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Rupert Giles stood outside the Crashdown Café wondering at the insanity of the Americans. The whole town seems to be centered on the supposed alien crash in the 40s. This diner before him a prime example of that; the flying saucer sign, the murals inside, the uniforms and the menu he read earlier at lunch while trying to get a general idea of the environment. Glancing inside he saw only the cook and the young girl that was the reason he was here. Giles did not want to be doing this but he owed it to Claudia Parker to be the one who changed her granddaughter's world. Taking a deep breath and grabbing a tighter hold on the bag he carried, he entered the diner and made his way to the counter where the waitress was wiping it down. She looked up at him and smiled a familiar smile.

"I'm sorry but the grill has already been turned off for the night. We are just about to close."

"That is quiet alright. I am here to speak with you, Miss Parker." Her eyebrows rose slightly at his British accent.

"Oh. How can I help you, Mr.…?"

"Giles, Rupert Giles." He turned slightly as he heard the young man enter the dining area. "I am afraid I will need to speak to you alone as it is a private matter." The young man scowled and walked closer.

"And she should just trust some stranger that walked in off the street asking to speak to her alone at night, why?"

"Michael," Liz admonished softly.

"He is quiet right. However, I can assure you I would no sooner harm Claudia Parker's granddaughter than I would cut off my own hand."

"You knew my grandmother?"

"Yes. When I was not much older than you, I was researching for an anthropology paper I was writing and she was kind enough to help me. I become quite fond of her and we maintained contact over the years. I was deeply saddened to hear of her passing. She was an amazing woman and the world is smaller for her loss."

"Yes, she was. Thank you." Liz stared at him for a moment, appearing to measure him. Whatever she saw, she moved to Michael's side and led him to the doors separating the staff area from the diner. "I will speak with you Mister Giles, but Michael will be staying in the staff area. I am sure you understand."

"Liz," Michael tried to protest.

"Watch TV, Michael. We will finish closing when I am done talking to Mr. Giles." They appeared to have a conversation with their eyes before he nodded and walked through the doors. A moment later, they heard the sound of the television in the break room turn on. Liz moved back to the counter and poured both of them a glass of water before leading Giles over to the booth closest to the front door to help ensure more privacy. They both settled themselves down, Liz placing the two glasses on the table and Giles his bag on the floor next to him.

"Now, what is it you wanted to speak with me about Mr. Giles?"

Giles contemplated several ways to start the upcoming conversation but could not decide. Liz apparently realized his dilemma and tried to help.

"The beginning is usually best." They both gave a small laugh.

"Yes, I suppose. I work for a company called the IWC."

"I have heard of the name but never what it was they did."

"Yes, The IWC has always cloaked their activities as much as possible. ISWC is the International Watchers Council. Their purpose is to train and guide the Slayer."

"What is a Slayer?"

"Miss Parker…"

"Elizabeth." He looked at her questioningly. "I know the British are very proper. I figured Liz would be too casual for you." He smiled.

"Elizabeth, what I am about to tell you will be incredible. It will alter you view of the world. It will seem impossible and absolutely crazy. However, it will be the absolute truth." She raised her eyebrow again.

"The world is older than you know." Giles spent the next thirty minutes giving her an extremely brief overview of the supernatural world. Vampires, demons, the history of the Slayers and how they were called in mass not too long ago, the restructuring of the Council. After five minutes of absolute silence, Liz took a drink of her water before commenting.

"Why are you telling me all of this?"

"You have been called."

"What?" she questioned in disbelief.

"Have you noticed increased strength, a tingling in your body around certain people, strange dreams of other lives fighting evils, increased appetite, a greater amount of energy to burn off, increase awareness of your surroundings?" At her silence, he continued. "The IWC is attempting to contact all Slayers in order to offer them training, even if they chose not to actively fight the darkness. Demons sense the Slayer, just as Slayers sense demons. They need to be prepared to protect themselves if nothing else."

"Why me?"

"No one knows why a girl is made a potential. It is something that has never been discovered although there are many theories. It is decided by those we call the Powers That Be, beings that maintain the balance of the universe."

"Why did you come here? I mean, why not another member of the IWC? From what you said, you are pretty high up in the command chain."

"As I said I knew your grandmother and was quite fond of her. I wanted to do this. Not that I wanted you to be Called, but I felt it only right that I should be the one to do this." He stared at the young woman for a few moments, noticing her ashen complexion. "You seem to be taking this very well."

"I don't know if I really believe you. I mean it is so out there." She stared out the window behind him. "But I do know that incredible unexplainable things happen. I will need some time with this."

"Of course, I have several items for you that might help." He reached down to grab the bag he had been carrying. Opening it, he removed several books and placed them before her.

"The largest one is the traditional book given to the Slayer upon her calling. These two are small journals written by the two Senior Slayers, Buffy and Faith. They wrote them in hopes of helping others get a better understanding of what it is to be a Slayer. This last one is very special. It is a history of the Slayers if you will. It is liked to the IWC archives and can access all of the Watchers Journals of previous Slayers. I will need this one back very soon as technically it is never to be given to anyone not a Watcher. Sometime tomorrow, Buffy and Faith will be arriving to meet with you. We are going to take you on what the girls call the "Show and Tell portion", a brief tour of the nightlife. They have agreed to help give you basic training here in Roswell. Once you decide what it is you want to do, we will go from there."

The young girl appeared overwhelmed.

"You must understand, Elizabeth, that this information can not be shared with anyone. It will be dangerous to the young girls that were called should it ever be released. Already the military has tried to experiment with not only demons but Slayers as well. The IWC will not let that happen again." Liz looked up into his eyes. He smiled slightly. "I know the young man has been listening in. I also know that he is not completely human." Her eyes widened. "I allowed it as it is apparent that you trust him. Slayers have extremely good instincts. The new IWC does not discriminate. As long as he does not harm humans, our policy is to live and let live." He stood and gathered him bag. "Now, it has been a long day and I am sure you need to rest. I will return after lunch tomorrow to speak with you further. Good night, Elizabeth." He turned and walked out of the diner.