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Emi let out a heavy sigh. "What's wrong with her?" Katou silently asked Sakamoto.

"Lovesickness…" Sakamoto starts to write in her purple notebook.

"It's not love sickness!" Emi argued with a huge blush on her face.

"Really? Then how about you go ahead and talk to Shusuke-sama?" Sakamoto imitated a fan girl.

"Shut up!" Emi angrily walked away.

"Ooh, she's made at you." Katou smiled.

"It doesn't matter; I have some unfinished business to attend to." Sakamoto smiled and walked away. Katou was eyeing her suspiciously as she walked away. 'Wonder what she's up too…' Katou thought to herself.


"Uh, Fuji-san, do you know how say this?" Emi asked as she showed him her homework paper.

Fuji quickly scanned her homework, making sure he knew every answer. He didn't want to fall behind Emi because he wouldn't be able to tease her if he did.

"These are all so easy," Fuji chuckled, "I'll do it for you but for a small price." Fuji smiled.

"No thanks! I'll go ask Sakamoto." Emi quickly ran away blushing.

Fuji chuckled some more. He loved Emi's embarrassed expressions the most.

"Hey Fuji," A boy from his class called out to him.

"Yes?" Fuji replied with his usual smile.

"You know her right? Fujimoto Emi, the infamous Mitsu right?" the guy asked.

"Yes, what about it?" Fuji still smiled but he was a bit ticked off. He had a guess to what the guy might ask him.

"I think she's hot so can you ask her out for me?" the guy smiled as he had his fantasies about him and Emi together. Fuji put his hand on the guys shoulder and opened his eyes.

"You really think she'd like you, hehe, you're mistaken. Go hunt some other girl." Fuji's smile turned sadistic and evil. The guy whimpered and retreated in defeat. Fuji smiled normally. No one's going to touch his Emi.

"Hmm, I thought you smile so happily empty for everyone." Sakamoto slightly laughed.

"Good morning, Miharu-san." Fuji smiled.

"Spare me your fake smiles, a monkey can smile better than you could." Sakamoto smiled all business like.

"That's very nice of you." Fuji chuckled.

"Che, optimistic as always." Sakamoto clicked her tongue in disappointment.

"Do you need something?" Fuji asked.

"Do you like Emi?" Sakamoto asked.

"Hmm, that's a personal question Miharu-san. I thought that you were more of the business type so-…" Fuji got cut off.

"I treat Emi and Katou as serious business. Now, answer the question and don't try to avoid it." Sakamoto did her famous business smile.

Fuji opened his eyes. "And what if I do?" he asked, getting serious.

"Hmm, you'll have a ton of competition and you don't know if she likes you back." Sakamoto smirked.

"Competition is not a problem and I'll figure that out myself." Fuji smiled his usual smile and left.

"What a weird genius…I need to do something about that hahaha…" Sakamoto chuckled sinisterly.


"Uh, Sakamoto, why are we here again?" Emi asked. Sakamoto and Emi were at the park just watching the little kids play on the playground. They were waiting for someone.

"Isn't he visiting?" Sakamoto asked.

"Well, yes but I don't see why you have to come." Emi asked.

"Well it was part of the bargain…" Sakamoto mumbled. "Oh and I invited Fuji-san." Sakamoto added.

"Eh, really? Okay." Emi smiled happily.

'It's too easy to see your obvious happiness -sigh- if only Fuji could see this' Sakamoto mentally shook her head.

"Oh, it's them." Sakamoto saw Fuji coming in with another person.

"Hello Fuji-san. Hello Shiro." Emi smiled and waved at the two. Fuji's mouth twitched 'no suffix?' Fuji slightly glared at Shiro.

"Well, let's go have fun." Sakamoto chuckled at Fuji. Fuji just smiled but was also a bit mad at Sakamoto.

"By the way, what was the meaning of calling me here?" Emi asked.

"Well, I just wanted you guys to have fun since you guys are in that relationship." Sakamoto frowned. Emi went to go comfort Sakamoto.

"It's alright Sakamoto. Let's go have fun." Emi smiled. Fuji had a murderous aura around him when he heard Sakamoto say something about a relationship. As they were walking to an ice cream store, Sakamoto whispered to Fuji "They have a good relationship, right?" Sakamoto chuckled lightly.

"Well then I'm just going to have to steal her away, ne?" Fuji whispered back, smiling. He wouldn't let some guy stop him from liking Emi. He also would take his Emi back, even if it meant fighting him for her.

'All according to plan, hehe.' Sakamoto smiled.

As they were all eating ice cream, Emi and Shiro kept on talking about many things. Fuji felt jealous since he wasn't talking to Emi. Then he thought of an idea.

"Emi-chan, say 'ah'." Fuji smiled as he took a spoonful of Emi's ice cream and motioned it towards her mouth. Emi blushed.

"Sadist!" Emi huffed cutely as she turned her head away. Fuji chuckled and glared at Shiro who tried to strike a conversation with Emi.

"Emi, can we talk?" He asked despite the murderous aura that was admitted from Fuji (though Fuji was still smiling). Emi nodded and walked with him to a secluded corner so they could talk privately.

"Hmm, seems as though you're interested in those two." Sakamoto lightly laughed.

"So what if I am?" Fuji asked.

"Hmm, maybe you should give up. Those two have a very close relationship." Sakamoto smirked at him.

Fuji got up. "Fine then like I said before, I'll take her away." Fuji went to the corner where Shiro and Emi were talking.

"Oh really? That's great." Emi smiled.

"I know I just wanted to tell you since it was such an amazing thing." Shiro smiled. Fuji cut in.

"You seem tired Emi-chan. I'll walk you home." Fuji smiled and took her hand. They walked out of the store in a hurry.

"U-Um, Fuji-san, is there something wrong?" Emi asked. Fuji stopped walking.

'She can still see right through me…' Fuji chuckled. Fuji turned around and opened his eyes. He stared at Emi's hazel orbs. He never gets tired of looking at them. Fuji began to recite a poem:

Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day?

Thou art more lovely and more temperate:

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,

And Summer's lease hath all too short a date:

Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,

And oft' is his gold complexion dimm'd;

And every fair from fair sometime declines,

By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd:

But thy eternal Summer shall not fade

Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;

Nor shall Death brag thou wanderest in his shade,

When in eternal lines to time thou growest:

So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,

So long lives this and this gives life to thee.

Emi's whole body was red. 'Did Fuji just confess his love for me in poetry by Shakespeare's 'shall I compare thee to a summer's day'!? If I'm not wrong I think that was a love poem!' Emi thought as she stared at Fuji's blue orbs.

"Fuji-san do you…I mean you…and me…but what…huh?" Emi was tongue tied. Fuji chuckled.

"That's Shakespeare's 'shall I compare thee to a summer's day. I mean to tell you that I love you." Fuji then gave Emi a sweet kiss.


"Sakamoto-sama, I did as you asked and now will you be my girlfriend?" Shiro blushed. Sakamoto stared at him.

"No." She replied flatly.

"B-But you said if I pretended that I liked my cousin Emi in front of that Fuji guy, you would be my girlfriend!" Shiro argued.

"I said that maybe I would be your girlfriend and I have absolutely no interest in you." Sakamoto stared at him coldly. Shiro started to shake and ran away while crying.

'Besides…I have to watch over my best friend' Sakamoto smiled as she saw Fuji and Emi walking home, holding hands.


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