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"Make sure they BOTH hear the legend."

An envelope of money was handed to a man who happily accepted it. Placing the money in his pocket, he headed his row boat towards another boat, the restaurant cruise.

"Wow, this is so delicious!" Exclaimed Ga Eul. "I've never had desert before dinner." She was eating a chocolate parfait. Woo Bin smiled at her and handed her another one.

"Here, eat as much as you like. A woman who smiles when she eats is quite calming to the heart." Woo Bin looked around a bit paranoid and began twiddling his fingers.

"….Woo Bin, you're acting strange." Ga Eul mentioned putting down here second parfait.

He shot up his head "AH! Me? Am I? Haha, no need to worry. I'm fine." He smiled warmly.

"…Did something sad happen to you?" Ga Eul asked with a deep look of concern on her face.

"Sad? No. Why would you ask that, Ga Eul? I'm very happy to be here with you. You can almost call it a date!" Woo Bin laughed.

Ga Eul didn't laugh. "You said calming."

"Eh? Did I?"

"Yes you did…just now, you said I was calming your heart."

"And you are Ga Eul!" He smiled again "It makes me feel better."

"About what?"


"What do you feel better about? What made your heart shake up so much that you ME to calm it down?"

How did she see through him like that? Woo Bin didn't even notice that he was dropping hints that he wasn't calm. He felt flushed suddenly. Why? Was he nervous that Yi Jung might pop up any minute now, or was it because he was alone with Ga Eul on what could only be considered by everyone else in the world, a date?

"Ga Eul, you worry too much. And you take what I say to literally." His tone did not match the smile he wore. It was a bit of a mean forceful tone, while his face held a warm gentle expression. It threw Ga Eul off a bit and made her feel uncomfortable.

"I'm…sorry." She whispered.

"No need to—"

"Excuse me, but are you two Korean?" Asked a young man about their age who had just walked up to their table.

"Yes, yes we are." Woo Bin glared a bit at the boy. "Why do you ask?"

"Because I'm Korean too!" He said pointing at himself smiling. "It's hard to find Koreans on this island!"

"No way! You don't look Korean at all!" Ga Eul implied "I would have mistaken you for a foreigner if I saw you in Korea!"

"Yeah…" Woo Bin seemed a bit annoyed by this guy.

"Haha! I believe you. I'm only Korean on my father's side. My mother is from the island. I was born and raised here. I guess I favor her huh?" He said laughing again. He pulled up a chair and sat down with them at the table. Woo Bin found him a bit too chummy.

"How do you speak Korean so well, if you were raised on the island?" Woo Bin questioned.

"Oh, well my mother died shortly after giving birth to me so I was raised by my father who only spoke Korean. He only spoke a bit of Spanish so there wasn't much he could teach me without going to school. But he could speak good English! He got a job at the airport because of it. OH! By the way, sorry for being rude! My name is Juango! What's yours?"

"AH! Sorry! My name is Cha Ga Eul. And this is Song Woo Bin." Ga Eul pointed over at Woo Bin who still wore a bit a scowl on his face. Juango noticed his scowl.

"'Juango' doesn't sound like a Korean name." Woo Bin said still not trusting him.

"Ah…yeah my mother named me right before she died. My dad wanted a Korean name but because it was my mother's dying wish, he kept the name and named me Juango." Juango looked down with sadness.

Ga Eul gave Woo Bin a look that said "how could you be so insensitive!"

Woo Bin shot back a defensive look that said "I wasn't trying to be!"

"Well I think Juango is a really nice name! I've never heard it." Ga Eul said to try and make Juango smile. It worked. Juango brought his head up and a smile cleared away his frown.

"Thanks! So is Chu Ga Eul! It's really cute." He turned to Woo Bin. "And Song Woo Bin sounds like the name of someone really strong! It's and awesome name!"

At the bit of praise, Woo Bin couldn't help but smile. Maybe this kid wasn't half bad. "I'm not that much of a fighter…" (oh hoo hoo yeah right)

"Well, that's good to hear. I thought you were gonna kick my ass for ruining your date with your girlfriend!" Juango mentioned relived and laughing.

"He's not my boyfriend! And we aren't on a date!" Ga Eul quickly said. Woo Bin was a bit shocked at HOW quickly she said it.

"Really?" Juango asked and sounded a bit MORE relived. His relief made Woo Bin scowl again. "But why would people who aren't a couple come on this restaurant cruise?"

"What do you mean? Is this cruise for couples only?" Ga Eul asked curious.

"Well…no not technically, but there's a legend about this place. A LOVE legend." He put emphasis on the word "love".

"A LOVE LEGEND!?" both Ga Eul and Woo Bin exclaimed.

"Haha yes! They say if you come you are given a flower on the deck of this restaurant by someone under the moonlight, you and that person's hearts will be intertwined forever."

"…like when eating a paopu fruit." Woo Bin said lowly.

"What's a paopu fruit?" Ga Eul asked. She had heard him.

"Nothing! It's nothing! Haha what are you talking about!? Someone like me playing childish videogames and believing childish things? Not me!" Sputtered Woo Bin. (A/N: It's a fun kingdom hearts reference. I'm such a dork. Please pardon my stupidity)

"…I see." Ga Eul said wondering if she should continue to question him or not even bother. The legend intrigued her more than Woo Bin's nonsense sputtering so she drew her attention back to Juango. "Can you tell us more about the legend?"

"Why don't we go up and observe." Juango mentioned standing up. "I like to watch and see how many guys have the courage to give the girl they love a flower. Call me a hopeless romantic if you will." He said winking.

"That sounds like a stupid –"

"That sounds like FUN!" Ga Eul was very excited at the idea. You could call her a hopeless romantic too. She quickly got up out of her seat and looked over at Woo Bin. He could tell she really wanted to go but he also could tell that she wasn't going to go if he didn't go. Sighing inwardly, Woo Bin got up from his seat. He could have just said "Let's eat first" or something along those lines but…he really didn't want to disappoint Ga Eul. He was feeling really strange suddenly.

On the upper deck that was coated in moonlight, the three of them stood alone. No one, not one person, was there. Ga Eul and Juango both looked around and tried to find at least one person they could spy on. While they looked, Woo Bin had his glaring eyes on one person. Juango. This was a trap. Juango had set them up. He knew it. But why? What could he want with them? Not wanting to alarm Ga Eul, he kept quiet for now and went back to the door to the lower deck. It was locked. Now he KNEW something was up. And that little Jerk, Juango was behind it all. Woo Bin cursed himself for being so blind not to see it. Woo Bin discussed options in his head. "Should I Beat him up now and force him to tell what's going on? Or should I let him keep going and see what he's planning?"

Before he could answer himself, the upper deck started to get covered in fog. Thick Fog. And quickly.

"Fog machines?! Just what is this kid up to?!" Woo Bin didn't wait for an answer he just ran towards Ga Eul before he lost sight of her. Before he could reach her, she became lost in the fog.

"Ga Eul!" Woo Bin cried out. "Chu Ga Eul! Where are you?!" Woo Bin looked around like a mad man, waving his hands trying to get rid of the smoke. Ga Eul didn't answer so he became more frantic. She was just a few feet away from him, how could she not hear him calling out to her? He called again: "Ga Eul! Answer me! Where are you!?" Still no answer. He felt someone bump into him and quickly spun around hoping that it was her.

"Woo Bin!" It was Juango. He had a look of terror in his eyes. Woo Bin knew why.

"You little punk!" Woo Bin yelled grabbing him by his neck. "Just what do you think you are up to!? Where is Ga Eul!? What did you do to her!? Don't you have ANY idea who I AM?"

"Woo Bin I can't breathe." Juango said coughing. "Please let me go."

Woo Bin let go of his neck but fix dated his grip to Juango's shirt collar so that he couldn't get away.

"Start talking." He demanded.

"I don't know where she is! I thought she was with you! Last I saw, you were right next to her!"

"Don't LIE to me! Just what are you planning?"

"I'm not planning anything! I'm just as confused as you are!"

"Stop LYING! You set us both up didn't you!? The legend, the deck. It's all a big lie isn't it?"

"NO! It's not a lie! I didn't—"

There was a loud scream followed by fireworks. The fireworks were shot from the middle of the deck and they illuminated the person who screamed. Ga Eul. She was safe! That's all that mattered. Woo Bin let go of Juango and started to walk towards her only to stop when he saw a dark figure in the fog emerge and go walking towards her.

Ga Eul laid on the floor of the deck covering her face, frightened. She had no idea what was going on. She had thought the fireworks were gunshots and after hearing them, she lost the movement of her legs and fell to ground. She had began crying

"Don't cry." Came an unclouded voice. "Everything is ok."

Ga Eul uncovered her eyes. The fog began to clear and she stood up looking for the voice. She saw a dark figure not far from her covered by the remaining fog.

"Who…"she said wiping her face of tears.

"They say that if you give a flower to the person you love on this deck, you will remain the together forever." The figure was becoming clearer. "If you love that person from the bottom of you heart, then the goddess of the moon will give you her blessing and shine it upon on you."

"So…Yi Jung." Ga Eul gasped now looking at a clear vision of him. He walked towards her until he was right in front of her.

"Chu Ga Eul, would you please…under this beautiful veil of moonlight, accept my flower?" Yi Jung held up his flower. A sunflower.

The tears came back to Ga Eul's eyes. She snatched the flower from his hand and jumped into his arms which were waiting to embrace her. The fog fully cleared and the two held each other tightly under the moon.

"Hey, who's that guy?" Juango asked pointing at Yi Jung who was still embracing Ga Eul.

"That's…Ga Eul's boyfriend…and my best friend." Woo Bin answered

"What? That guy?! I thought YOU were her boyfriend." Juango said in shock looking back and forth.

"Nah, he's the one for her…not me."

Before they came onto the deck Juango saw Woo Bin grab a flower out of the arrangements in the dining hall and place it in his back pocket. Remembering this, he confronted him.

"Then, why do you have a lily?" Juango looked away from Woo Bin. He seemed pissed off a bit. "A lily represents purity. Your love for her is pure isn't it? But because he's your best friend you won't say a word about it."

"…I misjudged you. You aren't as stupid as you look." Woo Bin mentioned trying to keep face.

"And I misjudged you too, you aren't strong at all, you're a coward."

"I'm not a coward. I just value my friendship with him more than anything." Woo Bin turned his back to Juango and the others and looked out at the ocean. "We made a promise that we would always be friends forever. In our group, I'm the one that they all depend on. I'm the one who always knows what to do. I'm the glue that holds us all together." He took the lily out of his back pocket and dropped it into the ocean where the waves swept it away and dragged it down to the bottom.

"Too much kindness… is not as pure as you think." Said Juango. "You may be the glue that holds them all together, but without a foundation, glue is useless."

His words shocked Woo Bin and confused him as well. He spun around question Juango

"What do you mean by th—"

Juango wasn't there.

Just the moonlight, shining alone only on Woo Bin.

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