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The battle between good and evil has begun…


November 8th, 2006

Tess yawned as her eyes fluttered open. She lay with a small quilt covering her body and her head lay peacefully on Asher's shoulder. He stroked his hand on her soft blonde hair. Pushing her body up, Tess smiled to Asher and patted his chest. He groaned and yawned as well with a small flicker of a smile crept to his face.

Tess stared at the ember burning slowly in the fireplace, and she felt her feet cold as they lay open from the blanket.

Fully clothed, Tess brushed the small dust and dirt debris off her pants and arms. "Morning," Asher said, looking to the blonde with a 'bad boy' smile.

"Morning," Tess responded, stretching her body.

"Last night was…" Asher said, standing up himself.

"It was fun." Tess said, walking over to the muscular man and kissed him on the lips firmly.

"Yeah," Asher said, putting his arms around her. "Come with me to New York." Asher replied.

Tess froze. She didn't know what to say to that statement. It wasn't a question, it was a command. Come back to the place where she had fled in the first place? Originally to get away from him and the city itself.

"What did you say?" Tess asked, she slowly turned to face Asher, his head leaning down to see her eyes, and her lifting her head.

"I said, come back with me to New York." Asher replied, kissing her forehead.

"What about my job at the Bay Mirror?" Tess asked, prolonging a final answer.

"You can be editor at the New York Times, just like you always wanted to be." Asher replied, pulling Tess closer to him.

"I-I don't know what to say." Tess responded, pulling away from him, walking away from him slightly, putting strands of blonde hair behind her ear.

"You will face a great battle, which the Goddess will take part in." Tess heard in her mind. Her mind heard and saw the fortune teller in her mind. She remembered her prophecy, the battle of the Huntress would occur. Why was she still here? Why wasn't she helping Phoebe like she wanted?

"Tess?" Asher asked, walking up behind her. He leaned down and kissed her neck softly.

Tess snapped out of her thoughts and turned quickly to Asher and looked around the room, staring for her shoes. Finding her black heeled boots, she pulled the leather boots over her feet and walked to Asher with a smile.

"Let me think about it." She replied, and kissed Asher on the lips once more. She moved away from him and walked out the hotel door. As she closed the door, she looked from both sides of the narrow hallway and gripping the bright pendant on her chest, she watched as a bright green portal opened, swirling with energy in the center of the hall. She walked toward it, with a clear destination in mind, a path to Valhalla.


The Halliwell Manor's attic was full of people, bustling around the room. The only person who seemed to be immobile was Persephone who was on the small floral designed couch meditating, her cupid's ring glowing faintly. Phoebe loomed over her Goddess Book of Shadows, while Piper loomed into the Halliwell Book of Shadows. Each sister creased their eyes with concentration.

Billie and Paige each piled herbs and liquids inside a brass cauldron the foamed with steam. Phoebe groaned and slammed on her Book. All the faces in the room turned to her.

"What is it?" Piper asked, the eclipse still prominent in the sky in the window behind her.

"I don't know how we are going to stop Victoria and Christy." Phoebe replied, putting her hands lightly to her forehead and pressed off, wiping the perspiration that had started to conspire on her scalp.

"Don't worry mom, we'll find a way." Persephone replied, opening her eyes slowly, the bright purple eyes blared at her.

"No, we won't." Phoebe said, slamming her hands on the Goddess' book.

"Wait…" Piper said, her eyes staring in the open air for a moment.

"What?" Paige asked, walking over to Piper looking at the page in front of her.

Piper began to furiously flip through the pages of the thick tome. She knew that something that could stop the immortal demon was right in front of her. Ending on a page, Piper pointed to the page, tapping it furiously.

"Stop poking the page and let me see!" Paige said moving Piper's hands.

Paige stared at the page a bright expression appeared on her face.

"What is it?" Phoebe asked, walking up to her sisters.

"Remember when you turned into a mermaid?" Piper asked, moving her hair out of her face.

"How could I forget?" Phoebe responded, raising an eyebrow cautiously.

"Remember when the Sea Hag tried to get you and Miley to use the auger shell to take their immortality?" Piper asked, nodding her head, trying to get her sister to catch on.

"Oh my god…" Phoebe said, her eyes lifting. "I can't believe I forgot!" she exclaimed, running to her sister, embracing her tightly.

"We have a plan!" Billie said triumphantly.

"Yes we do, but the only problem is, where will you get one?" Persephone asked, folding her hands on her lap.

"Good point." Phoebe said, looking to her daughter.

"Piper and I will go to the Sea Hag's old lair and try and find the shell, it should still be there from when they used it on you." Paige replied, looking to Piper for approval.

"Sounds like another good plan." Billie said, pointing a finger upward.

"This is all good, but what about other than that? They will have more than just Victoria and Christy there. You can bet on that. Demons, warlocks, forces of darkness will all be around there, and ready to fight. We will need help." Persephone explained, getting up from the couch, walking over to the sisters and Billie.

"Jeez, when did you raise such a downer?" Paige asked, putting her hands in defeat on the pages of the Halliwell tome.

"With my new powers, we should outnumber them by many." Phoebe retorted.

"I wouldn't be so sure. Remember Mom, you are only the Goddess of Love, not war." Persephone replied, putting her hands on her hips.

In a bright swirl of green light, Tess appeared in front of the group of witches with a smile on her face.

"I wouldn't be so worried about your army. The Valkyries are ready to serve the cause, as am I." Tess replied with a smile.

"Tess, I told you—" Phoebe began, shaking her head.

"Do you not remember my destiny? What the fortune teller told me of my destiny? This is my battle, to help you destroy Victoria. Besides, if you don't let me help, then I guess you don't get the help of the Valkyries." Tess teased, smirking to the Goddess.

"I know who else can help." Phoebe added, smiling happily.


Phoebe sat on her bright golden throne. She looked out among the bodies that stood in front of her. Each had a pink ring on their fingers. Phoebe looked among the crowd, and began to speak to them.

"This world is in danger. We must fight against the threat. For if we do, our jobs will become insignificant. If we don't, there will be no more love to spread. I will not be able to give you assignments, find loves around the world to even kindle. I need you to fight. To help bring peace to the world and keep our identities safe from the rest of the mortals." Phoebe explained, looking to them for support.

Murmurs erupted from the crowd, some loud objections, others full of acceptance, others looking to either for nor against. One man, with bright blonde hair, and a thin muscular body came forward to Phoebe.

"My Lady, your cause may be right, but we are just cupids. We cannot fight, and the only powers we possess is the power to create love." He responded. Others nodded in agreement.

"This is true, but without your help, what difference does it make? It is true as well that you may die, I may die, but with your acceptance, I can give you the ability to fight, to defend yourselves against demons, and to be able to protect yourselves from harm." Phoebe explained, looking to her followers with passion in her eyes.

"You can give us the power to fight?" the cupid asked, arching an eyebrow.

"I am the ruler of Love, and if I want to change the phrase, 'lovers not fighters', I will do so." Phoebe replied.

The cupids looked to one another, looking to their Goddess; they nodded their heads in agreement. Phoebe lifted her hands; pink dust erupted from her hands, and spread across the cupids. In a bright glow, each cupid brightened and turned to normal as the dust settled. She had done what Aphrodite never could, turn cupids, into fighters.

Coop looked to Phoebe, who still sat on her throne. As she floated back to the floor, Phoebe made her way to Coop, who folded his arms across his chest.

"Phoebe, why didn't you give me the dust?" Coop asked, his teeth grit.

"You aren't fighting." Phoebe responded plainly, putting her hands on hips.

"Like hell I'm not." Coop replied, leaning forward.

"Coop, I am leaving you in charge. In case I don't come back, you need to be the one to lead the cupids." Phoebe replied.

"Phoebe you're coming back. You two are coming back." Coop replied, putting his hand on Phoebe's abdomen.

"Coop, I need to be realistic. I cannot just pretend that I will not die. I am not immortal like Victoria or even Aphrodite, I can die, like a regular human being." Phoebe explained, tears filled in her eyes.

"No…" Coop said, tears beginning to appear in his own eyes.

"Coop, I love you. I always will, but you need to understand, that sometimes it is bigger than letting you fight." Phoebe replied.

"I love you too." Coop replied, and with that, he leaned toward the Goddess and kissed her passionately on the lips, letting the kiss fill them up with happiness. As they broke apart, Phoebe kissed him once more. Phoebe turned to the cupids, who had all stared at her and her husband.

"Lets go." Phoebe said sniffing, and in a large bright light, the cupids, and the Goddess herself, disappeared from Cloud Nine, leaving Coop to the throne of Love to himself.


Phoebe looked on to the large mansion from afar. Persephone, Tess, Billie, and Parker stood next to her, looking onto the house with fear, and nervousness. The darkness of the sky kept the mansion full of fear and eerie feelings. A dark cloud, with lightning striking the house, hovered above the mansion, power radiating from the house.

"She's started." Parker stated, looking to the house.

There was a large crowd, full of Valkyries and cupids alike behind them. The Army of Aphrodite was around them, which was what Phoebe had called them. Phoebe turned to Persephone and sighed, looking to her own abdomen for a moment.

"I hope I live through this so you can survive." Phoebe said, smiling to her daughter.

"I hope so too." Persephone said with a smile, holding her mother. It was a strange feeling, to hold onto her mother. Since she died years ago, it had given Persephone a lot before she was able to move on from her mother's death, but now, it was like she was reliving it all over again.

"Let's do this." Persephone added, willing to hold back tears.

Phoebe nodded, and looked to the crowd before her. "Let us defeat the enemy. We will find a way to win this war." Phoebe yelled. She was never one for speeches anyways.

The crowd ran towards the wrecked mansion. Crashing through the doors, Phoebe made her way among the various debris, looking around the room. Once inside, all havoc broke loose. Demons and vampires flooded the place, going after each of the army that had appeared. The cupids began to fight, throwing magenta and pink energy balls toward the demons inside, with the vampires. Bodies fell to the floor, between not only evil, but the army of Aphrodite as well.

Billie, Parker and Phoebe made their way to the library, where they knew the immortal would be waiting, gathering her power. As they entered the room, the floor still had the pentagram in the center, where they had summoned Christy back from the dead, but to Billie's surprise and horror, she saw a corpse lying on the ground. A blonde woman, with eyes wide in terror and despair, was Christy. Billie's legs buckled and Parker tried to catch her. Billie's eyes swam with tears.

Phoebe looked to Christy's body, seeing a strained pool of blood on the floor near Christy's body. It meant only one thing to her, it meant that her powers were stolen, just like a warlock does. Staring around the room, she looked for the murderer and finally spotted her as she came out of the shadows.

The immortal witch laughed as she appeared. Her eyes were a solid black, the white missing from her eyes. Her arms were full of fire, reaching from her palms, up to her shoulders. Victoria continued laughing, the fire blazing each time she took a breath.

"What the hell is so funny?" Phoebe asked, her palms open, ready to strike.

"Your feeble attempts to stop me. With the power of the eclipse, I will be able to do anything, and stop anyone who is in my way." Victoria hissed, and took a step closer.

With a thrust of her hand, Victoria sent a jolt of fire at the group ahead of her. Phoebe fell to the floor quickly, as Billie and Parker jumped to the side.

"You are too weak to stop me." Victoria yelled, and out of the darkness, a group of snarling monstrous demons appeared, with vampires baring their fangs who leapt into action.

Phoebe released her hands and sent two streams of energy, hitting two demons square in the chest, bursting them to flames. Parker and Billie lifted themselves from the floor and ran toward the demons. The couple split up, and Billie pulled an athame from her jeans pocket and stabbed a demon in the chest, while waving her free hand, sending a vampire hard against the wall. Parker pushed his way through the demons, sending fire against the demons, he finally stood face to face with his sister.

"Victoria, you need to stop." Parker said, his eyes flaring with anger.

"Parker, this is what we have been working for year on. We have finally gotten to the destination. The world is at our fingertips, and now, you want me to stop?" Victoria said laughing.

"We can do so much more as beings of good. As our mother had always wanted." Parker replied, slipping his hand in his jeans pocket. He felt for the vile inside, and with it, he pulled out the stripping potion, with a thick blue liquid inside.

"Our mother was weak. Our father was the leader of a demonic dynasty for centuries. He controlled the entire Underworld, and what happened? People like Phoebe, and the Charmed Ones destroyed him. Afraid of the true nature of the Source." Victoria explained, looking to Parker's hand. "Cute," she added. "You think that you can take away my abilities?"

"I can try." Parker responded, and threw the potion across the space between them. Victoria eyed the potion, as if it moved slowly between them. Victoria thrust her hand forward, and the potion turned backward toward Parker himself. The potion moved too fast, and in doing so, splattered the contents onto Parker's chest. The contents getting to his skin, he felt as if he was being melted away. A layer of skin being taken from the young man.

Parker looked to Victoria, his eyes full of fear. Billie pushed the demon she had stabbed once more with her athame and watched as the Vampire Queen, as graceful as a dancer, leapt onto Parker and bit into his skin, ripping a part of his neck off, before falling to the ground, letting her mouth cover the wound she had inflicted. Billie screamed in horror, and waved her arm, sending the Queen flying across the room, with a snarl. Billie ran to her lover, and skid on her knees to his side. Billie watched as the Queen made another leap at her, Billie glared to the vampire and kept her eyes focused on her being destroyed. In a matter of moments, the Queen yelled in pain and her body burst into flames. Exploding into nothingness, Billie watched as the vampires in the mansion exploded in flames, and in a matter of moments, disappeared being killed.

Billie turned back to Parker as Phoebe sent a bright stream of pink energy to the immortal witch. Looking to her right, she saw Billie on the floor, cradling an unconscious Parker on the floor, a large pool of blood leaking on the ground. Phoebe stared in anguish and looked back up to Victoria who merely looked back to Phoebe.

"You bitch." Phoebe said through grit teeth, and sent another bolt of energy to the woman once again. Victoria staggered back as she took the hit for a moment. "Piper! Paige!" she called, and in a shower of bright blue orbs, the two Halliwell sisters appeared, Piper holding the auger shell.

"Paige, heal him!" Phoebe yelled, pointing to Parker.

Paige ran toward Parker and Billie, her hands ready for healing. Phoebe turned around as a demon ran toward her. Phoebe used her power of empathy to tap into his power, sending a stream of fire back to him. As the demon staggered back, Persephone punched the demon and pulled a dagger from her belt and stabbed him, twisting the knife inside his abdomen, sending him to vanquish. Piper, while gripping to the shell, flicked her wrist and a demon exploded, throwing him against the wall.

Paige leaned over the body, and tried to let her hands heal him. As her hands hovered above the neck wound, no light came from her hands.

"Paige, heal him!" Billie yelled, tears rolling down her face.

"Billie," Parker said, gripping the blonde witch's hand.

"Parker, don't." Billie commanded, her voice firm, yet it quavered in the distant part of her voice.

"Billie," he repeated, his breathing staggered. "You must know, I love you. I have-have never loved something as much as I love you." Parker said, his eyes straining to stay open.

"I love you too." Billie said, kissing his lips softly.

"Do some-something for me." Parker gasped.

"What?" Billie asked, stroking Parker's wet hair, his forehead beaded with sweat.

"Kill that bitch." Parker replied, his teeth hard.

Billie got up from the floor, kissing Parker's forehead once more and ran toward Piper, who blasted another demon with her power. Billie ripped the shell from her hand after a small protest from Piper. Billie made her way to Victoria, not halting as she approached the immortal ahead. The demons that tried to touch the blonde were somehow blast away, as if Billie was protected by an invisible shield.

Phoebe ran up to Billie, getting inside her shield. Phoebe stopped Billie holding her by her shoulders.

"Give me the shell, I will kill her, go help Tess and the Valkyries." Phoebe commanded. Billie tried to protest, but with a loose grip on the shell, Phoebe took it from Billie and ran toward Victoria who stared at the scene with glee.

"You won't win." Victoria said, her black eyes turning to the Goddess.

"That is what you think." Phoebe said, and with that, she jumped, trying to reach for the immortal. Landing on her chest, she tried to push her hand on Victoria's heart. Victoria's fired hands slammed into Phoebe's face and knocked her over, letting Victoria land on her chest.

"You better watch out for your baby…" Victoria said, her hand full of fire going further down her abdomen, to her womb.

"No!" Phoebe screamed and with one more kick, Victoria fell off, Tess running up to the Goddess who had been hard at work with the Valkyries trying to kill the demons around her. Coming to the two women, Tess pulled Victoria back, pinning her arms behind her back. Phoebe came up to the woman and placed the shell over her heart, and the shell shined with power. Victoria screamed with pain as the shell began to suck the power from her body.

Phoebe pressed the shell on harder to her, and Tess released the woman's hands, as she began to combust. In one last blood churning scream, the immortal woman exploded in vanquish, dying in front of their eyes.

Sighing, Phoebe fell to the ground, as she saw the Valkyries kill the last of the demons, and the others turned and fled, seeing their leader disappear from them. Phoebe looked to her right to see another victim on the ground, with Piper hovering over the body. Phoebe skid to the floor and started to weep as she saw the body that lay dead.

Persephone's hair was tangled and covered her small face. Phoebe pulled her to her chest and wept, keeping her mind onto the young woman, who had come to save them all. In the midst of holding her daughter, the woman melted into nothingness, her soul returning through time and space.

Another yell erupted from the other side of the room. The two sisters turned and watched as Billie gripped Parker. The two ran to Paige and Billie who both looked to Parker in sadness.

"Parker…" Billie said silently, caressing his dark hair.

"He's gone." Paige replied, looking to the sisters and Tess.

Billie silently cried, knowing the man she loved, was now dead, forever more. Phoebe wiped the tears from her eyes; she took in the battle scene, seeing the many cupids and Valkyries that had fought for them, dead on the ground. But she could also sense the beings that had survived and were now returning to safety. They had won the war and saved the world, even the future. Phoebe turned to look out the window, and seeing the moon, the eclipse beginning to wane.


December 11, 2006

Phoebe sat at her table, her laptop on in the living room. Phoebe looked to her stomach as a slight bulge began to appear. She pushed her glasses further up her nose, and continued typing feverishly, her mind racing with the loves throughout history. Looking to the white document page, she stared and let her mind speak out the words.

"Love is a fickle thing. It is hard to find the one that you love when discovering the life you want as well. To find true love, you must explore the pain of loss. Not only from heartbreak, but from the pain of loss. If you find the one you love, it will feel right. You won't feel alone, you won't be ignored, you would learn that the with anger, frustration, and pain, will all lead to happiness even if it is not with the same person. Each of these things will help you grow into the lover you will become, and the person who is your soul mate, for trust me, your soul mate is our there."

Phoebe leaned back in her chair. She had finished it. Looking to the pages on the computer, she had written over three hundred pages worth of material. Scrolling to the top of the first page, the title lay in the center, "Finding Love".

Phoebe smiled, proud of her accomplishment, for her book was finally finished.

End of Goddess

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