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Setting: this story is set in high school second year. They go to Seigaku high (I couldn't think of any school names mainly because I suck at name picking XD)

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Morning practices are the same as always in Seigaku high. Even though Ryoma is off in America winning grand slam tournaments, everything was pretty much the same before the freshman cam to Seigaku middle. Momo and Kaido are still in their constant fighting, Inui is still creeping everybody out with his infamous Inui juices, Kawamura is able to play again on the team, Tezuka is the captain of the team, and Fuji was still…a tensai.

The only thing that was new besides the location (even Ryuzaki Sumire is still their coach) was that Tezuka got himself a girlfriend. Now that was a shocker. Most people wouldn't even suspect the serious buchou to get a girlfriend but luckily his girlfriend was a childhood friend which made it possible for him to actually fall in love.

Fuji was a bit taken aback when he suddenly realized that most of the regulars already had girlfriends coming right after the buchou's example. Inui, Kaido, Eiji, and even Kawamura got a girlfriend. Fuji didn't have any eyes for any girl, mainly because he loves messing with the other regulars due to his sadistic side of himself. Only his fans were willing to go out with him but he never gave them the time of day. Besides the percentage of a fan getting together with his or her idol would be 0.00001% according to Inui's data.

Yet Fuji was still able to maintain his usual smile despite some minor changes. He also had a chance to tease and mess with the other regulars so it could be considered as a plus.

He made his way through the library to see the latest school newspaper. And you may be wondering why the tensai would want to see a newspaper but that's because there is one section that he absolutely loves reading. In a certain section there is a mysterious writer named Mitsu who writes short stories or poems. Nobody knows who Mitsu is. In the last bit of Mitsu's section, it stated that whoever finds out who Mitsu is first gets a prize.

Fuji wanted to partake in this little even, mainly because he thought it would be fun and it's definitely a good challenge. First off, Mitsu is a girl/boy name so the results can't be narrowed down through gender however if you dug into it deeper, then you would know that Mitsu means light or honey/nectar which means someone had to have either light, honey, or nectar colored hair.

Fuji had narrowed the results easier than searching anyone who had a boy/girl name or anybody who had the word Mitsu in their name. He knew that few people had yellowish colored hair s he decided to attack that information first but before that, he read another poem written by Mitsu.

A Best Friend Can be Anyone

Two angels

One is like a child

The other is more mature

The mature angel watches the younger angel

Secretly hoping that she would be happy

Words with quantity rather than quantity

Make the difference

The older angel said 4 words

Let's be friends forever

The younger one nods

Now even if another joins the circle,

They will still be the best of friends.


Fuji smiled at the poem. It was pure and happy. A picture would be placed below every poem made by Mitsu. This time the picture was of two angels. One had dark hair with green eyes and looked more mature. The other had white hair with blue eyes and looked like a child but taller. The more mature looking angel was hugging the younger one with a soft smile plaster on her face. The younger looking angel was smiling so happily and cheerfully.

Fuji set the paper down and saw another girl sleeping right across from where he was sitting. He didn't notice that she was already there. She was sound asleep. Fuji noticed that the girl had lemon colored hair. She was like a familiar stranger. He looked at the book she was reading. It was a thick literature book that would probably be way too advance for a normal person.

Fuji smiled at her sleeping face. She looked pretty cute. He remembered that he had his camera with him today. He took it out of his schoolbag and took a picture. He then remembered this familiar stranger. Her name was Fujimoto Emi. She was Tezuka's girlfriend's best friend. Emi would sometimes come to the court with her best friend and cheer on some of the matches. That wasn't all; they were in the same world's language class. He sat next to her but they never really talked. If they did it would be a small chat.

The picture that he just took was finally developed. He took a quick look at it. She did look peaceful and cute when she's asleep. "Mmm…" it seems as though she woke up. Emi opened her eyelid to see a gorgeous brunette standing over her. She blushed, got up, bowed, and left. Fuji was sort of surprised by her actions but then again he did do something unusual today.


"Sakamoto, I'm serious. Fuji-san, yes, the Fuji Shusuke, was standing near me when I woke up" Emi exclaimed.

"Hmm, maybe he likes you" Sakamoto smiled.

"(O///O) N-No, anyway I have the next poem ready" Emi handed a piece of paper to Sakamoto.

"Thanks, Mitsu-san" Sakamoto chuckled as Emi left.


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