"Sky's Eclipse"
By Aiijuin

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Thank you for reading my story, and I hope you have enjoyed it! This is the final chapter of "Sky's Eclipse"

Epilogue: The Funniest Thing…

Queen Sarah was walking by Jareth's throne as he snatched her around her waist and pulled her onto his lap. She kissed him tenderly and then chided, "You know. It's been how many years…? And neither of us have put another throne back in this throne room…"

"I'm not complaining," Jareth smirked as the vulture above his throne flapped its wings at the sight of Sarah.

Sarah held up a morsel in her hand for the scavenger bird, while it fluttered down to nab it from her, and then returned to its place above the Goblin King's throne. Sarah held up a tiny envelope in her hand. It was from Arachni.

Jareth raised his eyebrow, "Oh, let's see, how is your brother and his elf-wife doing these days?"

"Well," Sarah began, "She just had their third child and they named him…oh no… Torok. That poor kid. I hope he doesn't get made fun of too much when he enters grade school. Oh! And did you know that Torok and Sashya are up to their eighteenth child finally. I win the bet, Darling, so the Troll King will have to pay up when we seen him again ….… Thank goodness my sister and I aren't connected in that way anymore. Two children are enough for me."

"Ah, and speaking of children," Jareth reminded, "It's our son's twenty-fifth birthday today… So, how did you want to celebrate my namesake's quarter-of a century mark?"

Before Sarah could answer, Sashya, the daughter of the Goblin King and Queen came down from the Escher Room. She had her hair chopped in crazy layers, and it was only second in wildness next to her father's. She was dressed in tight, black-leather pants, and resembled Lita Ford with her golden-tresses and nine-inch, stiletto-heeled boots. Her mischievous mismatched eyes greeted her parents warmly as she laughed, "There! I've done it! I've cut Jay Jr.'s hair!"

Sarah and Jareth knew that their daughter was referring to their son, Jareth Junior, but she took a fancy to calling him Jay to relieve the confusion of names within the kingdom. The Goblin King and Queen looked at each other in dismay. Sashya's fashion statements left much to be desired, and they weren't sure what their son was going to look like after his sister had taken scissors or magic to his once beautiful, long, black locks of hair.

Sarah turned to Jareth and whispered, "Oh, no! On the plus side, maybe we'll be able to see his face for once."

Jareth raised his eyebrows and whispered back, "If it looks that terrible, then I could always reorder time after Sashie leaves and help him grow it back… I just hope he isn't bald. I'll never look at him the same way again if he has no hair…"

Sarah prodded Jareth to silence as Jareth Junior walked down the stairs of the Escher Room. The flamboyant princess sang with her arms raised high, "TA-DA!"

The smiles instantly faded from the Goblin King and Queen as Jay walked quietly into the room. Sash hugged herself and danced about the room, then, she mock waltzed her brother in her arms. He grappled her off with an annoyed look and shoved his hands into his pockets. Sashya, the Goblin Princess, laughed and said, "Yes! I know! I'm the best! Thank you! Thank you very much! I'd love to stay around, but I'm going to chase down Uncle Toby's friend, B-Man, again. Although he runs away, I know deep inside he truly wants me. Ta-ta!"

Sash, as she was nicknamed, vanished from the room in a cloud of glitter, leaving Jareth Junior standing awkwardly before his parents. He looked insecurely down to the ground and muttered, "It looks horrible, doesn't it?"

After a few more seconds of silence, Jareth finally asked, "Albert? Is that really you?"

Sarah corrected, "His name was Arther, Darling. Arther J. Crowe, Jr."

Jareth Junior raised his thick black eyebrows and asked, "I'm sorry, Mommy, Daddy… I'm not sure I follow you. Are we playing a game, then?"

Sarah and Jareth shook their heads slowly, as they realized in the end, that their own children had forced them back into the Labyrinth together.

The dark-haired Goblin Prince smiled shyly and said, "I hope you don't mind, but I was going to visit Mr. Eden at d'Bourgeise Estate today with Aunt Sashya and Uncle Torok's daughter, Little Sarah. I'm not really interested in a big birthday party, since I'm very uncomfortable around crowds, you know.... I do hope that you didn't go to any trouble of planning anything tonight, but I just would rather have my birthday pass in a quiet fashion this year."

Sarah rose from her husband's lap and squeezed her son close. She whispered, "Your hair looks wonderful, Jar, and Happy Birthday! I love you! Now, go have fun with your cousin and Mr. Eden and tell them we said, 'Hi'."

Then she kissed him and returned to her husband, in order to run her fingers lovingly through his wild blonde hair. Jareth, the Goblin King, stood up several moments later and shook his son's hand. He said, "I'm proud of you, Jay."

Jay embraced his dad back, and said, "I'll be back in several days. I promise, Daddy."

At that, the prince disappeared. Sarah and Jareth turned back towards one another and laughed in each other's arms over the truth of Arther J. Crowe, Jr. They realized after they spelled out Arther's name, that it was simply a flip-flop of the name 'Jareth, Jr.' with the 'J' moved into the middle initial, the 'TH' was switched with the 'E', and an extra 'R' had been added for balance. His inspiration of 'Crowe' must have come from his unusual love of the pet crows that he owned within the Goblin Kingdom. He was much like his mother in that aspect…

The more they thought about it, the more ingenious and simple they realized it had been.

Now, when they had finally stopped laughing, they realized that they had the entire castle to themselves for the first time in a while. It was quiet as the seven dwarves were busy in the gardens building something for the prince's birthday. Jareth turned to Sarah and asked, "So, how shall we amuse ourselves for the remainder of the afternoon, Dearest?"

Sarah raised her eyebrows mischievously and looked around. After thinking for a few seconds she answered, "Well, we still haven't cleaned the inside of the castle, yet."

Jareth blinked in disbelief as Sarah waved her hand, "Alright, alright… then! How about the usual?"

Jareth clapped his hands like a little kid.

Sarah moaned, "Honestly, Jareth, can't you be the witless teenager who wishes their sibling away this time, and can't I pretend to be the evil Goblin ruler of the Labyrinth for once? This is really getting boring, you know."

"Well," Jareth started, not ever really wanting to play the victim. "If you're not really in the mood to play that game, we could always make passionate love for the rest of the afternoon…"

"Race you upstairs, Darling….you have thirteen hours…" Sarah purred as she placed a spell on the Escher Room in order to keep him from reaching the top before her.