This is a deleted scene from a direction I was trying to go with Pink Ribbon that I eventually abandoned. I was going through my folder marked "junk," where I put all my odd and end scenes to get re-used later or discarded. I came across this one and upon further reading decided that it really has no place in any present or future stories. Plus it is angst ridden. So I am classifying it as a drabble and raising it on the flagpole to see who salutes. Enjoy.


"Olga's missing. Miriam is a hooker! Ya got that! My mother is a god damn whore! My father knocked up his secretary and now they're going to have a child! Bob and Miriam are getting a divorce. Miriam tested HIV positive. On top of all this, on top of all this I brought home a D in math and my dad cut off privileges. They wait until the family is on the verge, until the family is pulling itself apart to realize I exist, and now they're smothering me." Helga gritted her teeth as she looked down at him. "So don't you ever tell me that I don't know how hard it…"

Arnold shot up in front of Helga, mere inches from her own face, and screamed "I just buried my mom and dad!"

At that instant, Helga's breath caught in her throat, but Arnold's face remained red as his entire body shook with anger and tears. Arnold saw the fright in Helga's eyes and instantly wished he hadn't. He had hurt her, and it only compounded the horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. He closed his eyes, and sat down against the ledge, one leg resting against it so he could face away from Helga.

After that he didn't hear anything but the traffic below and the wind in his ears. He wasn't sure he felt Helga's presence at all. It was Helga's decision to turn and run, he knew. He had hurt her again, the last person in the world that he'd ever do that to willingly. He yelled in her face. He scared her, ruined her image of him. Perhaps it was best. He had nothing at all to offer her, no security, just spit in the face and ringing ear drums.

More tears fell from his face as he brought his legs up and rested his arms on his knee caps, burying his face. He started sobbing; he had never felt so alone in his life.

It was then that he felt the most comforting thing that he had ever felt. A pair of slender yet strong arms wrapped themselves around his torso. Helga hugged herself to her back softly, and she rested her head against his neck.

"The night mom and dad disappeared, the area they were flying in had some terrible weather. Very powerful thunderstorms. Their plane wasn't rated for that kind of weather. About a month ago, the embassy found the remains of a Cessna deep inside San Lorenzo. The altimeter had been struck by lightning. Inside the Cessna they found, they found.." Arnold's voice cracked.

Helga scooted back and cradled Arnold's head in her hands. "Shhh. It's okay Arnold." She cooed desperately into his ear to calm him, tears welled up in her own eyes as the love of her life shook uncontrollably.

"They found, their bones, mingled together. Mom's..s.." Arnold hiccupped and a trail of mucus ran from his nose onto Helga's arm. She stroked his hair. "Mom.. Severe head injury. Don't know about dad."

"They died together." Helga whispered into his hair, amid her own sobs. "They're finally home."

"They never came home." Arnold cried into her chest. "They never came home and I'm just an orphan boy like your dad said."

Helga tilted Arnold's face to peer into his eyes. Through his cloudy eyes, Arnold could see Helga's own bloodshot blue orbs looking at him with nothing but concern and tears. She gripped his arms tightly, and said with a fright tinged voice. "I never want you to say that ever again football head. Okay." She cried. "I don't want you to ever say you are alone ever again." She put her lips to his forehead and kissed him, then looked into his eyes again. "You are not an orphan. "