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Chapter 7: A Beautiful Tainted Soul


Gabriel shook his head, putting the bodies together so they'd be easier to burn. Allina just sat there, staring off into the distance. Nikel's words washing over her. Why didn't she like Bella? Was it because in the end, Nikel would be willing to kill her to save Bella. She truly wasn't being fair.

She closed her eyes and opened her mind and listened. She found Bella's mental signal way to the East of them. While Nikel's was more to the South. He wasn't going the right way…

She snapped open her eyes to see Loretta standing there, a look of knowing on her face, "You must go," Loretta's voice was knowing, soft, old, "You are the only one who can fix this. You know you must. It'll be beneficial to us all and you may even grow to like her."

Allina looked at Loretta a minute longer before completely disappearing in a speed only a vampire on a mission could accomplish.

Loretta let out a sigh, "Why am I the responsible one? This family is going to be the death of me yet." Her head tilted once more, "No…no not them. Oh well, they'll be my living death at least."

"Hey I'm responsible." Gabriel defended himself.

She snorted, "Yeah right, tell me that in fifty years when you're eating a big Mac."

He gave her a confused look while she just shook her head. Sometimes it sucked being a psychic.

Allina made her way over to where Bella was, hoping the scared newborn wouldn't either make a run for it or attack her. When she found Bella she was sitting in front of a lake, her arms wrapped around her knees.

"Can I sit here?" Allina asked quietly. She thought about what she was going to say to Bella as she ran to find her. She only hoped Bella would listen. Nikel had been right and though she didn't like her, Allina was going to try to make this work.

Bella snorted, "Why would you want to? You don't like me, Allina. Why don't you just go back home and pretend you never found me? Then I can disappear and you won't have to worry about me anymore."

She sat down next to Bella and shot her a sharp glare, "Nikel loves you. Leaving him would kill him, could you really do that to him?"

"Well, you sure as hell aren't making anything easy for me."

Allina sighed, "A month after I was turned I got away from Kat and Bree. They drove me crazy; they hated me, especially Bree. Anyways, I snuck away from them just go get some air and I ran into a woman and her three children on an empty street. I killed them all. I didn't even think about it until afterwards exactly what I did. When Bree and Kat found me, Bree immediately taunted me." She huffed, looking at Bella, "I want to apologize for what I said. You're a good person Bella, you honestly seem to care. I still don't like you, but I'll try to be more tolerant of you. Who knows, maybe one day we'll be friends. We're family now and that's not going to change."

"What did I do to you?" She asked, looking back at Allina.

"I think I'm a bit jealous. You see Nikel and I were the first additions after Jonathon to Kat and Bree coven. None of them seemed to like me. Nikel found me especially annoying along with Bree. He and Kat were real close you see, best friends nothing more. I was the annoying priss in the group I guess. He never gave a damn about me though I've known him for close to 200 years. You, on the other hand, I know he would be willing to kill me to save you, to protect you. It pisses me off a bit."

"So you're going to keep blaming me?" Bella asked, oddly calm. Maybe she was a little stunned that Allina was actually having a conversation with her.

Allina stood up and motioned for Bella to do the same.

"No, I don't blame you for any of this. It's my problem I suppose. I apologize for my behavior. Come on, let's go back. Nikel's probably having a fit."

'Nikel, I found her. We're heading back to the house.' Allina mentally sent to him before cutting the off connection not wanting to hear his reply.

She turned to leave.

"Allina?" She turned back to Bella, eyebrow raised, "Thanks, I guess."

She just smiled and headed home, Bella following. They ran side by side until they made it back to the farm house.

"Down Bessie, down!" Zach yelled, as the cow he was riding ran around and around bucking trying to get him off. Both Bella and Allina stopped dead, just staring. On the other side of the fence stood Jonathon, Tabitha, Sam, Jamie, Loretta and Gabriel also staring.

"Should we stop him?" Jamie asked.

"I wouldn't." Loretta replied, shaking her head.

Bella was going to say something but was cut off by Nikel appearing and wrapping his arms around her spinning her around.

"Never, ever scare me like that again!" He scolded her, finally putting her down.

"Sorry, Nikel."

"Well you should-…is Zach riding a cow?"

Loretta snorted, "Welcome to the world, Nikel. We've only been staring at him for the last five minutes."

"Well screw you Lore, I didn't see him. Now I do and I'm greatly confused…and a little concerned."

"Just don't ask." Sam mumbled, "This is boring now, I'm going to find something else to do."

"Who wants to play scrabble?" Jamie asked, his eyes laughing.

Jonathon rolled his eyes, "Fine, but in the barn. I don't want the house falling down when someone gets pissed."

"I'll get the game!" Zach yelled, jumping off the cow and took off towards the house.

I leaned over towards Nikel, "I don't get it. What's the big deal about scrabble?"

Surprisingly it was Allina who answered, "Someone always ends up pissed over a word or amount of points and it turns into a fight. Or it usually ends in a game of crowbar tag."

"Crowbar? Tag?"

Nikel turned to her eyes wide, "You don't know what Crowbar tag is. My girl, you have never lived!"

So they started a game of Scrabble which ended very abruptly when Nikel scattered the board trying to lunge over the table to kill Samuel for 'cheating'. That led into a half hour round of crowbar tag which Bella had to admit was very enjoyable. Especially since she had a newborn's strength and could really kick some ass.

"Okay, Bella's not allowed to play Crowbar anything until her newborn strength wears off." Zach whined rubbing his neck, "I can't feel my brain!"

"Can you normally?" Allina questioned a bit concerned but mostly confused.

Zach shifted his eyes back and forth, "Uhh…maybe…"

"Don't ask, just don't ask." Bella mumbled to herself.

"Here, here." Zach agreed, slinging an arm over Bella's shoulders.

"Don't touch me, Zach, I may just bite you."

"Oh god, please do." Loretta yelled, rolling her eyes, "Something that will shut him up!"

The rest of the family laughed, heading back into the house.

Allina turned around, "Come on, Bella. Loretta and I are going to mess around with some new clothes and things."

Bella smiled, "Thanks, Allina." She gave Nikel a quick kiss on the cheek, "See you later."

"Well she seems to be fitting in now." Loretta commented, stopping next to Nikel.

"Yeah, but you knew that all along." He replied smirking down at this little sister.

She chuckled, that evil eerie laugh of hers, "Of course." With that she went inside to meet the other two in Allina's room.

-25 years later-

Bella ran through the forest, as the sun began to set, and didn't stop until she finally came upon a small lake. Water has always calmed her. She always seemed to find herself around some sort of body of water. The Bendig's moved again now living in the middle of nowhere. There was quite a bit of sun but nobody around so it was fine. Loretta kept her 'eye' out for any problems.

She sat down at the bank of the lake and just stared out into the water. Today news reached her that Charlie had died. She didn't know how to take that news. On some level she was sad; he was her father after all. On another she thought she hadn't seen him in over 25 years and before coming to Forks she only saw him once a year anyways.

Some part of her wanted to go to his funeral. Really, who would recognize her anymore anyways? The more logical part of her brain knew she couldn't. The wolves were still there and even after 25 years she wasn't sure she could completely trust herself quite yet.

As she remembered Charlie her mind began to move onward. She remembered the first day she arrived at Forks, her first day of school with all those boys being a little too friendly. God, Mike. That annoying, little boy who just couldn't catch a hint.

Then her thoughts wandered to the Cullens. She winced as she thought of them. She tried her best not to and succeeded most days. She didn't know how to feel about the Cullens. It was a variety of emotions.

"Come on, Bella." Nikel whispered, appearing behind her.

"Where are we going?"

"Forks. Your father's funeral was yesterday so it should be safe to stop in for just a few minutes so you can see his grave. Sam and Allina are coming with us."

Allina and Bella had made great strides with each other and could say they were friends now. It made everything a lot easier.

"Okay." Was all Bella said before they took off. It would be a three hour run from where they were now at top speed.


They got there at midnight. Bella walked to the cemetery the others giving her some privacy. Allina stood by the gate while Sam and Nikel went off somewhere else.

When Bella found Charlie's grave she sat down and just studied it for a long moment.

"Hey Dad," she finally whispered, "I miss you a lot, I suppose. I'm sorry I left you like I did, but it was better this way. I was hurting you and I know it. I just hope you moved on and found happiness. And I hope one day you can forgive me for what I did. I love my life now. I'm married now and I have a family who loves me. I'm happy. I love you, Dad. Bye."

She got up to leave, not before glancing over and seeing her own grave. This time there was a headstone. She stared at it for a long moment before moving on, strangely she felt nothing for it. She needed to move on from the past, it wouldn't do her any good.

"Where are the boys?" She asked Allina when she finally exited the cemetery.

"On their way. Did you say what you wanted to?"

"Yes." She whispered, just as the boys appeared in front of them.

"Anywhere else you wanted to visit?" Nikel asked, seeming a little too hopeful.

Bella thought for a minute before nodding, "Yeah just one more place."

"I'll come with you. Allina, Sam why don't you go on ahead."

Bella looked at him confused, why invite them along if they weren't going to stick around. She didn't get a chance to ask though for the left almost immediately.

Giving her a nod that he'd follow, Bella began to run to the one place she could think about and not feel the pain about losing the Cullens, about losing Edward. She stopped when she was in the meadow Edward took her too.

"What this place?" Nikel asked quietly as she looked around. It wasn't as beautiful as she remembered even though it was night. She bit her lip, sighing.

"This used to be such a beautiful place. Edward took me here at one point. I loved it."

I walked to the middle of the meadow and just sat there. Soon, Nikel joined me neither of us saying anything. As we sat there, I thought of the Cullens, of Edward, how he just left me, twice. They promised her and they left her.

She stood up, startling Nikel, "I hate you!" She screamed into the night as Nikel sat there staring at her sadly, "How could you have left me like that? Twice! You promised never to leave me. You swore you loved me. You took away my family and my best friend. I hate you, I hate you all! But it's okay now! I found the people I was meant to be with, the family, the husband, I was meant to be with. I don't need you anymore! I won't let you be baggage over my soul…anymore!" She collapsed back down next to Nikel.

They were silent for a minute before Nikel teased, "Feel better?"

She smiled at him brightly, "Much."

They lounged around for a while longer before getting up to leave. They headed back home at a sedated pace, not worrying about time. They had a lot of it: years and years. When they finally made it home, Nikel grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the room that was technically hers. She tended to spend more time in Nikel's room and rarely ventured in there.

"Open the door." He commanded, quietly.

Confused she pushed open the door and gasped. Inside was her room; her human room. It was the same as it had been when she was alive. It looked exactly the same.

"Sam and I got it all in a moving truck and then Allina and him brought it back here and set it up as it had been 25 years ago. Apparently Charlie never touched your room after you died."

For some reason, that was the first thing about his death that made her want to cry. He never had completely moved on from her death and that saddened her.

Nikel continued on, "Remember when I took you back to your room the first time and let you pick out something. You said you wanted your whole room."

"You said maybe someday."

"Well it's someday." He moved over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, "Everyone needs to remember being human. It's what gets us through the years. We'll take the whole room with us every time we move so you never forget."

"Thank you, Nikel."

He smiled, resting his head on top of hers, "Anything for you love. Do you remember what I said about vampires and our souls?"


"Well you have the most beautiful tainted soul out of us all. Never lose that."

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