual animals, not summons," Netto explained, "Gakidō. Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu."

Gregar's eyes widened as another water dragon emerged from the sea. Gregar quickly summoned another water dragon and they quickly did battle. For a few minutes, neither gained the upper hand until both exploded into rain. Gregar noted that Netto's eyes were changing from the 二 to a 四 in each.

"Ashuradō," Netto smirked.

With that, he charged at Gregar. Gregar lunged at Netto, his blade glowing with chakra. The two proceeded to vanish from normal human sight, reappearing at times. The two appeared once in a stalemate.

"Not bad…" Gregar grunted as he pushed down on his blade.

"Thank you, Haruka-sama. Kufufufu," Netto chuckled before jumping back and holding up a kunai, "However, I only have a minute left. So I will make this quick. It is time for me to use…the most disgusting of all my realms. Nindō."

With that, he sliced his own eyes. Everyone shuddered at the sight with Maylu nearly fainting if Shino did not stop her. Instantly, a black aura roared off Netto as he smiled wickedly at Gregar, both his eyes now pitch black with the green kanji '五' in both. His left arm transformed into the color of a moonless night with the tips extending to resemble claws while crack-like marking formed on the right side of his face.

"Well…Shall we?" Netto sneered before vanishing.

Gregar barely parried to stab Netto tried to take on his neck before jumping back. He quickly made hand signs and a dragon head made of fire emerged from the ground, firing a giant sphere of flames. Netto smirked as a pillar of water appeared from nowhere and extinguished the sphere. Vines ripped out of a cloud nearby and attempted to bind Gregar, who burned them with his blade coated in fire.

"You're powerful…" Gregar noted.

"Thank you. However, only ten seconds left," Netto chuckled, "So I'll leave you with this; what defines reality and nonexistence…there is none with Lan-kun."

"What are you…?" Gregar began when Netto changed back into Lan, who collapsed and lost CrossFusion.

'What did he mean by that?' Gregar thought as he changed back into Haruka, removing her mask, and ran over to Lan as Sasuke and Naruto helped the unconscious boy up.

"Why does that keep happening when Lan uses his eyes?" Naruto pondered.

"I am not sure," Sasuke replied, "His Kirigan are indeed a mysterious bloodline."

"Kirigan?" Kiba repeated.

"It means 'Mist Eyes,' which is perfect for what they do," Sasuke replied, "The materialization of illusions…of what the mist hold within."

"Have the preparations been made?" Danzo asked.

"Yes, Lord Danzo," a ROOT Agent nodded.

"Good. Since Kohona refused…It seems I will have to make better by making the whole world my army," Danzo smirked, "And what better than to start with the Cybernet."

"Sir. We have also come up with some new names since we are no longer the roots of the tree," the agent continued as he gave Danzo a sheet of paper, who looked at it carefully.


Danzo had to admit. Some of these names were actually good ones. However, none of them caught his tongue as of yet. He stopped at one and smirked.

"Very well, then…I have decided on this one," Danzo said, "As of now, we are the World-3, for we shall unleash the new age of this world that will be greater than the other ages combined!"

"Sir!" the agent saluted, "We have also gained new agents who wish to join as our frontline members."

"Ah…Are they normal NetOps?"


"Good…Good. Contact my brother," Danzo ordered, "He will be the one to lead them. With them, we can fool them all into believing they are World-3's main members and leader. Now leave."

"At once," the agent bowed before vanishing in a swirl of leaves.

'Perfect…Soon, you six shall witness my vengeance!' Danzo sneered, 'Starting with that fool and his son!'

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