Worth Waiting For 3

Sasori leaned in to capture Deidara's lips as he allowed the blonde to remove his shirt. Deidara's hands traced all of the puppet lines of the red heads torso. He ran a hand up to the heart container allowing the palm mouth to flick its tongue wildly against it, causing a moan to erupt from the red heads lips.

All the while their tongue's danced in each other's mouths, battling for dominance. Deidara finally gave up and let Sasori take control. Sasori ran his fingers through the waist length silky blonde hair, marveling at the way it tickled his hand. He pulled back from the kiss gasping as the tongue danced over his heart container, making him moan in pure bliss at the almost unbearable feeling that Deidara's palm mouth was giving him.

Deidara couldn't help but be pleased with himself. Yes he was a virgin and had no clue what he was doing. So for the red head to moan at the things being done to him, made Deidara feel good. He at least knew he was doing something right.

He allowed the palm mouth to slip lower on Sasori's torso and when he didn't get the same response from the puppet, he moved back to the heart container, blushing as he realized he would have to go much lower in order to get that kind of response from him. Shyly, he let his hand drift to the snap on Sasori's pants, tugging lightly, before pulling them open.

Keeping his gaze downward so he wouldn't have to look into the puppets eyes. Otherwise he just might die of embarrassment. Sasori watched the blonde in amusement. He could see the dark blush that stained his cheeks, as he undid the puppets pants. He put a hand under Deidara's chin and pushed up to look at him. The blonde was doing everything he could not to look at him.

"Dei, look at me." Sasori said, still pushing up on his chin to make them eye level. "Its okay, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's natural for both of us to want this." He said softly, finally making eye contact with the blonde. Deidara felt his cheeks burn and his mouth became utterly dry. He really wanted this, but he never knew how shy he would be until now. He looked into the red orbs and felt hot tears start to prick the corners of his eyes. Then Sasori chuckled.

"Are you laughing at me, un?" He asked, almost panicked. "No." Sasori said. "You're just so cute. If you want I can do the rest." He said suggestively. Deidara smiled slightly and nodded. Sasori stood to remove his pants, purposefully leaving on his boxers. 'One step at a time, he is still a virgin and I don't want to scare him, best to go slow.' He thought.

Once his pants were removed he took his place back on the bed in front f Deidara. He leaned in and kissed the blonde, reassuring him that everything would be okay. Deidara, who had only his pajama pants on from the previous night, allowed Sasori to place kisses all over his bare chest and abdomen. Biting his collar bone every now and again, sending chills down his spine, making his senses tingle.

He would moan here and gasp there at the crazy tingling sensations that Sasori's tongue produced as it made its way all over his body. He felt as if he were floating on one of his clay birds, going higher and higher until nothing remained except open air and space. Sasori slid his hands down Deidara's sides, letting them rest on the waistband of his pajama pants, hooking his fingers inside, pulling on them slightly.

Deidara shot his hands out and grabbed Sasori's wrists, stopping any further movement. Sasori sensing the panic released the waistband and pulled his wrists free of the hold. He wrapped his arms around Deidara and pulled him into his lap, feeling shorter than usual due to the fact that the blonde was already a couple of inches taller than him. "What's the matter, Dei? Are we moving to fast?" Deidara lay his head on Sasori's shoulder, fighting the urge to cry.

He spoke softly, "Danna, I'm sorry, un. I want to. I really do, but I'm scared. I know its stupid, un." He whimpered. "Deidara its not stupid, although I'm confused. I've already seen you naked. Remember?" Deidara nodded. "I know, Danna. Its just that last time we weren't going to have sex, un." He felt so stupid and ashamed at not allowing such a simple action. Sasori looked at his blonde bomber affectionately.

"How about this? Why don't we get naked together and lie on the bed skin to skin and just explore each other for a while?" He asked. Deidara looked at the red head with a huge grin, "Alright, un. I like that idea." Deidara stood and allowed Sasori to remove his pajama pants and boxers. No hesitations this time. Sasori then removed his own boxers a moment later and pulled Deidara onto the bed with him as they lay down, their bodies parallel to one another pressed tightly together.

Their erections both crying out for attention. Deidara allowed Sasori to wrap a hand around his member and felt it only fair to return the favor. They lay facing each other, lips touching, holding each other's hardened members, moaning into each other's mouths, as they kissed passionately. Their free hands lay intertwined together as the palm mouth kept licking Sasori's palm playfully, making him smile into the kiss.

Meanwhile the other palm mouth kept licking and sucking on Sasori's erection, causing moans to tear from his throat. "No fair, Dei." He said smiling between a moan and another kiss. Deidara liking the way Sasori reacted kept right on allowing his palm mouth its fun. After a while they unlinked their hands and began to glide them across each other's flesh, loving the reactions they were gaining from each other.

Sasori sat up and rolled Deidara onto his back, loving the shy look on the blonde's face as he ran his hands all over Deidara's stomach and down his thighs, taking in the sight of the blonde's naked body. His skin was a milky white and smooth, flawless beauty that anyone could appreciate. A thrill ran down his spine as he realized that he would be Deidara's first and hopefully his last.

"What are you thinking about, Danna, un?" Deidara asked, wondering about that far away look in his Danna's eyes. "That I will be the first to discover you and hopefully the last as well." He said truthfully, smiling at the blonde softly. With that, Deidara sat up to meet Sasori in a kiss and whispered, "I'm ready, Danna. I want to go all the way, un. I promise I won't stop you this time, un." He looked at the red with a look of sheer confidence.

"Are you sure, Dei?" asked Sasori. Deidara nodded eagerly as he lay down and spread his legs wide for his Danna in proof that he was ready to give his body to Sasori for good. Sasori gave Deidara a lustful look as he positioned himself between the blonde's legs. He leaned down and engulfed Deidara's member, earning a hearty moan. He sucked hard and sped up the pace to make Deidara good and excited so that when he inserted his fingers, the blonde wouldn't feel too much pain.

He placed three fingers in front of Deidara's mouth and said, "Suck." Deidara gave a questioning look. "Why, un?" Sasori smirked at Deidara's innocence. "Just coat them with saliva, Dei." Deidara nodded and did as he was told. Sasori removed them and placed them down at the blonde's entrance. He touched slowly at first, waiting for Deidara to get into the moment and pressed the tip inside. Feeling Deidara tense, he sucked harder on his erection to draw his attention away from the pain of the intrusion.

He continued to push the finger in slowly, working the muscle open and starting a thrusting motion. Deidara was extremely tight and he didn't want to hurt his precious bomber at all. The task seemed almost impossible. Deidara whimpered and cried out, there was so much pleasure in his cock and so much pain in his ass, he wasn't used to. He could feel the finger pushing and pulling in and out of his tight entrance and he wanted to be brave for his Danna, but he wasn't sure he could continue with this painful intrusion.

Just as he thought about stopping Sasori a shock wave exploded through him as a spot deep inside of him was hit. "Danna, UN!" He shouted throwing his head back in ecstasy. "Do that again, Danna, un. Please!" Liking the sound of that, Sasori pressed the second finger inside, causing Deidara to jump and cry out in pain. "Danna, what are you doing, un? That hurts." He whimpered. "Hold on, Dei-chan. Its okay." Sasori said as he hooked his fingers up into that spot sending Deidara into a frenzy of moans and shouts of pleasure.

"Oh, Danna, un." Deidara moaned and began rocking his hips down to meet the thrust of Sasori's fingers. As he pulled them almost all the way out he added the third one in a sneak attack, causing a glitch in programming for a moment. He hurriedly fixed it by rubbing that bundle of nerves, spreading his fingers out to stretch the blonde further. Deidara called out Sasori's name over and over.

Making sure to keep hitting that bundle of nerves while stretching the muscles at the same time, he said, "Her we go, Dei-chan." He pulled out his fingers and positioned his member at Deidara's entrance. He quickly pressed in, causing a gasp of pain and pleasure from the blonde. "Its okay, Dei, this is it, no turning back now." Sasori said. He pushed in slightly, hoping to hit that spot inside of the blonde so he could cause nothing but pleasure without the pain.

He found it quickly and Deidara called out in pleasure. "Danna, move faster, un." He shouted loudly. He gave Deidara his all and began thrusting faster as his thrusts became harder. He watched the blonde's face as he gasped and moaned, making some of the cutest faces that actually came off as sexy and alluring. Deidara began rocking into the thrusts, meeting Sasori half way as his breath came out in pants and sweat began to coat both of their bodies. Deidara couldn't believe that this was such an incredible feeling.

Sasori slammed into Deidara's sweet spot until Deidara cried out, "I'm gonna cum, Danna, un." Sasori grabbed Deidara's member and began pumping with his thrusts. He felt Deidara's muscles clench around him, sending him over the edge, exploding into his new lover. Deidara's seed splattered onto their stomachs as they both gasped desperately for air. They lay in a sweaty, tangled heap as they came down from their orgasms.

Tiredly they pulled apart long enough to get beneath the blankets, cuddling once more in each other's arm. "Danna, when can we do that again, un?" Deidara asked sleepily. "Whoa, slow down there babe, there will be plenty of time for more of that later." He chuckled softly. Deidara grinned and nodded. "Okay, Danna, un. I can't wait." Sasori shook his head as he pulled Deidara closer. "You were definitely worth waiting for."