"Usagi-san...I don't really know about this..." Misaki whined, stumbling through the darkness and sand to keep up with his silver haired lover. "What if someone sees us?"

"There's no one out here at this time of night," Usagi promised him. "Now come on, I want the ocean sex you promised me."

"Pr-promised you?! I never promised anything like that."

"Did you forget?" Usagi smiled in the darkness, knowing full well that Misaki had promised him no such thing.

"Ummm..." Misaki blushed uncomfortably. Did I promise it while I was in one of the many sex hazes Usagi-san has put me in? "Anyway, we can't do it in the ocean!"

"Why not?"

"B-because! The salt water will...ah...you know...get all up inside of me...and it will sting. It already hurts enough!"

"It still hurts sometimes?" Usagi seemed floored by the concept.

"Well, yeah!" Misaki huffed. "You're not exactly small and you're always cramming it up there night after night! It hurts sometimes!"

"Oh, Misaki," Usagi sighed, embracing him. "I had no idea I was hurting you... I figured you were used to it by now...why didn't you tell me?"

Misaki blushed. "Because...it feels good...more than it hurts."

Usagi chuckled. "My little Misaki is so kinky..."

"I am not!"

"Do you like a little pain, Misaki?" Usagi whispered harshly in his ear, making him erupt in goosebumps.

"Uh..." was all Misaki could manage to say in response.

"Oooh, I just love that..." Usagi said. He quickly unfolded the beach towel and threw it on the ground. "Down on all fours, you bad boy."

"Usagi-san..." Misaki whimpered, but he complied. The salty wind whipped his hair around, and he gasped as Usagi reached around, unfastening his pants, and then yanked them down roughly, baring his ass.

It was dark out, but the full moon provided enough light for Usagi to see Misaki's creamy rounded ass. "Oh, I can't wait to make you all red and swollen..." he murmured. "Misaki...get ready. I'm going to spank you now."

"Usagi-san, you big pervert! Wait!" Misaki cried, but it was too late. Usagi's hand had come down, swatting him firmly. "Owwww!" Misaki shouted.

Usagi leaned over him, whispering in his ear. "Does that hurt, little Misaki?"

"Yeah it hurts, you bastard! I'm going to get you for this!"

"No, I'm going to get you," Usagi promised. He straightened back up and spanked Misaki three more times in rapid succession.

Misaki couldn't help the little moan of pleasure that escaped his lips as the last strike fell. There was something so hot about the whole thing that suddenly had him hard and willing. "Usagi-san..." he whimpered, but this time the whimper was full of a curious pleading tone - and not the stop kind of pleading.

"Little Misaki is so bad," Usagi murmured, rubbing his bare, smarting ass. "I have to punish him to teach him to be a good boy. But if he would just obey me, I wouldn't have to spank him."

Misaki bristled up at the word "obey", but he was too turned on to get mad. He pressed his face down into the towel. "Oh, please, Usagi-san...I'll obey you..." he whimpered, playing along nervously.

Usagi let out a lustful groan. "Misaki..." He regained his composure slightly and his hands massaged Misaki's ass, the long fingers stroking red skin and the thumbs parting Misaki's cheeks. Usagi stared down hungrily at the twitching opening there. "Yes, I want you to obey me," he murmured, then dropped down slightly and began to run his tongue over the sensitive entrance.

"Ahhhh! Usagi-san!" Misaki screamed out. Usagi plunged his tongue inside for a few thrusts, and then pulled back.

"I want you to be a good boy and let me fuck you hard," Usagi growled, and Misaki nearly melted into a puddle.

"Yes! Yes! Usagi-san!" he cried.

Usagi quickly unfastened his pants, pulled out his throbbing cock and lubed up with the bottle he had brought. "Mmm...Misaki...this is going to be so good," he promised, nudging the head against that tight hole. He then pushed the head inside, and they both paused to cry out in pleasure.

Then Usagi began to thrust, rapidly building speed. Misaki mewled in pain and pleasure below, his own erection crying out silently for attention. Luckily, even in his erotically charged haze, Usagi remembered it and reached around, stroking it quickly. "Usagi-san...mmmm...." Misaki moaned. He cried out again as Usagi slammed into him over and over. Their skin slapped together, mimicking the waves crashing on the beach.

"Come for me, little Misaki," Usagi urged in a low, lustful voice. Misaki tightened up his muscles, biting his tongue and concentrating hard. He moaned Usagi's name as he came suddenly, spurting out onto the towel below. Usagi groaned and let go, spilling out inside of Misaki.

They stayed together, panting and listening to the ocean, then Usagi pulled out and they cuddled on the towel together. Misaki blushed as Usagi looked at him lovingly, playing with his sweaty bangs. "You're such a pervert," he complained half heartedly.

"Yes, but you like it," Usagi teased. "You really got into it; saying you'd obey me and everything."

"I'm leaving!" Misaki shouted angrily, feeling thoroughly humiliated. Usagi grabbed him quickly, planting a reassuring kiss on his mouth.

"Don't be embarrassed, Misaki," he urged him. "We're married now, so we can do anything and everything we want to each other."

Misaki pulled his pants up. "Hah! Yeah right! There are still some things we'll never do."

Usagi fastened his own pants and arched an eyebrow. "Hmmm? Like what?" he asked.

Misaki blushed and stood up. "Come on, let's go back to the hotel room," he muttered.

Usagi grabbed the towel and lube, wadding them up, and carried them in his arms as he trotted back towards the hotel with Misaki. "So, what, Misaki? What is it you think we'll never do?"

"You know, you big pervert!"

"I don't know," Usagi insisted.

"Arg, you do know, and you're just teasing me!" Misaki shouted. He stomped through the sand, getting to the paved path and hurrying inside the hotel.

"I really don't know what you're talking about," Usagi said.

Misaki wheeled around. "And when are you ever going to let ME fuck YOU up the ass? Huh? I don't see that ever happening, married or not!" he shouted. He then realized they were in the hotel, and the night staff was looking at them in bewilderment. Misaki flushed crimson and mashed the elevator button frantically, looking straight down. Usagi just chuckled as the elevator arrived and they got on. Misaki leaned back against the cool steel as the doors closed, and groaned. "Oh, kill me now," he muttered.

Usagi leaned in and gave him an affectionate kiss on the nose. "You're too cute," he said, smiling.

"Don't smile down on me like that," Misaki grumbled. The elevator arrived at their floor and they made their way into the suite.

Usagi dumped off the dirty towel, but set the lube by the bed as Misaki shed his clothing and got in the shower to wash off the sand and sex. "And what makes you think we'll never do that?" Usagi asked.

Misaki's cheeks burned, and he pulled the shower curtain closed and started up the water. "I just can't imagine it. H-Have you ever done it?"

"No, I haven't done it," Usagi admitted, as he undressed himself. Misaki felt a little happy twinge in his heart as it was confirmed that there was at least something Usagi had never done with another man. And he had that one thing up on him! It was something HE had done that Usagi had never done. Though, he wasn't sure if that was something to be proud of...at any rate, it made him happy somehow.

Usagi poked his head in the shower. "But maybe I want to."

Misaki soaped himself up frantically, feeling nervous. Usagi just grinned and got in the shower with him, washing the sand off of himself as well. "Ahaha..." Misaki laughed uneasily, wanting to change the subject. "So what shall we do tomorrow? Go sight seeing? Want to go to the beach again?"

"Oh, I want to go somewhere we've never been before..." Usagi said, encircling Misaki's shoulder with his arms and kissing the side of his neck.

"Yeah, like where?"

"Me on the bed and you behind me."

"Usagi-san!" Misaki shouted, flailing.

"Now, why are you so adverse to the idea? I'm giving myself up to you. You're the one that suggested it. You should be happy."

"I didn't...I didn't suggest it! I was just saying I couldn't see how we'd ever do that."

Usagi shrugged. "We just do it, that's all."

"Yeah, but...it seems so wrong, or something. I just can't imagine you all sweaty and submissive beneath me."

"Ooh, that's sexy talk, Misaki," Usagi purred, kissing his neck again. "You're going to make me have to try it tonight."

"Tonight?!" Misaki screeched. "I'm not ready!"

Usagi eyed Misaki's erection. "Oh? This says otherwise," he said, teasing the hard organ.

"Naaa....Usagi-san..." Misaki whined. "I didn't mean my body...my MIND is not ready to top you."

"Come on, it'll be fun," Usagi said. It wasn't something he'd ever considered before, but he was pretty sexually adventurous, to say the least, and the idea intrigued him. For all the man on man sex he had written in his BL novels, he had never been on the receiving side, and he had the idea that if he did try it, it would make him a better writer. "It'll be good for my writing, too," he said aloud.

"Oh, so this is all research for your smut books!" Misaki shouted. "And I bet you'll put that beach spanking in a book too!"

"Probably," Usagi shrugged.

"I can't believe you!"

"Calm down, Misaki. I write those under a pen name. Very few people know it's the same Akihiko Usami who writes award winning literature. So don't worry." He nuzzled Misaki's neck and shoulder. "So, why don't you give me a good fucking and show me what it feels like? Then I'll be able to write it more accurately in my books."

"You're a moron," Misaki huffed, turning off the shower and getting out. "And I'm going to sleep! No sex for you!"

"Please, Misaki?" Usagi pleaded, toweling himself off and following Misaki into the bedroom.

"No! And, ha ha, this is one thing you can't just make me do! I'm in control of it! Wow, how empowering that feels!" he crowed, then pulled on his pajamas and slipped into bed. "Stop making that sad face!" he shouted, looking away from Usagi's pouting visage. "I'm not fucking you!"

Usagi just slunk closer, slipping under the sheets as well. "Put some damn clothes on, you perverted rabbit!" Misaki complained. He gasped as Usagi pulled his pants down. "What are you doing?" Usagi eyed his sleeping manhood hungrily. "Ha! See that? It's not interested in your weird games. So give it up."

Usagi just shrugged and dipped his head, licking at Misaki's limp member. Misaki shuddered and gritted his teeth. "Ufff...no fair..." he groaned. He rapidly stiffened up under Usagi's ministrations. Usagi sat back, pleased with himself. He reached out and got the lube, slicking down Misaki's erection. "Wh-what are you doing?" Misaki asked.

"We're going to fuck," Usagi said, smirking. He reached behind himself and stuck his slippery fingers inside.

Misaki groaned. Even though it was so strange to see, he had to admit that it was...really, really hot. Usagi then moved into position over him, and began to sit down on his dick. "Usagi-san!" Misaki screamed out, as he penetrated the man for the first time.

Usagi panted heavily, his eyes nearly shut as he concentrated on everything he was feeling. Misaki slid inside easily, and Usagi groaned as he sat down all the way. Then he began to rise up and sink back down over and over. The tip of Misaki's manhood was striking that secret spot inside that he had so often written about...it was amazing to see what it really felt like. The internal stimulation made his cock get unbearably hard. "Misaki...touch me..." he whispered.

Misaki murmured, his face totally flushed. He couldn't believe how amazing it felt. For being so cool to the touch on the outside, Usagi was certainly hot on the inside. And so snug feeling... He reached forward and began to stroke at Usagi's hard cock.

Usagi threw his head back, groaning. "Yes, that's it, Misaki! Now, faster!"

Misaki murmured and pumped a little harder, rocking his hips as he did so. "Usagi-san...mmm...I'm gonna...come if you keep..."

"Yeah, Misaki...come...I want to feel you come inside of me," Usagi growled, and that was too much for Misaki. He cried out and then released, shooting up into Usagi's body. Usagi groaned loudly and came all over Misaki's chest.

He leaned down and kissed the boy, both of them still breathing heavily. Then he released his softening member carefully, and rolled off to the side. Misaki grabbed some tissues and began to clean up. "Did...did you like it?" he nervously asked Usagi.

"Yeah, it was good," Usagi breathed, wiping the sweat off of his forehead with the back of his hand. "What about you?"

"It was awesome," Misaki admitted, then blushed and tossed the tissues in the trash. "But you're still a big pervert, you know that?!"

"I know that," Usagi smiled, then pulled his little husband down under the covers, where they fell asleep happily.

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