"Sky's Eclipse"
Prelude: The Prophecy of the Goblin Queen
By Aiijuin

A Labyrinth Fanfiction:

*Disclaimer: I don't own anything regarding Jim Henson Companies or the Labyrinth Movie. I am not trying to steal other character names from people's fan fiction, but I cannot think of a better name to use for Jareth's alter ego in my story (His alter ego doesn't appear until a later chapter). This is rated M for some abrasive language and adult situations. (Resubmitted for easier reading 09/10/2009).

Prelude: The Prophecy of the Goblin Queen

"The Prophecy of the Goblin Queen, written by the late Goblin, Grindymoor, keeper of the forgotten vaults and writer of the nonsensical tomes.

The Sun and Moon spin round and round,

Unable to find common ground.

They dance about around the sky,

But, thus, cannot see eye to eye.

His golden crown shines self-assured;

Her gown is white, so full and pure.

She Queen of Night,

He's King of Day,

Their light ebbs down to watch our ways,

And view in envy at our lives;

While they, in turn, masked in disguise.

He cannot catch her.

She won't relent.

They squabble 'till

They both are spent.

Their love's still strong,

But they could not know,

It was torn from them long ago.

Past memories all lost in despair,

He seeks her out, his lady fair.

Sun's need for Moon brings him great woes,

King lures his Queen, but, still she goes,

And always doth she run from him,

His Castle and his Labyrinth.

Yet, still a lesson will be taught,

Their destiny cannot be fought.

Despite all of his wanton tricks,

They'll meet again in sky's eclipse.