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What was it about blondes? Not just any blondes. But blondes that are strong, independent, and can kick ass; blondes that can be a warrior one minute and a lover the next, blondes that hide their true self from the world behind a mask; blondes that can be brutally honest and tactless, yet lie with the best of them when needed. Why of all the people across all the dimensions was he continually attracted to them? Xander Harris could not figure it out.

First the Slayer, with her quiet strength and shining personality; then the Former Vengeance Demon and Patron of Scorned Women; now a machine, a Cylon, one of many copies, a being that helped annihilate billions of people across twelve planets. He had no idea how to process this.

Looking through the glass at the woman sleeping on the small military bunk, he ran his hand through his hair. When he arrived in this dimension, he was so confused. He had no idea how to get home, but he had faith the Willow would find a way to bring him back. Even now almost ten years later, he still believed that his friend had not given up and was trying to find him, which was just the kind of friend she was, they all were. The Scoobies had each others backs no matter what; they had gone through to much with and for each other not to. And yet after six months of expecting everyday to wake up back in his room at the Council headquarters, he had to accept that he would not be going back at any second and that it might take some time for Willow to search across all the dimensions for him. The woman in front of him had helped him to accept that. Her quiet friendship and gentle acceptance of him and his peculiarities had lent him the strength to forge a new life here, a life that grew quickly to include her.

A year after he arrived, they met while working on a building project, a new park and play center for children near to children's hospital. She was the assistant architect and he had gotten a job as a construction worker. Even here in this technologically advanced place, they needed construction workers. The foreman had been injured in an accident and was unable to be onsite daily. Having quickly recognized Xander's skills with building and even improving some of the designs of the project, he turned the onsite management of the project over to Xander. He would meet with Carrie daily and compare notes on the project over coffee. It grew to include joining each other for lunch a few times a week and eventually he gathered the courage to ask her out to dinner. He had been sure that she would refuse him. She was so gorgeous, a knockout. Later, she told him she had accepted because he had never looked at her like other men had as if she was just a body for them to ogle and because he made her laugh. Xander had laughed and told her how his two best friends were strong, intelligent women that could easily wipe the floor with him and he had quickly learned that women were never to be underestimated as the less intelligent or weaker of the sexes.

They dated for many months before he proposed after a long boring night (for him, she loved it) at the Caprica Opera House. Once the project they had met on had been completed he had been sent to classes to further educate him on architecture, eventually getting a degree in it and opening a business with Carrie. They spent the next eight years living and working together and he never expected this.

He had no idea how he was supposed to deal with this. All he knew was that he loved the woman she was when with him. His wife, his Carrie. She stirred on the cot and opened her eyes.

"Good morning, Six."