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Here it is, the Easter special. Sorry this first issue is kinda rushed.

It was sunset, approaching twilight this Friday of April in the year 3009.

Over at the headquarters for the Legion of Super-Heroes, Chuck Taine, the expandable Bouncing Boy, flew into the HQ's kitchen, carefully holding two shopping bags in his arms.

"Woo. That was a close one." He said to himself as he began emptying out the bags.

"Bouncy! Are you alright?! You're... smoking?"

Chuck turned to see the worried faces of his girlfriend, Lu Durgo, Triplicate Girl. She'd split into her triplicates. One white haired, one orange haired, and one violet haired. Each had a matching look of worry on their face. That was because their/her boyfriend looked as if he'd just escaped from a fire. A bt of smoke was rising from his head.

"Oh, heh. Sorry bout that." Chuck apologized.

"What happened?" Purple asked as he began to empty out the bags and put the contents on the kitchen counter.

"I ran into Radiation Roy while I was over at the supermarket. Almost incinerated the whole place." He explained, chucking (no pun intended) the plastic bags in the recycling bin.

"Why?" White asked. Chuck shrugged.

"They wouldn't let him use an expired coupon."

"Putz." Orange muttered.

"Why didn't you call for help?" White asked.

"Eh you worry too much." Chuck waved off their concern.

"Worry too much you could have cancer!" White cried.

"Or you could be sterile." Purple cried.

"Or your hair could fall out." Orange cried. Chuck cringed as he checked to make sure

"Way to make a guy worry. I'm fine. The paramedics checked me out before I left." Chuck told them to calm down. They collectively sighed.

"Oh. Good." Orange said.

"Thank Valor." Purple praised.

"And, the supermarket was so grateful for me saving the day, they gave me a discount on my eggs." Chuck happily exclaimed.

"Eggs? What do we need eggs for?" Purple asked.

"For the big Easter Egg Hunt I've got planned!"



"Come again?"

Chuck had emptied out the bags to reveal a whole bunch of Easter egg coloring dye, decorations, those empty plastic eggs, a few bags of jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and those marshmallow bird things that are nothing but pure sugar. Beside them were a couple of cartoons of eggs.

"Well, since Easter's coming up, I thought it might be nice to have a little, y'know, Easter egg hunt. For our younger brothers and sisters like Ayla and Pol." Chuck said, grinning and proud of himself for being so innovative.

"I dunno Bouncy, that sounds too juvenile for my tastes." Orange told him.

"Are you kidding? That sounds like so much fun!" White happily exclaimed.

"Pfft. Good luck getting Cos to okay that." Purple rolled her eyes as she drolled that out.

"Someone say my name?"

The four were surprised to see Cosmic Boy fly into the kitchen.

"Oh hey Bouncing Boy. You got the eggs?" Cos asked.

"Right here Boss Man." Chuck replied.

The Three Trips equally gapped when they heard the words come out of Cos' mouth.



"He didn't."

"Didn't what?" Cos asked, eyebrow arched.

"You, you actually said it was okay for Chuck to throw this egg hunt thing?" Purple asked, stammering as she did.

"Yeah. It sounds like a good idea and it gives me a chance to see my little brother Pol." Cos said.

"Pinch me I've got to be dreaming. Ow!" Orange began rubbing her arm. Then she glared at White.

"Then you shouldn't have asked." White smugly said.

"Anyway, we're going to decorate them tomorrow when our guests get here." Chuck finished explained after hiding away the candy he bought, knowing full well that if Cham or Garth or any of the others found them they'd be gone before he knew it. And he himself had to deal with the same temptation.

"You got enough?" Cos asked.

"I figured a couple dozen should be enough." Chuck said as he started to put the eggs away/

"Cool. I'll let you two get on with your business, then." Cos finished, and with that, he left the two/four lovebirds to themselves.

"Now I've gotta go get some sleep." Chuck yawned. "That fight with Roy really sucked the life out of me."

"Oh, poor Bouncy. Don't worry. Nurse Lulu is here to take care of you." Lu called seductively.

"Hellooooooo Nurse!" Chuck playfull called after her as he followed her out of the kitchen.

CLICK. Went the lights. The kitchen was empty. The eggs put away in the fridge. But their voices still floated in.

"Actually, I'm just glad Roy's powers didn't hurt you that badly."

"Yeah. Radiation can do strange things to a person."

As was the case when movement could be heard inside the fridge.

An egg began rocking back in forth. Twitching. Shaking. Until.


A green eye wandered around, surveying the surroundings.





And a pus dripping claw extended out.

And so it begins.