"Ah! It's so good to finally be home!" Misaki sighed, as he unpacked the last item.

"Yes, that's true," Usagi had to admit. "Even though our honeymoon was a delicious, neverending sex fest..."

"So what would you like for dinner?" Misaki interrupted hastily, feeling slightly embarrassed.

"Eh?" Usagi paused to light a cigarette. "Mmm... let's see. How about some Misaki with a side of Misaki?"

"We're all out of that..." Misaki said flatly. "Would you like stirfried pork instead?"

Usagi made an annoyed noise with his tongue. "Well, I suppose it will have to do."

Misaki bustled into the kitchen, and smiled with delight as he beheld the large box on the counter. "This! I forgot that Onii-chan got me this for the wedding!" He started opening the box.

"Hmmm... what's that?" Usagi wanted to know.

"It's a cake decorating kit," Misaki breathed out. He took out each piece one by one. "A spinning table, for putting the cake on when you decorate it. All sorts of other accessories, and a book of techniques. But the best part is this!" He held up a slim, rectangular box. "Tips!"

"Tips?" Usagi was puzzled.

"Yes, tips," Misaki said excitedly. He opened the small box and held up one of the conical metal devices for Usagi to look at. "You see how the end is all pointy and jagged?" He took out a different tip and held them side by side in comparison. The second one had a thin, wavy end. "Depending on what tip you use, the frosting comes out in different shapes! You can make all kinds of things!"

Usagi smiled as he took a drag of his cigarette. He loved to see his husband so delighted by such simple pleasures. "So, will you make me a delicious cake for dessert tonight?"

"Eh? Well, sure, I guess," Misaki said, sounding nervous. "I haven't really had time to study the book, so it won't be super fancy or anything."

"I don't care," Usagi said. "As long as Misaki makes it. And even if it turns out totally ugly, it'll still be great practice, right?"

"Hey!" Misaki huffed, but Usagi was already stubbing out his cigarette and heading for his office.

"Sorry, but I'm way behind on my work, because of the honeymoon," Usagi apologized.

"Oh. Oh, it's all right," Misaki assured him. He watched his broad shouldered husband disappear into the side room, touched his blushing cheek, and then turned back to the kit.

He read through the book for a little while, trying to comprehend the advanced techniques described inside. He didn't see how he would ever be able to make roses. He figured the easiest thing would be to start with the star shaped tip and just do fancy piping around the edge of a cake.

"But first, I need to make a cake," Misaki said to himself. "Oh, but what kind of cake? I forgot to ask Usagi-san." He glanced towards the office, but shook his head. "I shouldn't bother him while he's working. I'll just have to guess. Um... maybe a white cake filled with raspberry jam. And a light pink frosting made with whipped cream. And real raspberries for the finishing touch!"

Misaki scribbled down a list for the store, and quickly hurried out, leaving a note for his husband in case he came out into the kitchen. He still didn't want to bother him.

When Misaki returned from the market half an hour later, the note was still in the same place, and Usagi's office was closed, so Misaki assumed he hadn't even noticed his absence. He set to work unloading the groceries, and then rolled up his sleeves to get the cake started.

Eggs were cracked, flour was sifted, and the batter was beaten thoroughly. Misaki poured it carefully into three round cake pans, and put them in the preheated oven. While they were baking, he measured out butter, cream, and powdered sugar for the frosting. That was duly whipped to perfection.

The cakes came out of the oven shortly after, and he set them aside to cool. He focused his attention on preparing dinner, getting out the meat and vegetables, then chopping them. He hummed happily to himself, the picture of domestic bliss.

Then he froze, his knife in mid chop. "Oh my god..." he hissed. "I've turned into a stereotypical housewife..."

Misaki paced the kitchen and fretted about it for a while. There he was, a perfectly healthy eighteen year old boy. He should be out, acting stupid with his friends, playing sports and taking college half-seriously. But instead, he was the bride to a twenty eight year old man, happily preparing his dinner and anticipating a night of love making.

Misaki sank to his knees, cradling his head in his hands. "Where did I go wrong?" he moaned.

Probably at the moment when you gave into Usagi-san's sexual desires... his brain taunted him. Misaki collapsed onto his stomach on the floor. What had he become?

Then he drew himself up. Why am I being so ridiculous? he chided himself. I love Usagi-san. Why am I letting society's conventions about what a boy of my age is supposed to be doing make me feel bad about myself? He made a determined fist. Dammit! If I'm gonna be a housewife... I'm gonna do the best fucking job of it that I can!

He stood up, approaching the counter again. He took a head of broccoli in hand and chopped it with determination. He turned, getting out a pan and heating it up with a few tablespoons of oil. Then he set to stirfrying the vegetables and meat.

Usagi was drawn out of his den by the tantalizing smell. "Wow, something is really delicious out here," he murmured, appearing behind Misaki suddenly.

"Oh! Wait! You're not supposed to come out yet!" Misaki protested. "I'm not done with everything!"

"But it smelled so good," Usagi said simply. He wrapped his hands around Misaki's waist, and nuzzled his face in the boy's hair. "And I'm hungry."

"Well, it's almost done," Misaki told him, blushing slightly. "Can you get a couple of plates from the cabinet?"

Usagi nodded, turning to get them. He returned and set them down beside the stove. Misaki turned off the burner, ladled out some rice from the rice cooker onto the plates, and then added the stir fry on top.

They sat at the table together, said their customary blessing, and then dug in. Usagi sighed happily. "I have really missed your home cooking," he commented. "I got tired of eating out all the time while we were on honeymoon."

"Mmm..." Misaki agreed, his chopsticks in his mouth. He took a few more bites, then jumped up with a cry. "Oh! I didn't finish the cake."

"It's okay," Usagi assured him. "You're not done eating. The cake can wait."

But Misaki was determined. He shoveled in a few more bites, and hurried back into the kitchen, still chewing.

The first layer of the cake was tipped out, and Misaki spread raspberry jam onto its surface. Then he carefully placed the next cake round on top, repeating the process with the jam. One more layer went on, and then Misaki fetched the bowl of frosting. Half of it was scraped onto the cake stack, and he spread it around with a palette knife, being careful not to stir up crumbs.

Once it was smooth and pretty, he set to the next step. The cake decorating kit came with a thick, pliant cone of silicone, which he dropped a plastic tube into. The metal star shaped tip fit on the outside, and a plastic ring screwed it in place. Misaki used the palette knife to pile frosting into the bag, and then he carefully took it in hand, putting the tip to the cake.

He squeezed the bag, and a perfectly ridged tube of frosting was applied to the edge of the cake. He gave a soft, happy cry at how nice it looked. Then he gasped as two cold, strong hands grasped his waist.

"Hmm..." Usagi breathed in his ear. "That looks nice."

"Y-yeah..." Misaki agreed. "It's coming out really pretty."

"You know what I'd like to put frosting on even more than that cake?"

"No, wh-what?" Misaki asked, even though he knew the answer somewhere deep down.

"Your sexy little body," Usagi purred, and he snatched up the bag from Misaki, and pushed the boy to the kitchen floor.

"No... Usagi-san..." Misaki protested half-heartedly.

Usagi just smiled and pushed Misaki's t-shirt up on his chest. He wrapped his long fingers around the piping bag, and used it to apply frosting with a surprising amount of skill to each of Misaki's nipples. "Ooh, what a delicious dessert I've made for myself," Usagi hummed happily. He dropped his head and flicked out his tongue at the left nipple, gathering up the sweet substance and teasing at Misaki's tender flesh.

"Ahhh... Usagi-san..." Misaki moaned. He closed his eyes, writhing on the floor.

"Mmm..." Usagi murmured. He moved his head to the right nipple, licking away the frosting there as well. Once it was gone, he continued to lap and bite at the pink nub until it became red.

Misaki covered his mouth with the back of his hand. His face was flushed with arousal. "Ohhh..." he moaned.

"That was delicious," Usagi commented, "But I can think of a treat I'd like to eat even more." He laid aside the bag, and used his now free hands to open up Misaki's jeans. They were quickly stripped off, and the bag was picked back up. Usagi carefully drew a line of sweetness up the length of Misaki's hot, throbbing erection.

"Usagi-san!" Misaki's eyes rolled back in his head as his husband lowered his head and licked away the frosting. Usagi set the bag to the side, and used his hands to stroke and fondle Misaki as he continued to work his mouth over his husband's flesh.

"Mmm... even sweeter than usual..." Usagi murmured between lashes of his tongue.

"Oh god!" Misaki cried. "If you keep... I'm gonna!" he warned breathlessly.

"Not yet," Usagi said quickly. He brought his hands and mouth away, making Misaki groan in frustration. The groan turned into a gasp, however, when he saw Usagi pick up the bag again. He used one hand to push Misaki's left thigh up and back, and then lowered the bag of frosting to Misaki's entrance.

"What are you... oh!" Misaki cried out as his husband filled his hottest place with sticky sweetness. His face fell to the side, flushed and moaning.

Usagi dropped his face down and tongued Misaki's hole. "Mmm..." He enjoyed both the taste, and seeing Misaki writhing in pleasure.

Misaki was reaching down, grabbing at himself clumsily. "Please, Usagi-san," he begged. "I'm so close. Do it."

Usagi grunted in desire, rising up on his knees. He unfastened his pants and opened them up, getting his aching cock out. It was positively dripping with anticipation. He lowered his hips between Misaki's thighs, and nudged the head up against that twitching opening. "Misaki, are you ready?" Usagi asked breathlessly.

"Yes..." Misaki sighed. Usagi gave a groan and pushed himself inside. "Ahhh!" Misaki cried out, clutching at his husband's back. His body clamped down on the thick, hard piece of flesh.

"God, Misaki," Usagi rasped out. "You feel so good... and so tight..."

"Oh, Usagi-san..." Misaki whimpered. He gave a fresh cry as Usagi began to thrust into him. "Ahh! Nooo!" he wailed, as the sensations pushed him over the edge. He climaxed, spurting hot ribbons of ivory between their abdomens.

"Oh, my beautiful Misaki..." Usagi groaned. "I feel you... clenching on me. It's so good. I don't think... no...!" He buried himself as deeply as he could, and pulsed out there with a sharp cry of delight.

They stayed together on the kitchen floor, holding each other and trying to catch their breath for some time. Then they carefully came apart after some breathless kisses.

Misaki set his clothing straight and stood up, wobbling a little. Usagi joined him seconds later, holding the piping bag. He licked the tip of it. "I guess this means the sex fest is not over," he said in all seriousness. "I'm extremely, extremely happy."

Misaki blushed as he was kissed one more time.

Author's note: Hello everyone! Yes, I am back! I didn't realize there was a lot of JR manga that I hadn't read since I went away, and I read it all today, and was inspired to write something new for this couple! I hope you enjoyed it, and I want to write more for them again soon. If you haven't already, please join my new Facebook page Yunakitty Yaoi (the old one was deleted) and you can hear behind the scenes information about my stories, and give me suggestions! Hope to see you there! Please review if you liked this and want more!