Ok this is Tainted Soul. The story of Bella's first year being a vampire. It comes before Tortured Soul so the beginning is the same. If you read Torture Soul and dont want to re-read the first part just skip down to the where the next line break is and you'll get to some new stuff.

Though I did take it down, after some convincing I decided to put it back up for the people who want to read it. I'm not saying it will ever be completed but who knows. Usually uncompleted stories bug me and nag at me until I complete them. Enjoy

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Bella walked out of school, a numb feeling flowing through her body. He left her! He promised to change her after she graduated and he left. He promised to stay this time and he left! He'd break his promises to her yet she was ever faithful. Screw that! She was 18 years old and yet she never stepped outside the boundaries. Well, except for the first time he had to leave to protect his family. That time was different, she wanted to hear his voice, this time she wanted to make decisions, live her own life. With a determined spring in her step Bella began to make her way to her truck, and promptly tripped over her own feet. She stumbled dropping her books all over the parking lot. With a frustrated groan, Bella bent down to grab one of the books when a hand shot out, grabbing it and raising it to her. Bella mumbled a thanks as she continued to grab things.

"You're welcome." A male's voice replied with a very clipped English accent. The unfamiliar voice startled Bella making her look up. Kneeling right in front of her face was the most angelic boy she'd ever seen. His looks could rival Edwards with his smooth pale skin, light brown eyes, and long Black hair. His punk-Goth clothes were less than angelic and so was his pierced lip and ear.

The boy helped Bella pick up all the rest of her things, he even carried some of it to her truck.

"I'm Bella Swan," Bella said, holding out a hand after putting everything in the seat next to her.

"Nikel," He replied curtly before adding, "My family just moved here yesterday."

"Are you a senior as well?" She asked getting into the truck.

Nikel smiled, "Yeah, for what feels like the billionth time we move so much. I just came to pick up my schedule." Bella thought it was a little odd for a senior to be moving in March…three months before they graduate…it wasn't any of her business though.

"Well, I might see you tomorrow." Bella started the old truck, roaring it to life. Nikel walked away to get into a sleek Black 1997 Ford Mustang. He masterly backed up and drove off. If she didn't know any better she might've thought he was a vampire, but Alice would've seen something and they wouldn't have left two weeks ago.

With a sigh, Bella left that thought behind and drove home. The house was quiet without Edward coming over everyday to entertain her. She let out a deep breath slowly, going to her room to work on some homework.

-The next morning-

Bella arrived to school early and sat on a bench. She pulled out a History textbook to read and began to answer the last question.

"Stupid Greek section…"Bella muttered, "According to Plato, what are the four physical goods?" She groaned.

"Health, Beauty, Strength, and Wealth" A boy answered. Bella jumped slightly. She looked up to see who was there.

"Nikel, you scared me!" Bella announced. She quickly wrote down the answers he had given her.

"Sorry," He apologized smoothly, "We studied this at my old school last year." He explained, his Brown eyes stared into hers. Bella was about to reply when a girl, about 16, with Curly Blond hair and dark brown eyes, came running towards them. She had a long Blue skirt and a pretty White blouse on.

"Nikel!" The girl yelled, she had a hint of a British accent as she spoke, "Jonath- I mean father is going to kick your ass."

"Shut up Allina, can't you see I'm talking," Nikel growled at the younger girl. She just rolled her eyes at him.

"Bitchy, Bitchy." Allina taunted as she continued to walk. Bella watched the exchange with interest.

"Is she your sister?" Bella asked, once they were alone again.

"Step-sister," He replied automatically making Bella laugh, "She's ok…usually. I mean for someone who dresses like a doll."

Bella laughed again, and shook her head, "What was she talking about anyways?"

"I left without the rest of our freaky family. I was suppose to take them to school," Nikel shrugged, "My parents hate me." he basically summed it all up.

"Freaky family? Exactly how many siblings do you have?"

"Seven. This is fun to explain, My father, Jonathon, adopted my brother and I. He, then, adopted two other kids who were siblings. Five years ago, he married a lady named Tabitha, who adopted a set a twins and a boy who were all from one family. So yeah there's a lot of kids. How about you?"

"Only child. I always wanted a sister or brother though," Nikel nodded in understanding. They sat in silence for a few minutes. Bella kept glancing his way though.

"You look tired." She finally announced.

"Yeah…The car woke me up this morning," He exclaimed, smiling as if he found something amusing.

"A car? Where do you sleep, the garage?" She replied laughing.

"I don't think you understand the concept of how much my parents hate me. I sleep under the hood."

"Ha, ha, ha." Bella muttered, sarcastically. Nikel chuckled.

"Well you asked." More kids were coming to school now, so the peaceful silence was broken. With a sigh, Bella got up and began to walk towards first period. Nikel stayed beside her. The chains on his pants clicked together as he walked.

"Wear did you get those clothes?" She asked, looking at his attire.

"Why? You want some?"

"Yes," she said simply.

"Well, I promised my sisters I'd take them shopping…if you want to come along…?"

"Sure! I mean, thanks for the offer, that's really nice of you." Bella turned into her English class and Nikel kept walking. Before going out of sight, she heard him say no problem.

At lunch she noticed four other new kids besides Nikel. None of them sat together and they all had different styles of clothing. Nikel waved her over to where he was sitting. As she began to walk towards him a figure was suddenly in front of her making her almost lose her balance. It was Nikel's step sister, Allina.

"Stay away from my brother, Isabella Swan." She hissed before walking away. Bella, dazed by the girls cold attitude, made her way over to Nikel despite the warning.

"What did Allina say to you?" Was his immediate question as soon as she sat down.

"She just told me to stay away from you." Bella answered, taking a bite of an apple.

Nikel groaned, picking at his sandwich, "That stupid nosy brat!"

"Maybe I shouldn't go shopping with you then…"

"What? No, come! 'Lina will be fine, I'll talk to her." Nikel was glaring angrily.

Bella nodded uncertainly. She glanced behind her to see Allina get up, holding her head as if she had a headache. Nikel shook his head in anger before turning back to Bella.

"Give me your address and I'll pick you up 15 minutes after school lets out." Bella told him the information just as the bell rang.

After school Bella went home and just as he said, 15 minutes later he was at her door. Bella shook her head as she walked out to his car. Sitting in the back were two girls. One was Allina and the other she didn't know. Bella got in the front with Nikel and glanced behind her.

"Sorry…This is my youngest sister Loretta, she's seven and you already know Allina." Loretta was a cute little girl with bleach White hair and dark Green eyes. She was petite with Blue jeans and a pink shirt that says Princess. She looked innocent though her eyes said otherwise.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." The girl spoke clearly but with a French accent. What the heck? Nickel had an English accent, Allina had a British, and Loretta had a French. Where was this family all from?

"Its nice to meet you, as well." Bella replied, quietly. Allina stayed silent in the back, though she did glare.

Nikel took out a CD and popped it in the player, "Do you like Children of Bodom?" Bella shrugged, not knowing who they were. Allina groaned and Loretta yelped in protest. Bella listened quietly, it was loud and you could barely understand the singer but they had an awesome beat. They pulled into a mall parking lot and evacuated the vehicle. Nikel locked it.

"If anyone so much as looks at my baby wrong I'll take out their tongue and choke them with it." Nikel growled, rubbing off a small scuff.

"Ladies and gentlemen we have an obsessed freak." Allina muttered, walking away. Loretta just shook her head walking way from the other two.

"Is she allowed to walk around by herself?" Bella wondered watching the girl go into Gucci.

"Sure, why not?" Nikel shrugged, as they began to trek towards Hot Topic.

"She's seven!" Bella exclaimed.

"So?" Nikel was confused for a minute, "Oh yeah…Don't worry she can take care of herself." He waved his hand showing the unimportance of the matter.

"If you say so…" Bella voiced was full of uncertainty.

A few hours later, Bella's arms were full of bags. Allina had joined them an hour ago and the sun was beginning to set. Now all they had to do was find Loretta.

She was found, moments later, standing outside Gucci with a suspicious looking man a few feet away in a trench coat and hat. As they neared they could hear the conversation.

"Hey little girl, if you follow me I have some candy for you."

Loretta turned her head to glare at the man, "So you are saying that since I am, but a child candy should instantly enthrall me. Ah Monsieur, you have to be the most pathetic and disgusting creature I have ever met. Good day to you." she turned to leave when the man grabbed her arm. Quicker then one could blink Loretta turned around, grabbed the man's arm, and broke it with a sickening snap. The man howled in pain, but Loretta paid no mind.

"Never touch me again." She hissed, letting go of the mans wrist. Cradling his injury to him the man ran off.

Bella stared at the scene before her. That was her first look into how un-normal Nikel's family was.

-2 months later-

"Does this dress make my ass look big?" Nikel questioned with a fake lisp as he put on a pair of Black pants so baggy they looked like a skirt. Bella broke out laughing.

"You're fine," She replied. The guy next to her shook his head in disagreement. His name was Samuel and he was Allina's twin brother. He had shaggy Blond hair, dark almost midnight Blue eyes, he wore a misfit hat, and long, ratted jeans. He'd be classified as a Skater. Actually, he had a skateboard in his hand as we speak, even though its pouring rain in May.

They were all sitting in Nikel's house or more specifically in Nikel's room trying to decide what to wear for the spring dance, which happened to be tonight. Of course, Bella didn't want to go but Nikel was persistent and she gave into him…sort of. Bella already had on what she was wearing, a sheer black over white lining strapped dress that had Black velvet on bustier sides with satin ribbon around waist. She also bought flat black shoes so she didn't fall in heels and was wearing black matching jewelry.

Samuel did the limp wrist gesture while saying, "Well …truthfully your ass looks fine, but those hips…My god lay off the ho-ho's."

From the door another boy stuck his head in, "Did I hear ho?" Zachariah was Nikel's brother and a total pimp. He wore a baby Blue blazer shirt with a small top hat and shoes that looked tap-able. He had caramel Brown hair and Black eyes.

"No, you dip-shit. I said ho-ho…" Samuel elaborated.

"Oh…so there's two of them?" He switched his gaze to Bella, "Nope, you're not pimpable material."

"Not even if you paid me."

"Dude, Zach, lay off my girl." Nikel growled, throwing a hanger at his brother. Zach caught it with way too much ease.

"Gluing yourself down to one chick, man you're stupid." Zach chided, laughing, "Come on, Samuel, we need to get you a chick…besides Allina, I mean, seriously you're not taking her to the dance."

"Shut up, Zachariah." Samuel mumbled. Bella shook her head. Since Samuel didn't get a date for the dance he decided to take his twin sister. It was sweet of him…in a creepy incest sort of way.

"I have to pick up my three dates." Zach announced, beginning to walk out the door.

"Three?" Bella questioned.

"Yeah, you know what Santa says ho, ho, ho." He called as he walked down the hall followed by a, "Hi, hot stuff!"

"Fucking A! Knock you stupid Bitch!" Allina screamed.

"Ok, ok, but since we're trading advice I suggest you put on a bra…and a shirt for that matter." Zachariah turned around and was face-to-face with Loretta.

"And I suggest you start wearing a nut cup before something really bad happens." She growled, completely annoyed. Zach laughed nervously before running off. Loretta walked into Nikel's room.

"Hey squirt." Samuel greeted.

"Have you seen Jamie?" She asked ignoring Sam. James, Jamie for short, was a 12 year old boy and Loretta's favorite step-sibling. He had short Reddish hair, and plain Brown eyes.

"Nope," They all chorused.

"Maybe you should ask Jonathon or Tabitha." Bella added. They were the families 'parents.' Jonathon was a British man about 33, with short Black hair and electric Blue eyes. His wife, Tabitha, was an American with dirty Blond hair and Hazel eyes, she looked in her 30's as well.

"Its fine." She grumbled, walking out of the room.

"Are you guys ready yet?" Samuel asked, sounding really bored.

"Yeah, Yeah…" Nikel sighed, standing up with his huge-ass pants, "Let me go check if Gabriel is coming."

Gabriel is the last of the siblings. Even though he is 17 years old he is usually found wearing suits, Armani, or something of the likes. He had an English accent, Reddish-Brown hair and forest Green eyes. He was even in height with Nikel, but he had wider shoulders.

They walked down the hall and Nikel pounded on a door, "Hey pixie, are you coming or what?"

A voice through the door answered, "I'd rather not. I've found myself rather incapacitated at the moment."

"Ok," Nikel replied, "A simple no would've worked."

Samuel grabbed Allina and they jumped into Sam's silver SUV. Samuel sat in front with Allina. Bella was in back with Nikel. Zachariah was getting a ride there, but was coming home with them. Hence why they couldn't take the Mustang. Nikel wanted breathing space away from the pimp.

"So Bella, when's your hair appointment?" Allina asked, trying to be civil.

"Tomorrow after school. I've decided one Black hair with blood Red highlights."

"My idea!" Nikel chimed in.

"That'll be cool." Samuel encouraged.

"Great. You'll look like Nikel." Allina muttered, soothing the wrinkles out of her long frilly pinkish-red dress. Her curly hair was up in a complex bun. Samuel still was dressed like he fell out of a dumpster.

In the last two months Bella has learned a few things about this family. One, though the family was close, they did not feel the need to sit with or talk to each other at school. Two, the family, like the Cullen's left a lot only, instead, of going camping they went to the cities. Three, they were strange…stranger than the Cullen's.

Out of the children Nikel and Allina seemed to be the boss'. Nikel, more so, then Allina. When Nikel would forbid something, they'd bitch and whine but in the end obey it. Allina, usually, just got others to agree with her. They wouldn't obey her like Nikel but usually follow her. Samuel and Zachariah were usually the ones nobody followed but always joked around with. Gabriel was too quiet and isolated to be a leader and Loretta…well she always got what she wanted.

They reached the dance and walked inside. The DJ was playing some sort of shit through the speakers and Nikel cringed.

"Damn. Why do they always play the pixie music?" He complained in a whiny sort of way.

"Because if they didn't you'd be happy and we can't be having that." Samuel replied, pulling his pants up slightly.

"Couldn't you dress up, just once?" Allina whined.

"Well I guess I could've borrowed Zach's pimping suit…" Samuel contemplated jokingly.

"I'd rather see you in a cheerleading outfit than that."

"Do you always have to bring that up? It was one time!"

"I'm through and through scared." Bella joked, pulling Nikel towards the DJ, "Ask for a good song." He spoke quietly to the DJ before coming back.

"He'll play it next." Nikel told her.

"What song?"

"You'll see." Nikel grabbed Bella and took her to the dance floor just as a guitar began to play. Pretty soon it was followed by a drum and had a beat you could head bang to.

"You got him to play Metallica's Enter Sandman!" Bella yelled over the music.

"Hell yeah!" Nikel response before singing along, his voice almost matching theirs.

"Say your prayers little oneDon't forget, my sonTo include everyone

"Tuck you in, warm withinKeep you free from sinTill the sandman he comes

"Sleep with one eye openGripping your pillow tight

"Exit lightEnter nightTake my handOff to never never land"

Nikel sang along with the whole song until the song finally ended and Nikel stepped away from Bella. He did a bow like they did in the old English times, making her laugh. She curtseyed in response. He pulled her off the dance floor just as the song 'Get Freaky' came on. Simultaneously, Zachariah walked in to the gym with three slutty-looking girls on his arm.

"Oh hell yeah! Entrance music!" Zach yelled break dancing to the center of the dance floor. He may be a stupid pimp but he could dance…in a weird sort of way.

"One on oneWe will be having some funIn my bedroomAll day and all of the nightYou and you can bring your whole crewTo my bedroomAll day and all of the night.

"If you left your man at homeGET-GET-GET-GET-GET FREAKYIf that's two shots of patroneGET-GET-GET-GET-GET FREAKYIf you got your favorite thong onGET-GET-GET-GET-GET FREAKYWe gonna party till the morningGET-GET-GET-GET-GET FREAKY "

"Of course, leave it to Zachariah to find music he likes here." Allina muttered, though her voice was playful. Bella did a little dance step mocking the song and would have fallen over…if Nikel didn't catch her.

"Once again the fair maiden Bella was saved by….Lord Nikel!" Samuel announced, trying to sound formal. Nikel whacked him in the back of the head.

"Idiot." Bella and Allina rolled their eyes laughing, before Allina realized who she was laughing with and stopped. Bella frowned but ignored the other girl.

It was two hours into the dance and Bella looked around to see Zachariah missing and two of the three girls looking for him. Curious as well, Bella walked out of the gym doors and to the parking lot. Looking around she finally heard a noise coming from the side of the school. She carefully walked over to see what it was and received the shock of her life….

Standing in front of her was Zachariah, blood running down his mouth as he sucked the blood of the girl. He looked up and saw her, his eyes were blood red and that when it hit Bella. They wore contacts, they were all vampires.

"I'm sorry, Bella. You weren't suppose to know." Nikel whispered behind her. All Bella could think about was James and his attack, and in the moment she need to be alert the most, Bella fainted.

-4 months later, 6 months since meeting-

Bella drove from Port Angles with the car she 'borrowed' from Nikel since hers was in the shop. Truthfully, he was sitting next to her, but no one was suppose to know that. Everyone was to think she drove alone, lost control, and crashed. Nikel was with her to get her out of the car before the big boom. Nikel was giving her what Edward never would…immortality.

Once Bella had learned they were vampires, she kind of always knew but chose to ignore, she began learning everything she could about the family.

Jonathon, the 'father' was turned at the age of 32 in Britain. Next was Allina, turned by Jonathon on accident in his early uncontrollable years, was a telepath, who could read and send thoughts to basically anyone except couldn't read Bella. Third 'born' was Nikel, also turned by Jonathon while sick, was from England and had the power to send mental shocks at people, like he did to Allina in the lunch room that first day. Gabriel, turned by Nikel on accident, also from England, was the fourth born and had human like behavior such as sleeping and eating, much to the jealousy of others. Loretta, who was also turned by Nikel when her head was partially gone, had the hardest time with being a vampire and had the powers to see the past, present, and far future of anyone, whenever she wanted. Jamie was changed on request from Loretta, and he could mimic peoples voices. Zachariah was next, a vampire they just picked up, he had the power to persuade people to do almost anything. Tabitha was an American turned in 1910's by Jonathon, she was their mother and really didn't have a power. Last was Samuel, turned in 1933, with the power to deify gravity, walking on walls and such.

Bella, also, learned about their diet and why they lived the way they did. At first it disturbed her but she didn't give up on Nikel so easily. They usually went 3 hours away from where they lived or they lived in a huge city with lots of clubs. They hunted once a week. They mostly fed on rapist, child molesters, and other disgracefully people.

The final thing she learned was why they acted human like the Cullen's. They wanted to remember humanity and not become mindless killers. They spent the first 50 years of their immortality learning how to control their hunger and live with humans. It was then they were allowed back into the school/work life. Nikel told her that as the years pass their rules vary slightly, but that's the jest of it.

"Are you ready?" Nikel asked from beside her. Bella turned her head to flash a smile at him.

"I've been for far too long." She replied, Nikel nodded.

Nikel moved closer to her and she heard him mutter, "Good thing we didn't take the mustang." Bella rolled her eyes, damn him and that piece of shit. Nikel watched and grabbed the wheel from her when he saw a bus coming. It was empty except for the driver but their little PT cruiser would get crushed leaving the driver mostly unharmed. His eyes were almost black due to the blood all over the floor…over the last few weeks they've been collecting Bella's blood to make the crash more believable. Nikel grabbed her around the waist…turned/jammed the wheel then set in on cruise control so its keeps going. Bella opened the passenger door and they quickly evacuated right before the car hit, causing a nice little fire…

"Part one check." Nikel muttered, opening up his mind to alert Allina to pick them up. He turned to Bella, "When do you want to do the next part? Before or after your funeral?"

Bella tore her eyes away from the wreckage to look at Nikel, "Before, I'd rather not be at my own funeral…alive…" Nikel chuckled and agreed. Allina appeared behind them just as the police showed up. They followed her deep into the woods, and to her car.

The ride home was eerie silent. They took back roads as far away from the crash as they could. Allina drove as Nikel and Bella sat in the back, Bella wrapped up in his arms. She let out a ragged breathe, happy her wish was coming true and yet scared that something would go wrong.

"You do not need to worry, Bella. Nikel turned Loretta and Gabriel just fine, he will protect you." Allina soothed, and to help with the nerves she turned on the radio to one of their favorite stations. Bella almost laughed when the song 'Seize the Day' by Avenged Sevenfold came on. Nikel sang along with it, and Bella mumbled it.

"Seize the day or die regretting the time you lostIt's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over"

"I see my vision burn,I feel my memories fade with timeBut I'm too young to worryThese streets we travel on will undergo our same lost past"

The song was soft, it was not a very harsh metal song. It worked in soothing her though it didn't take her mind off it.

"I found you here, now please just stay for a whileI can move on with you aroundI hand you my mortal life, but will it be forever?I'd do anything for a smile, holding you 'til our time is doneWe both know the day will come, but I don't want to leave you

"I see my vision burn,I feel my memories fade with timeBut I'm too young to worry (a melody, a memory, or just one picture)

"Newborn life replacing all of us, changing this fable we live inNo longer needed here so where do we go?Will you take a journey tonight, follow me past the walls of death?But girl, what if there is no eternal life?"

Allina turned the song off. They were back at the house. Bella took a deep breath and fell out of the car. She didn't hit the ground, of course, Nikel caught her.

"You are going to be one clumsy vampire." Nikel murmured, kissing her cheek as he put her back to rights.

"Very funny." Bella grumbled, opening the door and all three went into the house. The house was empty and when she looked around Bella noticed Allina disappeared as well. She looked at Nikel with a questioning gaze.

"They didn't want to smell your blood when I bite you…the younger ones were afraid…" Bella's mouth moved in a silent oh. Nikel grabbed Bella hand and led her up the steps to his room. Bella followed behind willingly yet hesitantly now that it was coming true she didn't know what to make of it.

She walked into his room and Nikel closed the door behind them. Bella took a deep breath and laid on the bed, completely still. He approached her like the predator he was. Silently, deadly, without remorse, but stopped when he was looming over her.

"I love you." He stated simply.

"I know." She responded, her heart sinking lightly in her inability to recuperate his feelings. Nikel, on the other hand, knew she was going to say something along those lines and ignored her words.

"I'm sorry," He whispered next to her ear before she felt a searing pain in her neck. Out of complete instinct she screamed before everything disappeared.

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-Three days later-

Nikel sat there staring intently at Bella. He has yet to leave her side…and she has yet to awaken. His eyes have darkened to a deep Burgundy almost Black color. He could hear his family downstairs. They returned late last night only hours after Bella finally stopped screaming.

He knew he loved Bella, but he never thought he'd react the way he did to her screaming…especially since he caused it. He literally freaked out. He never expected to actually hurt, because of her obvious pain.

When Bella finally opened her eyes, Nikel was sitting in a chair next to the bed. They stared at each other for a long moment, neither speaking.

"I hope you enjoyed your nap, it was the last one you'll ever have." He finally said.

Bella sighed, "I expected pain, but that was awful."

Nikel shrugged, "Yeah it's hell. At least now almost nothing can hurt you."

Bella nodded, thinking. That was one of the differences between Edward and Nikel. Edward would've felt guilty, he would've apologized. Nikel, on the other hand, doesn't feel guilt over something she chose. He was the absolute opposite of Edward.

"So what now?" Bella asked as she sat up. She got up a little quicker than she meant to and surprised herself.

Nikel chuckled at her face, "You'll get use to the speed and learn to control it. As well as the advancements in your sense of smell, hearing, and uh…other…things…"

"Aren't you helpful." Bella teased, as she glanced out of the window. It was a rare day in Forks with the sun shining. Carefully Bella held her hand out in front of the stream of light and stared at her crystal skin. Of course, Edward had shown her this, but it seemed different now since it was bouncing of her skin.

"Bella" Nikel called her attention back to him, "You are a newborn vampire. I'm going to warn you, you won't always be able to control yourself. The smell of blood will be too tempting, you'll have little power in the ability to stop yourself. You will make mistakes, we all did. I will help you as best as I can."

"You're saying I won't be able to resist being a cannibal you mean." It was a statement not a question, and Bella shuddered.

"No, you won't be able to resist humans. Cannibals eat their own kind, you are a vampire no longer human. You are the predator, they are the prey. Your blood has been stained with vampire venom."

"And my soul is gone, according to some vampires."

Nikel shrugged, "I don't believe our souls are gone. Its there, Bella, only now instead of a human soul, you have a tainted soul. A vampire soul."

Bella frowned, "Sorry to ruin your speech, but my throats starting to burn. I'm pretty sure that's not a good thing."

"You woke up earlier than we thought. We cant hunt until tonight."

Bella groaned and laid back down on the bed.

"While we wait I might as well explain some things to you. When we hunt tonight its going to be Allina, Loretta, Zach, you and me. They've just got back from hunting, but they're coming to help."


"Its your first hunting trip. I'm not going to let you make a mistake. They want to help."

"Even Allina?" Nikel didn't answer. Allina is the new Rosalie. The prettiest of the family but also the one that hates her.

"Where are we hunting?" She asked, changing topics.

"Not sure. Loretta's going to search the future for the best outcome. Well technically she's looking towards the future to see what we already are going to chose as the best outcome."

"Sounds confusing."

"Yeah, pretty much."

They spent the rest of the sunlight talking about the change and how Nikel spent the last three days cooped up with her.

A knock on the door startled Bella. Jamie stuck his head through the door, "Loretta says to be ready to leave in five minutes."

"Tell Hannah Montana we'll be down when we're down." Nikel growled.

"Want me to quote that?"


"Fine, fine." He disappeared.

Nikel stepped away from the bed and allowed Bella to rise. Careful to go human speed, Bella gets up. Looking down the whole way Bella walked over to the mirror. Taking a deep, though unnecessary, breath she looked up. She looked quite beautiful. The face staring back at her had high cheek bones and cherry red lips. Her skin was a powdery white but still marble smooth. Though she expected it, her blood red eyes irked her a bit.

"You look lovely." Nikel whispered, wrapping his arms around her waist. Bella had watched him approach with vampire speed from his reflection in the mirror and was ecstatic to know she could follow his movement. He kissed her cheek and headed towards the door. With one last glace at the mirror Bella followed him downstairs.

The whole family was in the living room, watching Bella descend the down the staircase.

"About damn time." Zach joked, making Bella glare playfully. She stopped at the bottom next to Nikel.

"Ready to go now…Barbie." Loretta growled, telling Nikel she knew what he called her.

"Barbie? Where did you come up with that? I don't think they make a punk Barbie." Nikel replied before adding, "Zach is more like a Barbie than I am. He's thin, dumb, and if you shove mango's up his shirt he'd probably look exactly like a girl. Also, just like Barbie I bet he's not wearing any underwear."

"Good point." Loretta conceded, "With a little make up he could look like a girl…I'll have to remember that."

"I don't know about the rest of the things Nikel said but the last one was so true." Zach laughed, as he pulled at his black blazer.

"Are those my Black jeans?" Gabriel asked, disturbed.

"You don't think I'd go commando in my own pants, do you?"

"So you use mine. How do you know I haven't don't the same thing?"

"You're too proper."

"Ok, I'm leaving. Whoever is suppose to come with better be in the SUV in one minute." Loretta's irritated voice broke through their argument. Right after that statement she disappeared.

"We better go otherwise she'll leave." Nikel commanded, heading for the door.

"Leave as in she'll drive away?" Bella asked. Nikel nodded, "That's not suspicious."

Allina got in the drivers seat since it was Sam's vehicle. Zach sat shotgun with Bella, Nikel and Loretta in the backseat.

"Where to, Lore?" Allina questioned, leaving the driveway.

"Get on the freeway. We'll be going two hours away."

The car ride was quiet besides from the occasional directions from Loretta. As the ride grew longer, Bella felt her throat burning more and more.

"We're here." Loretta announced, "Keep Bella in the car."

Allina, Zach, and Loretta stepped out of the car and wandered off. Bella glanced at Nikel confused.

"They're going to search for a criminal and wait until he's away from most people." Nikel explained.

About ten minutes later, Zach returned to the vehicle and opened the door. Each grabbed an arm and held Bella against the car once they were out.

"I've told you before, your control sucks." Nikel whispered, "As soon as that human gets close enough you'll be long gone. Our job is to make this go as smooth as possible."

Allina and Loretta walked towards them at a human pace. A few feet back a man slinked in the shadows, stalking them. The girls pretended not to notice him.

"Think you can manage vampire speed?" Nikel whispered. Bella nodded.

'Close enough.' Allina's voice in their head was quiet but commanding.

Both Zach and Nikel let go of Bella and stepped back. Slowly, Bella took two steps forward. The scent of the man hit her like a ton of bricks and filled her head. The burning in her throat increased tenfold and she took off faster than she thought possible.

She jumped the man. Before he could even react, could even scream she bit and began to drink him dry. She faintly sensed Nikel and Zach next to her.

"Drink until, at the very least, his heart stops otherwise he'll convert." Nikel coached her quietly.

Once she was done with him, she looked up at the others. The four of them stood around her, waiting. Zach took the body and disappeared.

"We'll have to hide the bodies in different places otherwise it looks suspicious." Nikel explained.

They did this three more times before Bella finally had enough. Nikel left to do his own hunting while the family regrouped in the car.

"I'm proud of you, little sister. Soon you'll be able to hunt without our constant watch." Zach smiled, "You'll make mistakes but you'll recover and be stronger for it."

"Nobody can out do Nikel at mistakes." Loretta laughed.

"I didn't make that many." Nikel growled, rejoining the group.

"You turned Gabriel, didn't you?" Loretta retorted.


There was more chatter the ride back except for Allina, who didn't talk the whole time. Bella was getting the feeling things would only get worse before they got better…if they got better.