Had To See Me, Part IV


Lorelai and Tristan sat down, while Rory headed into the kitchen to make popcorn. They sat in silence for about five minutes.

"Where's the bathroom, please?" asked Tritsan.

"Through the kitchen and to your right," answered Lorelai. This was just what Tristan wanted. He could go through the kitchen and stop and talk to Rory. He got up, and walked into the kitchen.

"Hello, Mary," he said. Rory turned to face him.

"The name's Rory," she said.

"Okay, RORY," he replied. They sat down at the table. "So," he began, "what books are you reading right now?"

'I like this,' thought Rory. 'He cares about books.' "Actually," she replied, "I'm between books. I just finished Gone With the Wind."

"I love Gone With the Wind! It's one of my favorite books," exclaimed Tristan.

"You know, Tristan," said Rory, "we have more in common than I thought."

"We most certainly do." Tristan smiled.

"Tristan…" Rory began a bit fearfully. "Was everything you said back at Doose's true? About how you love me and you can't sleep at night and all that?"

"Rory…" replied Tristan. But before he could finish, in walked Lorelai.

"Yo!" she cried. "Where's the popcorn?"

"Right here, Ms. Gilmore," said Tristan as he handed her the bowl.

"Please, Lorelai," she said as she took it from him. "It makes me feel old when people call me 'Ms.'"

"Okay, Lorelai," answered Tristan. Lorelai headed back to the living room.

"We probably should go back," said Rory. "We're missing the movie."

"Yeah," said Tristan. They both got up and walked into the living room.