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What was it about blondes? Not just any blondes. But blondes that are strong, independent, and brave and can kick ass. Blondes that protect others and place their safety before their own. Blondes that are so afraid of someone seeing their weaknesses, they will self-destruct before ever asking for help. Why of all the people across all the dimensions was he continually attracted to them? Riley Finn could not figure it out.

He looked down at the incredibly gorgeous woman that lay next to him and wished he could help her. Wished she would let him help her. But he knew that would never happen. She was just like Buffy. She had to be strong, the fighter, the reckless protector. Never let anyone see that she did have a softer side, that she did indeed feel fear.

He knew her though. He knew her better than anyone else in this universe. Better than her best friend and the man who was a surrogate father to her. Even better than the man she loved but refused to admit to. He saw the scared little girl that hid in her eyes. He saw her sorrow at all the lives lost. He saw her self loathing at the bad choices she had made and the pain she had caused. Saw how she wished she could change the past, even if it did not work out well for her. As long as those she loved were safe and happy. He saw how she pushed everyone away because she was afraid that the things her mother told her were true. That she really was poison. That she would bring nothing but pain and sorrow to those she loved.

He leant down and placed a gentle kiss on her bare shoulder. She was the first person he got close to when that thrice be-damned portal brought him here. She accepted him as he was. She called him on his shit and never let him hide from himself. She became his touchstone, his method of grounding himself. They would help each other to survive in this crazy world and help each other survive their own idiocy. They would be the rock each other stood on and the blanket they used to hide themselves from the world. He knew that she would never be in love with him. But that was okay. Because he also knew that she did love him. She loved in a quiet way, in the way that she would always be there for him. She would never ask him to change as he would never ask her too. And if they never had that great all consuming love with each other that was okay because what they had was better. They had someone that accepted them completely and had learned to see someone imperfect perfectly.

She stirred for a moment before turning her head towards him. She slowly opened her beautiful green eyes, eyes that he adored. He smiled at her before kissing her shoulder again.

"Good morning, Kara."