Thanks for reading my little short story. Hope you enjoyed it. In case you are curious, this story was inspired by a mock trial our English teacher put together after we finished John Steinbeck's of Mice and Men. I really, really, really wanted to be Slim, but sadly I wasn't. I was a juror. Many of the quotes used in this story were actually from the real mock trial so yes, people really can be that stupid.

Remember that really obnoxious, annoying 'girl in the black knee-high socks with skulls and rainbows on them'? Yep. That was me and everything that she said in the trial was either what I actually said or was thinking as I watched my fellow classmates butcher all of Steinbeck's characters. I must admit that I thought my socks were rather fabulous. My friend was the pissy bailiff, and my other friend Seth, was the prosecutor or the one who said the zombie Lennie thing, which is actually a shameless reference to one of my other fan fictions.:)

Well, I suppose that's it, really. Thanks again for reading the really short story. I appreciate it and please check back soon for other stories. My user name is also Scipio Sirius.