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Kerry would not relinquish her hold on Ethan's hand as they both sat in their seats. Sandra's green eyes did not leave her face, her lips pulled down in concern.

"Jack, must we do this now? I think my daughter is going into shock," she said. All eyes fell on Kerry then, who felt that she actually might be going into shock.

After all this time, the man who had helped her with Sunny was the man who had taken her mother from her. He was the father of all vampires and her mother was his what? Wife? Kerry felt her chest tighten, her breathing coming in short gasps.

Ethan rubbed soothing circles on the back of her hand with his fingers, trying to calm her down. He eyed Jack.

"That seems wise," Jack said. His face was full of concern for her too. "We were going to move anyway." He turned to Henry. "Henry, make sure Michel and Kerry get to the house safely. I'm riding with Sandra."

Henry bowed, making Kerry, even in her current state, want to laugh out loud. Ethan, somehow sensing her mirth, tightened his grip on her hand in warning. They didn't want to piss off Henry now. Sure, he was scared, but he wouldn't be when they left Jack's sight. Standing and pulling Kerry up with him, Ethan headed toward the door.

The hallway, which had been full of vampires earlier, was now deserted.

"Ethan, where did everyone go?" Kerry asked.

"The sun will be up soon. They're all probably on their way to the same place we're going," he replied, still pulling her toward the front door. He pushed the door open and pulled her through, meeting Henry in his black SUV. Ethan opened the door and lifted Kerry in, sliding her over and sitting next to her. He still held her hand.

Henry pulled out of the parking lot in silence, but when they reached the main road, Henry eyed the two in the back seat.

"So you know the head honcho?" he questioned, looking at Kerry. "And his bitch."

"Hey!" Kerry shouted, reaching forward with her free hand to slap at him. Ethan held her back. Seeing that she couldn't hit him, she continued shouting. "Don't call my mother a bitch! And yeah, I know that ass who took her from me! Got any more questions or do you just want to insult my mom some more?!" She was finally over her shock, and now she was pissed. Henry laughed, sounding like the nice version he had pretended to be. Maybe that Henry was in their somewhere?

"Alright, I can see you're mad. Some advice though: I wouldn't call Jack "that ass" unless you want to die. Mother or no mother."

"Your advice is noted," Ethan said coldly. "Stop talking." Henry glared at him through the rearview mirror before turning back to the road.


"Kerry, are you alright?" Ethan whispered, turning towards her. Henry ignored them.

"Yeah, I'm alright," Kerry answered. She suddenly really wanted to kiss him. He had had been at her side through this whole ordeal. True, it was his fault that she was in this mess, but he hadn't abandoned her. She stared at his moving lips, and realized that she had just missed what he said. "What?"

"I said, are you sure? You seem to be zoning out," he repeated.

"I'm fine," she repeated, leaning closer to him. "I do want to…" she started, but Ethan guessed what she wanted before she could finish. He gently pressed his lips to hers, drawing her closer to him. Their interlocked hands separated, Ethan moving his to her back and Kerry moving hers to around his neck.

"Hmmm…" Henry said from the driver's seat. "I wondered if you two were…"

"STOP TALKING!" Ethan and Kerry yelled at the same time, breaking the kiss.

"Fine," Henry said huffily, turning back toward the road.

Ethan, Kerry and Henry all burst out laughing. Why, none of them were sure. Maybe, just maybe Daniel Conti was right. It's All Right.