(Author's note: XD Drabbles are so much fun for me to write. :D I hope everyone enjoys these. I'm going to try to keep them around 100-200 words, but I'm sure it'll vary a little. I can't remember where I found the prompt list, so if it looks familiar to anyone, let me know.)

Mello was 10 years old when he got his first love letter. It was scrawled in messy handwriting, resting on his pillow next to a chocolate bar. He snatched the chocolate up and tore into it as he read the letter. It was the cheesiest thing he had ever seen. Still, he couldn't help being flattered by it. He carefully folded it up and put it in his desk drawer.

The second letter came later that year, placed inside a box of assorted chocolates. The handwriting was just a bit cleaner, but looked like it had a great deal more effort put into it, as if it was meant to impress him. Mello laughed affectionately and put it in the drawer next to the first.

The third letter didn't make it to its destination according to plan. Mello had been let out of class early and was heading back to his room to find a certain redhead trying to sneak in. Matt grinned shyly, handing a bag of chocolate truffles with the letter placed neatly inside over to his friend. Mello put the bag on the desk and pulled Matt into a hug.

The chocolate could wait.