Worth Waiting For – 1

Deidara sat in his room on his bed. He kept thinking back to last night. 'What did Danna mean by that kiss? Was he teasing me? Was he drunk? He had, had a few drinks with Itachi and Kisame. Or did he want me? That's ridiculous! 'He thought angrily. He was giving himself a headache.

"Hey brat!" Sasori said barging into their shared room. "What are you doing? We have a mission to get to, so let's go!" Deidara jumped up and grabbed his bag. "I'm ready, un. I was just waiting for you, Danna." He couldn't help but feel so rejected at the change in Sasori this morning.


"Sasori join us." Kisame called from the kitchen. Sasori looked into the room and smirked. Itachi and Kisame sat at the kitchen table with a dozen or so alcoholic beverages in front of them. "Do you want it fruity and sweet or do you prefer the hard stuff?" Itachi asked. "Give me the hard stuff." Sasori said pointing to a bottle on the table as he joined the weasel and the shark.

Two hours later he was starting to feel the effects and couldn't keep from grinning like a screwball. Kisame was plain drunk and getting belligerent, as Itachi was really horny and trying to get into Kisame's pants. Sasori just laughed at the duo. He continued to snicker and laugh at the comical couple as a certain blonde walked into the room.

He was awestruck. The blonde had on his normal Akatsuki attire but tonight it sure looked good on him. He wore his fishnet shirt without the outer shirt to cover it leaving his skin exposed to Sasori's roaming eyes. He loved the milky white silky look to it. He wondered if it felt as good as it looked. Sasori could see the toned and curviness of every muscle as the blonde moved.

He continued to stare at the blonde until Deidara walked over to him and asked "are you okay, Danna, un?" Sasori jerked back to reality as he noticed the blonde, now stood over him. A feeling washed over him as he looked at the blonde. He stood up and put his hand on Deidara's cheek, leaning in smoothly and capturing the blonde's lips.

He pushed against the blonde's lips with urgency. He nibbled the blonde's lower lip asking for entrance. The blonde opened up immediately and let him in. He explored the blonde's mouth as his hands roamed over the blonde's fishnet shirt. He couldn't believe how soft the skin was. Deidara arched into the touch as a moan slipped through his lips. That's when reality rushed back in on Sasori.

He jerked and stepped back instantly. Shock was evident on his face. He turned to look at the other two Akatsuki members in the room. They were completely stunned and neither said a word, as he rushed past Deidara and out of the room. Off in the distance you could hear a door slam shut.

(End Flashback)

They walked down the path in silence for about an hour. Both lost in their own world. Sasori, inside of Hiruko and Deidara walking alongside, staring at the ground. He was dying to ask the question that had been bugging him since last night. But fear kept ebbing away at his mind. He wasn't sure he wanted the answer. 'Well it's now or never.' He thought.

"Danna, un?" He slipped a glance at Hiruko, waiting nervously for a response. "What, brat?" Came the reply. Sasori sighed deeply. 'Please don't let this be about last night.' He thought. Sure, that's all that he had thought about since last night. But what would he tell the blonde if he asked? That he was drunk? It seemed like a viable excuse, if it weren't a lie. He had wanted to kiss Deidara, plain and simple.

He had wanted to for some time now. But he hadn't had the guts. So yes the alcohol had helped. It had given him the courage. So why did he panic? Well that he wasn't sure about. All he knew is that he had wanted to kiss the blonde and then he had panicked. "I was wondering….Deidara trailed off as if searching for the words. 'Here it comes.' Sasori thought, as he braced himself for the question.

"What is it, brat?" 'Let's get this over with.' Sasori thought. "Never mind, un." Deidara said, staring at the ground in hurt embarrassment. 'Damn. Why do I have to be so harsh with him?' Sasori thought to himself. He didn't mean to, it's just that if the blonde knew…Knew? Knew what exactly? That he cared for him? That he had wet dreams about him or that he filled his thoughts most of the time?

Well, SHIT, FUCK, DAMN! He hadn't asked for this. He had turned himself into a puppet to escape these things. But here it was. All the things that he had tried to escape were right here. All wrapped up in one beautiful blonde package. "Ugh, why did I allow him to get to me?' He thought in frustration. They continued on, both left with no answers to their questions.

The sun started to slip and they were tired. They slowed their pace and then stopped all together. Sasori looked at his partner, the bomber looked ready to drop. "We should stop for a little while, brat." Sasori barked. Deidara said nothing and just nodded as he walked to a nearby tree and collapsed onto the ground. He lay his head on his pack and closed his eyes. Sasori stepped out of Hiruko and watched the object of his affections sleep.

'Wow he's beautiful.' Sasori thought, eyeing the bomber. He walked to a tree not to far from the blonde sighing in confusion. He had been a heartless bastard when Orochimaru was his partner. He never let anything or anyone shake him. So why now? "Well because stupid, no one's ever been as beautiful to you as Deidara is, dumb ass." His conscience said, snidely. He knew it was the truth, he just liked to keep trying to convince himself other wise.

This blonde bomber/terrorist/Akatsuki member/assassin had completely destroyed him. He leaned back against the tree to catch some sleep himself, slowly drifting into a beautiful dream filled with lust.

Deidara's eyes shot open as he heard someone call his name. He sat upright looking around the area. Sasori sat near by, eyes closed, lost in a dream or something by the looks. His head was tilted to the side, his lips mumbling something. 'Had he said my name in his sleep?' Deidara thought, then a moan escaped the puppets lips and a gasp shortly after.

"Oh, Deidara, again please. That feels good, keep going." Sasori mumbled. Deidara jumped to his feet, shocked beyond thoughts or words. He walked away from the area and into the trees. "Danna was dreaming about me, un." He said quietly as a blush grew deeper on his cheeks as he thought about what Sasori had been dreaming about. It was obviously sexual in nature, Sasori had moaned after all. The thought of Sasori's moan made Deidara's lower regions grow hot. "So sexy, un." He grinned.

He walked back to the area he and Sasori had camped a little while later. Sasori was up and ready to go by the time he came back. "Where did you wander off to, brat?" Sasori snapped. "Just for a short walk to stretch my legs, Danna, un." Deidara said, trying to control the blush that threatened to expose him. Sasori shook his head and climbed back into Hiruko.

They began walking again and Sasori was grateful that Deidara hadn't been there to see his issue when he awoke from his erotic dream of the blonde. He had woken himself up between the moans and the stiffness in his pants. He wondered what he would have done had Deidara seen him after the dream. It seemed that maybe Deidara knew something. He had that infamous grin like he knew something that he wasn't telling.

They arrived at the village that their mission was to take place in. They got their room at the Inn and stepped into it. Great, two beds! Sasori thought enthusiastically. He walked to the first and placed his bag upon it. Deidara went to the other and tossed his bag on it as well. Sasori took out their mission scroll and he and Deidara sat down at the table to go over it. A sound filled the room, as Sasori jerked his head up at Deidara, as the blonde clutched his stomach, embarrassment turning his cheeks a deep red hue.

Sasori sighed. "Come on, brat. Let's go find you some food." He stood and motioned to Deidara. "I'm sorry, un. It's just that I'm starving, Danna, un." The blonde whined. They walked out the door and headed out of the Inn. "Don't worry about it, brat. Let's just find a restaurant." They walked about 100 feet down the main strip, when they spotted a cute café type place. Deidara's eyes lit up. "Oh, Danna, here, un!" Deidara said excitedly, as they began walking towards the entrance.

"It's perfect, un!" Somehow Sasori thought that even if it wasn't that Deidara really wouldn't care. "Come on, Danna, un." Deidara said as he grabbed Sasori's sleeve and drug him to a table. They were waited on rather quickly and it seemed that the food arrived just as quick. Deidara scarffed his food so fast that Sasori thought he thought he just might choke. "Brat, you might want to slow down before you make yourself sick. I don't want to have to listen to you whine and complain all night of a stomach ache.

Deidara looked up and was ready to retort, when he thought better of it, only because Sasori was probably right. He slowed his hands down and chewed slowly, swallowing a little at a time rather than all at once. "That's better." said Sasori. Forty minutes later they were back at the room. Deidara was getting ready for the shower and Sasori lying on his bed, was flipping through the channels on the t.v.

Twenty minutes later, Deidara emerged from the bathroom, a towel around his waist. He entered the room to find that Sasori had fallen asleep with the television still on. He moved over to the bed and slowly slid the remote out of the red head's hand. He stopped a second, trying not to wake him. When there was no response he turned and shut of the t.v.

"I was watching that, brat." said Sasori. "EEEEEEK!" Deidara squeaked, spinning around so fast that he dropped his towel. Now standing in front of Sasori completely naked and feeling ever so vulnerable. He reached down to retrieve his towel and was caught by the wrist by the red head. "Danna, what are you doing, un?" Sasori smirked and brought himself directly in front of the blonde.

He used his free hand to run his fingers down the front of the blonde's stomach, making the blonde tighten at the sensual contact. Deidara looking rather desperate, started to quiver at the touches, making Sasori grin. He leaned in and kissed Deidara making him moan and lean heavily on the red head.

Sasori pulled Deidara's hand up, turning it so that the palm mouth faced up. He pulled away from Deidara's mouth, so that he could tease the palm mouth instead. He ran his tongue along the palm mouth's lips and teased the tongue causing Deidara's knees to buckle. He grabbed the blonde around the waist to support him and slowly lowered him to the bed.

Deidara started to panic and began to struggle against the red head. "What's wrong, Deidara?" asked Sasori. "You want this, I know you do. I've heard you in your sleep." Deidara's head shot up to look into the redhead's eyes. He blushed madly and whimpered in embarrassment. "Its okay, Deidara. I want this too." Sasori whispered softly against Deidara's neck.

"Danna, wait. I….Deidara stared at the floor as shame flooded over him. Sasori looked down at the blonde waiting for him to finish. When Deidara made no move to speak, Sasori said, "You what?" Deidara took a deep breath and said, "I'm a virgin, un." Sasori jumped, taking a step back. "What?!" He nearly shouted. "I'm sorry, un." Deidara's eyes filled with tears and he felt so alone all at once. He picked up the towel and covered himself quickly.

"I don't want you to use me, un. I'm not ready to have sex. I just wanted you to love me like I love you, un." He sobbed uncontrollably, rolling over to bury his face in the bed. Sasori was beyond belief. He had known that Deidara liked him sexually due to the dreams he had witnessed himself.

But to love him? He never knew. "Deidara." He said as he sat down on the edge of the bed, touching the blonde's shoulder. "I love you too; I just didn't realize it until you said it tonight." Deidara sat up, looking at the red head, a smile spreading across his face. "Danna!" he wrapped his arms around the puppets neck and kissed his cheek.

Sasori took him in his arms and pulled him up to the pillows with him. "Can we sleep here, together tonight, Dei-chan?" He asked softly. "Of course, Danna, un. There's no way we're sleeping separate after that." He smiled as he put his hand on Sasori's chest. "You're not mad at me, because I'm not ready yet, are you, un?" He whispered.

"No, I will wait for you forever if I have to." He paused, waiting to see what Deidara would say next. A few minutes passed and then Sasori asked, "You're not going to make me wait forever, are you? Deidara…….Deidara….He looked down at the blonde to see that he had fallen asleep.

He pulled the blankets up over them and held his blonde close. He thanked whatever gods their might be (except for Jashin) That he had gotten his blonde after all. He would wait for him indeed…….