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8:45 am - N.J Princeton University, Ivy League

The building was dead quiet, with only the slow murmur of some nervous students who were more concerned than others about what was about to happen. The entrance of the university was crowded with many students all making their way into the different examination rooms they were assigned to. It was May, time for the final exams. A small smile was on the face of one of the students who stood there. It wasn't that she wasn't nervous, she was but it was just that she had come prepared. And she was sure many other students had too. But to be truly honest, she had been in much more stressful situations than a final Anatomy exam. After all, being in a situation where her life had been at risk every single day had taught her a lot about dealing with stress.

To put it bluntly, this was nothing.

"At least not for an ex-spy" Samantha Simpson smirked inwardly as she came closer to the entrance of the building. After spending quite a few years working at W.O.O.H.P, the World Organization of Human Protection she was sure she was prepared for anything. And what she wanted most of all was to pursue a career as a doctor. She had even left her job as a secret agent one year ago, to make sure she would be able to dedicate all her time to being a doctor. And she was sure, she had what it took.

She finally reached the entrance of the building and walked inside taking a deep breath of air. Sam glanced at her watch, there was only 15 minutes till her exam began. She walked into the hallway where room 127 would be, her exam room. When it came into view Sam smiled stopping outside. She stood off to the side and let her eyes scan over the faces of the other students who were in line. There were a few expressions that were common. Nervousness, confidence, and even fear. She shook her head smiling while glancing at her watch again.

5 minutes to go.

She took another breath, clearing her throat while mentally quizzing herself for the exam. A habit she had picked up quite early in her studies. A moment later, an older student came out of the examination room and faced them. "The final exam for Anatomy 101 is about to begin. Please make sure to switch your cell phones off, and leave all bags at the front of the room. Also please make sure you have your Student I.D. card."

Sam stepped to the side and took off her backpack, putting it on the floor. She unzipped the first pocket and her hand reached in to grab her card. She smiled when her fingers closed around it. Pulling it out she closed her backpack. She was about to stand up again when she felt the ground beneath her quake.

Her eyes widened. Sam froze knowing that there was only one thing that could describe what was happening. She was being W.O.O.. "No, not now!" She didn't get time to think why after one year Jerry suddenly needed her, she was too busy trying not to scream as she fell down the W.O.O.H.P tunnel.

9:00 am - L.A Beverly Hills, Goddess Spa

The spa was full of chatter as it was on days like this. A blonde girl smiled as she sat in a manicure chair getting her nails done. Sure, life was hectic but there were times when she got to relax. As a spy for W.O.O.H.P. Clover found herself struggling to save time for what she deemed were the more important things in life. Boys, Shopping, Boys. She was glad that after having a huge argument with her boss Jerry, she was finally able to get a week off. An argument was well worth it for this time off. She needed to relax. The first thing she had done was gone and set up a manicure appointment, something she needed so badly.

She inspected her nails while closing her eyes, and smiling in happiness, she was happy that there was no sign of W.O.O.H.P or Jerry anywhere. "I'll be back in just a moment" said the lady who was doing her nails. Clover nodded leaning back and resting. She froze in shock a second later when the chair she was sitting on began to shake.

Clover grit her teeth knowing exactly where she was headed, and she wasn't the least bit happy about it. The ground opened and she was vacuumed into the floor screaming in both anger and shock. Jerry was going to get it when she saw him.

9:05 am- L.A. Beverly Hills, Gym

The gym was quite quiet as it usually was on a Monday morning. A brunette was busy doing her normal exercises. She had gotten home late yesterday thanks to her job as a spy. A job in which she could be required at any moment. Alex let out a breath repeating a rep with the exercise she was doing. "One more to go" she said as she lifted the bar on the machine. She stopped a moment later taking a deep breath to calm down. Alex moved away from the machine grabbing the towel she had set aside.

She walked down the hall wiping her forehead. Alex smiled when she saw the water bottle machine. She needed a drink, badly. She walked over to it, reaching into her pocket and pulling out some lose change. She slipped the coins into the slot and pressed the button for water. A second later a thud could be heard of the bottle as it fell to the bottom of the machine.

Reaching down she grabbed it and stood up opening the lid. She smiled taking a hungry sip. Taking a breath she took another. She was about to take another sip when she felt the ground beneath her give way. It didn't take her more than a second to know that she was being W.O.O., but that still didn't stop her from screaming as she fell down the tunnel with the open bottle of water in her hand.

9:10 am- W.O.O.H.P. Headquarters, Jerry's Office

Alex was the last to fall through the tunnel and land on her blonde friend Clover who let out a shriek in surprise as ice cold water fell on her hair, and clothes. She stood up screaming, as Alex shot her a shy sorry for landing on her and soaking her. When the three spies were done straightening themselves from the fall they glanced at each other, and each one of them could tell that the other spy was no happier to be here. Sam said nothing although she was furious. She had missed her final exam. She took her studies very seriously and this did not amuse her in the slightest. In fact it was exactly this kind of thing that made her give up her spy status a year ago so that she could be a doctor.

Alex was frowning slightly. Sure, she was done with her exercise but a perfectly good bottle of water that she had wanted to drink had been wasted and she wasn't pleased. And neither was the girl who it had fallen on. Clover was still gasping from the cold. She looked ready to rip out her hair. How dare Jerry bring her here during her break, let alone during her manicure. "Ohhh!" Clover screamed. "He's just lucky that my nails were done or else he would be in soo much trouble!" Alex winced. "Uh I hate to point it out to you Clover but, you missed a nail."

Clover froze bringing her hands in front of her face. She let out a ear-splitting scream when she noticed that Alex was indeed right and one of her nails, the third from the left on her right hand was left unpolished. She huffed in anger, her nostrils flaring. "That's it! That's it! Jer is so dead!" Sam offered her a smile. "Calm down Clover, I'm sure he has a perfectly good reason for calling us here."

"He does." A male voice came suddenly from the corner of the room and all three girls looked over to the source of the sound. Whoever it was didn't sound like Jerry, their boss. A man they recognized as an agent from the badge he wore was the one speaking to them. Alex pointed a finger in his direction. "Who are you?" The man spoke. "I am agent Jacob Holden, I was asked by the boss to make sure you three were brought here."

Sam blinked in confusion. "Where's Jerry?" Clover sent the agent a glare. "Yea where is he?!" The man shook his head watching Clover's anger. "You really shouldn't be that angry. Jerry's situation is a lot more important than your nails." Clover's mouth hung open, she scowled ready to scream at the man before her but stopped dead when she realized what he said.

"Jerry's...situation?" Clover raised an eyebrow. "What happened?" All three girls waited patiently for the agent to say something, to give them some idea what kind of trouble their boss was in. The agent sighed crossing his arms over his chest. "The boss has suffered a major heart attack." Alex, Clover, and Sam froze in shock. "What?!" they all said at the same time. Alex's eyes were wide from worry. "Where is he? Is he okay?" The agent nodded. "His situation isn't too good. He wants to see you girls. Please follow me." The three of them sent each other a worried glance as they followed after the agent, wondering how bad the situation really was.

9:45 am - W.O.O.H.P Headquarters, Hospital Branch

Nothing could have prepared either of them for the state they saw Jerry in. He was laying on his back on the hospital bed, dressed in pale patient clothes. His eyes were closed and pain could be seen on his face. He was so pale that his colour almost matched with the shade of the white hospital sheets he was covered with. Jerry was connected to tubes and machines that were keeping him alive. Slowly his eyes opened and he looked up to see the three girls.

He managed a weak smile and they all returned it with looks of concern and worry. He opened his mouth to speak, taking a short breath first. "Hello..girls." They all nodded still silent from shock that this had actually happened. "Are you feeling any better Jer?" asked Alex. He nodded slowly. "Yes, you could say I feel a little bit better." Sam let out a breath. "Oh good, that's good news Jerry. We were so worried." He gave Sam a smile. "Thanks for your concern girls." He took a breath clenching his teeth from pain, as he sat up on the bed using his elbow for support.

They all moved a few steps closer so they could hear him when he spoke. Sam smiled softly. "Well I'm glad you called us Jerry. We would never have thought that this had happened if you hadn't called us." Clover and Alex nodded in agreement. He smiled again. "Yes, well I figured as much however..." He paused. "That isn't the only reason I wanted to see you." The three of them froze.

"Then why did you want to see us Jer?" Alex asked. He sighed leaning back against the bed. "Girls, this incident has changed a lot about how I can live my life." They nodded encouraging him to continue. He sighed. "I have just heard that I will be going out of the country for a major operation." The girls winced. "That's terrible Jerry" said Clover wincing. A major surgery didn't sound like a good thing. Sam frowned. "Wait a minute, if you are leaving for surgery then..." She trailed off her eyes widening. Jerry turned his head to look at Sam. "Go on Sam." She sighed. "What about W.O.O.H.P?" Jerry smiled listening to what she had to say. Somehow he had known that she would be the one to be most concerned about W.O.O.H.P.

"Yes that is an issue isn't it?" The girls nodded. "Well I've made a decision. In my current state I cannot run W.O.O.H.P. As a matter of fact..." He stopped looking down. He took a deep breath. "I think I am going to retire." "What?!" Clover, Alex and Sam said. The fact that Jerry wanted to retire just didn't occur to them as normal. He loved his agency and they knew that he had always wanted to work in it till the end. Jerry sighed. "Girls, I know this is a shock but I just had to tell you." Sam nodded slowly. "Does anyone else know about this news?" She watched him shake his head no. She narrowed her eyes. "Then why are you telling us first Jerry, there has to be some reason."

Jerry shook his head slowly. "You are right Sam, there is." She blinked wondering what it was that he was trying to say. Alex smiled. "So who have you picked to be the next head?" she smiled. "Or are you still deciding? I mean if you are it makes sense. There are so many agents and-" Jerry cut her off. "I have already chosen." They all stilled in shock. Clover spoke slowly. "You have?" He nodded. Sam let out a breath. "Do we know this agent?" Jerry nodded. "Oh yes, you know them really well."

Alex pouted. "Well then Jerry tell us who it is?" Jerry smiled. "Alright." He turned his head to look directly at all of them. "The agent I have picked to run W.O.O.H.P now is..." He paused taking in the anxiety on their faces. All three of them held their breath waiting for him to speak. He smiled a moment later as he finished. "Samantha."

Their jaws fell open in shock. Clover and Alex stood frozen in place still processing this information. Sam was going to be the next head of W.O.O.H.P?! They were both surprised but the most shocked of all, was Sam. Her eyes were wide and, her heart had stopped beating from the sudden shocking news. She couldn't bring her mouth to form words. She was too shocked to speak.

"I'm going to be the next..head?" She thought in her head still unable to speak. Sam glanced at Jerry's pale smiling face. She didn't need to look at her friends to know what they were feeling. They were surprised at Jerry's decision, and shocked. But Sam, she was more than surprised and shocked. She wasn't happy.

In fact, she was furious.

She closed her mouth, and felt a frown slowly creeping on her face. This was too much for her to bear. She felt like she was going to fall down and faint. And she would have done just that if it wasn't for the fury of anger keeping her up. Her head was spinning. "I'm going to be the next head of W.O.O.H.P?!" She bit her cheek, keeping her anger from surfacing. How could he just make a decision like this without asking? Didn't it occur to him that this was a big deal? Didn't it occur to him that maybe she wouldn't be happy with his decision.

She took another glance at Jerry's face, he was still smiling. Her frown deepened. He probably thought this was a golden opportunity, a chance to do something wonderful. She wished she could feel the same, because she failed to see this as anything good. She saw this as a dead end. A road stop to her dreams.

And he hadn't even bothered warning her about this? Not even once? What made him think that THIS would be okay?!

Jerry's smile faded when he realized that all three of them were taking a little to long to digest this information. He glanced up to see Sam's face. His small smile vanished altogether. It wasn't hard to see the fury and sorrow on her face.

Alex sensed the awkward silence and decided to speak first. "Well..uh that's quite a surprise Jerry." Clover nodded slowly. "Yea. It is. I would have never guessed that was why you wanted to see us today." Jerry nodded. "Well I realize this is quite a surprise-" "A surprise...?" Sam whispered cutting him off. Jerry heard the harshness in her voice and closed his mouth. This didn't look good.

Sam took a deep breath, trying like mad to keep her anger bottled up. He was calling this a surprise? They all waited for Sam to speak, the room going deathly quiet. She narrowed her eyes staring straight at Jerry. "You're calling this a surprise?" Sam crossed her arms over her chest. "A surprise Jerry...is supposed to make you happy, but this?!" She shook her head. "This is a shock. That's it. Nothing else."

Clover and Alex watched Jerry's face go even paler. They felt bad for him because he was going through this while he was in such a bad state, but it really was his fault. He could have warned Sam about this. Jerry lowered his head looking dismayed and upset. Alex took a breath stepping closer to Sam. "Sammie, you're just shocked right?.." She turned to gave Jerry a small smile full of hope. She faced Sam again placing her hands on her shoulders. "You really don't mind this right Sam?"

Sam glared. "No Alex, you're wrong." Sam gave Jerry a glare, unable to keep her anger in any longer. She pulled away from Alex. "Sammie?" Alex said with concern in her voice as she tried again to come closer to her angry friend. She stopped when Sam held up her hand. "No Alex, don't." Sam took a deep breath.

She faced all of them. "How can any of you think that this is okay? That I'm going to be okay with this?" They all stayed silent looking away from her angry gaze. They hated arguing with Sam. She rarely, if ever got angry without a reason. And this time, they all had to admit including Jerry that she had a really good reason. Clover took a deep breath looking over at Jerry. "She's right Jerry, you're asking too much of her."

Jerry sighed not liking where this situation was going. He was in no condition to argue with the three girls. He spoke slowly facing Clover and Alex "Girls I'd like to speak to Samantha alone, please." Sam gave her friends a pleading glance. She wanted them to stay. Somehow she felt that if they left and she had no one in her corner, Jerry would somehow convince her to do the impossible.

Whether she was willing or not.

Clover and Alex looked away from Sam. "Alright Jerry." They began to leave and Sam felt her hope dwindling. Clover turned her head to glance at Sam with clear sympathy on her face. "Sammie, if you need us, we'll be-" "Thanks Clover" Sam said, the bitterness clear in her voice. She needed them to support her, not console her when the worst had happened.

She watched them walk away. The door closed and Sam frowned wishing she that could just leave like they had. But no, it hadn't been them who had been thrown head first into this mess. It was her.

It just had to be her.

She would have loved to be offering Clover or Alex sympathy if they had been chosen. Heck, she was willing to wager that she would have even done a better job at standing by them than they had for her. But no, they hadn't been the ones who were chosen. She had been picked. Without a choice. She hated being on the receiving end.

Jerry fidgeted with his hands, wondering how to attempt speaking to her. He took a deep breath "Sam I-" Sam cut him off. "Don't Jerry." Jerry lowered his head. "If you would just listen I could help you understand why-" Sam let out a small mocking laugh. "Oh yes please, help me understand why Jerry! That's exactly what I need." Sam began pacing back and forth. "Help me understand why, I wasn't able to write my exam today. Help me understand why I'm being asked to let go of my hopes and dreams."

Jerry sighed. "Sam, I'm not asking you to forget about your dreams." Sam sighed. "Yes you are. You know that more than anything I want to be a doctor. I even.." She bit her lip suppressing the need to cry. "I even quit being a spy, something I loved at the time just to be a doctor." Jerry raised his head. "I thought you liked being a spy." She smiled sadly. "Yes, Jerry it was nice but it wasn't my dream."

He sighed. He had never expected her to be this upset. Sure he had known it was going to be a shock, but this? Sam was heartbroken. He could tell from her voice, and her words. She was angry at him for choosing her. For burdening her. He couldn't have that no matter how badly he wanted Sam to take his place.

"I'm sorry Samantha." Sam froze listening to his voice. "I had no right to burden you." Sam bit her lip. "Jerry, it's not a burden, it's just a...a." She looked down. He sighed. "A really big responsibility." She nodded glad that he understood. He frowned sadly. "But that's the thing Sam, I always thought that you would be able to take on this responsibility. I've seen you do great things."

Sam shook her head, not wanting to allow herself to take in his words of pride for her. She would never be able to refuse his request if she did. No, she would feel too badly. He pressed on, as if he knew that he was beginning to make her feel guilty. "Sam I..." He sighed. "I thought I could turn to you in my time of need." Sam looked down, hearing the sorrow and disappointment in his voice. She never wanted to make him upset. He continued in a soft whisper. "I'm getting old Sam, and I don't have a lot of time left.." He gave her a sad smile. "And that's true now, more than it has ever been." Sam felt a tear prick at the edge of her eye. "Don't talk like that Jer, you're going to be fine."

He smiled. "If only that was true, but it isn't." Sam stayed silent not knowing how to deal with what he was saying. She let out a shaky breath. "Why didn't you pick someone else?" She continued. "I mean I'm way too young, too inexperienced." Jerry smiled. "Age has nothing to do with it Sam, you forget that I myself was very young when I began W.O.O.H.P." Jerry sighed. "And besides I trust you three the most." Sam shook her head. "So then why didn't you pick Alex? Clover?" He raised an eyebrow. "Should you really be asking that Sam." She stayed silent waiting for him to explain. "Alex is a good agent, but I never saw her as having the skills to run W.O.O.H.P, her help is valued dearly in other areas and I'm sure she knows that."

Sam rested her hand on her hip. "What about Clover?" Jerry smiled. "As for Clover... well Sam, she's not the brightest crayon in the box if you know what I mean..." Sam was about to say something when the door flew open. Both Sam and Jerry looked over to see Clover standing before them. And she didn't look happy.

Sam winced. "She must have heard what Jerry said." Clover crossed her arms over her chest, a glare was on her face. "Wow, Jerry I'm so glad to hear how you really feel about me." Jerry opened his mouth to say something but closed it. Clover waited for him to say something, to say that maybe his recent heart attack had somehow altered how he thought about her. But he said nothing.

She became even angrier. Sam stepped closer to Clover. "I'm sure he didn't mean it that way Clover." Clover shook her head. "Don't say that Sam. Don't make excuses for him." Clover gave Jerry a sad glance. "I gave W.O.O.H.P a lot of my valuable time, and THIS is what I get in return?" Jerry glanced over at Sam, and Sam sighed realizing what Jerry had said before about Clover was proving to be true. Now, was not the time to be arguing about this.

Sam wanted to say something to calm her friend but before she could, Clover continued in a huff of anger. 'Well, Jerry if my hard work means nothing to you, then I guess I shouldn't be working here!" Sam's mouth fell open in shock. Clover wasn't talking about quitting? Was she? Not now. Sam needed her friends to be by her right now. "Clover?" Clover shook her head. "No Sam. I'm too dumb to go on missions, find someone to take my place who Jerry approves of!"

She left in a huff of anger before Sam or Jerry had a chance to stop her. Sam sighed. Today wasn't turning out to be a good day. First she missed her exam, then Jerry almost killed her of shock with his announcement and now this? Sam wasn't sure she could hold up much longer.

Jerry relaxed a moment later. "See what I mean?" Sam didn't need to think twice to know that he was relating Clover's outburst to her level of dedication towards W.O.O.H.P. She sighed. "Jerry this isn't fair. You made her mad." He shrugged. "I do that often, but Sam I can't have someone so impulsive running W.O.O.H.P. Are you beginning to understand why I picked you?" Sam lowered her head. "Here we go again.." Jerry watched her lowered head and lack of response.

After everything he had said, she still wasn't willing to help. She wasn't willing to take his place. He sighed, frowning. "You can leave too Samantha. Go on." Sam looked up at him. "Jerry.." Sam sighed suddenly feeling guilty for her outburst and lack of cooperation. He held up his hand sadly. "Please Sam. It's okay you can go. Leave me to my own problems."

Sam bit her cheek. She was trapped. She knew, that he knew darn well that she couldn't leave like this. She couldn't put her own wants and desires above the good of the world. And W.O.O.H.P was for the good of the world. And he knew that was how she would feel, and that's why he picked her.

"Jerry I...I'll." She paused suddenly feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders. "Yes Sam?" he asked in a soft whisper. She sighed feeling the walls closing in on her. Her freedom getting less and less. She looked up and towards Jerry. She could see the hope in his old washed out, tired eyes. If she said no, he wouldn't be able to take it. W.O.O.H.P was his heart and soul, and the thing that kept him running. And in many ways it kept the world running, kept the people she cared for safe. How could she be selfish when it came down to this?

How could she think about herself when she had the rest of the world to worry about?

She sighed, finally realizing one thing.

She was perfect for the job.

Damn him for being right.

Poor Sam, she's in for it.

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