Chapter 6—Dreams and Reality

"Aww, crap," Dean said as he shifted the Impala to park. "Isn't that Callaghan's car?" Sam asked, looking at the green Ford Taurus parked beside Hayworth's (now known as Daniel Moses') car. "Damnit! We should've known better than to involve him," Dean swore as he and Sam got out and crossed the street to the porch.

One swift kick to the Shaman's door was all that was needed to break in. With their guns out, both brothers looked around cautiously, no sign of Callaghan or his predecessor. After quickly searching the rooms on the first floor, Dean said, "Looks like no ones home."

"Better make sure," Sam cautioned, motioning towards some steps leading into the basement. Dean nodded in agreement, "Okay, you check downstairs. I'll check the creepy office over there and see if I can find the necklace." Sam slipped away downstairs out of Dean's sight as he entered the office.

It was almost pitch black in the room and, with only the light behind him to reveal the way, Dean feared he would never reach the desk. He was able to breathe a little easier when he finally found the lamp and turned it on. He looked at the desk and picked up the book on it. "What the?" he wondered as he read the title, "Card Tricks for Dummies." He shrugged put the book down, and went to the other side of the desk to check the drawers.

When he found nothing, he started looking around the book cases that lined the walls.
"Okay so Hayworth, er Moses, or whatever…his car is here along with Callaghan's but they aren't. So…" Dean lost his train of thought as he noticed that there was a book that had no dust in front of it on the bookshelf. It stood out like a sore thumb.

"Oh please tell me it's that easy," Dean murmured as he went to pull the book back, hoping to find the necklace. Before he even had a chance to grab it, the label on the book clicked inwards. Dean jumped as the double doors of the office slammed shut behind him with a metallic clang. He ran towards them and tried to pull them open to no avail. When he gave up, he began banging on them, "Sam! Hey!! Sammy!!" Sam was in the basement, so maybe he couldn't hear him? He pulled out his cell phone and dialed Sam's number.

The phone rang a few times then clicked off, as though Sam's phone had gotten disconnected. Before Dean could even begin to worry, the bookcase at the far end of the room suddenly slid apart revealing a darkened room. As a reflex, Dean pulled out his gun and aimed at the dark abyss growing in front of him.

He slowly inched forward and froze when the lights in the hidden room flickered on. Moses was laying on an old wooden table and Callaghan, Dean noticed, was tied to a wooden chair not far from it. Callaghan looked very pale, but Moses was deathly white in comparison, and neither were moving.

Dean kept his gun aimed at Moses' as he entered the room and slowly went over to check Callaghan's pulse. Callaghan was still alive, but only barely. Dean untied him from the leather restraints that were keeping him to the chair and then turned his attention back to Moses.

He carefully walked up to the table, snapped his fingers in front of the shaman's face and waved his hand about, wondering whether the guy was asleep or if it was a trap of some sort. He shrugged, whatever was going on, he didn't really care. He had a moment to end this all and he was going to take it. He aimed his gun at Moses' head and was just about to pull the trigger when his cell phone rang. It was Sam's ring tone. Dean immediately picked up his cell, worried that the noise might wake up the body in front of him.

"Sam? Where are you?" He whispered, "You need to get up here, man. I found Daniel Moses, he was…." Dean stopped when he heard familiar, weird, clicking noises. The sound of old wood clicking against old wood. Except this time it wasn't coming from the other end of the receiver as it did in his nightmares.

Whirling around, Dean saw his little brother at the doors of the office. He hadn't remembered hearing them opening. Sam was holding the shaman's necklace in one hand and a rather large knife in the other.

"I wouldn't do that, Dean," Sam said, with a vacant expression on his face. "What?" Dean asked looking from Moses' body to his brother. His hunter's instinct snapped on, warning him that something was wrong. Outside, thunder started to rumble and Dean could hear a sudden rush of water hit the house's gutters.

"I said, you really shouldn't have come in here, Dean," Sam repeated as he slowly walked forward. His voice sounded far away, hollow, and a twisted smile began to form at the corners of his mouth.

Once he reached the desk, Sam stopped and pushed up one of his sleeves to reveal a few painfully deep gashes. "And I suggest," he said, raising the knife to some not yet broken skin, "that you put your gun down and step away from my body."

"Daniel," Dean whispered, adding the pieces together. Somehow, Moses was possessing Sam. "Get out of my brother," he instantly growled. Dean noticed that Sam's entire body was shaking and he was starting to sweat. It was as if his every move was being fought against.

Waves of images from Dean's nightmares of Sam dying flashed through his head, he couldn't believe what was happening. He winced as Sam began to cut into the skin of his left arm. "Alright! Alright!" Dean shouted, putting his gun on the floor and backing away from the table. He stepped out of the hidden room towards the desk and circled around to the other side by Sam.

"Now, you're going to leave town and never come back," Sam instructed. "Oh, I don't think that's going to happen, Moses." Dean replied, slowly stepping towards him. "See you're a murderer and…."

"Fine, you leave me no choice!" Sam yelled suddenly and he took the knife and shoved it towards his stomach. Before he could finish the motion, Dean lunged at the knife and knocked it out of his hands. They both landed on the floor and the knife flew onto the desk. Dean reached for the necklace in Sam's left hand, but Sam had already gotten to his feet and began kicking him in the head.

On the third kick, Dean grabbed Sam's foot making him plummet to the ground. He stood up, a little unsteadily, and punched Sam square in the face. Grabbing the collar of Sam's shirt, he forced him to his feet, and smashed the younger Winchester into the wall.

"Get out of my brother!" Dean shouted.
"Oh, yeah, like that's going to work…" laughed Sam, before he head butted Dean hard. Dean faltered backwards, disoriented. The shaman wrapped the necklace around Sam's hand a little tighter. "You see, I hold all the cards in this magic trick, Dean, and there's nothing you can do about it." Before Dean could regain his composure, Sam had clothes lined him.

Behind them, Christian Callaghan was slowly waking up from his stupor. His vision was blurry, but he could still make out Sam and Dean Winchester exchanging punches at the other end of the office. "Hayworth must've taken control of one of their bodies," he thought. He glanced at the figure of his once-admired mentor in a trance on the table and then at the gun on the floor in front of him. Callaghan surmised exactly what he was going to do with it.

At that exact moment, Dean punched Sam so hard that the necklace was knocked out of his hand and slid on the ground towards the office doors. Without hesitation, Callaghan hurried over to the gun, "Hayworth!" he shouted, aiming it at the body on the table. Moses screamed in dismay as he watched Callaghan aim, giving Dean one last punch before running towards his body. But he was too late, Callaghan had already taken the shot and was now puzzled by the lack of blood around the wound.

"Well, looks like Sammy's body is mine now, kid," Moses said gravely to Dean, giving Callaghan an angered look. "Hey!" said Dean as Moses turned to look at him, "I'm the only one that gets to call him that." Shock and horror crossed Sam's face just as Dean had reached the necklace and lit it with his lighter.

The necklace burned faster than Dean had expected causing him to drop it before a flash of blue light passed through the room. Sam's expression changed fast from rage to vacancy and he became completely immobile, both of his arms falling to his sides. Across the room, on the table, the pale-faced Daniel Moses suddenly became animated again and the bullet wound in his chest began to ooze with blood. Callaghan jumped back instantly while Moses fidgeted and squirmed from the pain until he couldn't anymore. Life faded out of his eyes and his last breathe seeped out of his mouth.

"Sammy?" Dean said, cautiously grabbing both of his shoulders and giving him a small shake. Sam kept staring straight ahead of him, not a worry nor a care in his eyes, only emptiness. Just as he was about to despair, Dean felt Sam slightly jolt forward. "Ow…." Sam moaned and felt his face.

Chapter 7—Goodbyes

Sitting on the front porch of Daniel Moses' house, Sam dabbed a wet rag onto one of several bloody gashes on his face with one of his bandaged arms. "Did you really have to hit me that much?" he asked, glancing over at Dean who was sitting down behind him. "As a matter of fact, I did."

Sam rolled his eyes, "Jerk."
Dean could not help but smile, "Bitch."

Both brothers turned at the sound of the door closing behind them. There stood Christian Callaghan, his hands tucked in his pants pockets, looking out at the Christ of the Ozarks statue in the distance. "It amazes me, still, how easily he fooled me."

"It wasn't your fault, Christian. You had no reason to suspect anything bad about him," Sam said sympathetically. Callaghan slowly nodded.

"Well, at any rate, you two need to be thanked. So, um, well, thanks. This town can finally get back to normal now." He reached over, holding his hand out for Sam to shake. Dean cleared his throat as they stood and murmured, "Ye-yeah, well, it's what we do." With that, he shook Callaghan's hand as well and Sam and Dean took their leave.

"So the real Charles Hayworth spoke to you in your nightmares?" Sam asked after a while of staring out the window of the Impala. "Yeah," Dean said, hoping Sam wouldn't question him further on the matter. "I wonder how he knew to contact you specifically or….."
"Hey, Sam?" Dean interrupted, wanting more than anything to change the subject. "Why do we always end up driving away from the sunsets?" He gave a small smile at Sam who had gotten the message and also smiled as he turned to look back out the window.