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I know that I started this story in 2009, last updated in 2010, and it's now 2011, but I just can't remember much about my motivation to write it. Way back in '09, I was only about sixteen, and I started writing 'can love . . . ?' when I was barely fourteen. Since I'm one those kids born really late in the year, I may have turned seventeen in '09, but for most of the year I was only sixteen. In '10, I was still seventeen, and going through the most drastic changes of my life. It was around this time that I stopped writing in all. It wasn't till '11, and I am eighteen years of age, that I even started to seriously think about writing as a hobby again. Life is chaotic, ever changing, and unknowable. I hope that I will be able to write more, and make those of you still reading this happy, but I just can't remember much of how writing appealed to me. I still love to read, but writing is a mystery.

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Ikki stared wide-eyed at the boys in the room, his mouth hanging open at the sight of two of his best friends spent form mutual pleasure. Ikki looked away, tears shining in his eyes. "I can't do this, Luna. I just can't be that way." The words he spoke were barely more than a whisper, but both Kazu and Agito heard them, and felt the finality of them.

Luna shook her head, eyes saddened. "No one is going to force you, Ikki, but you needed to see this. If you cannot be happy with yourself, at least be happy for your friends. You can see that they love each other; that they care deeply for the other in a way that is hard for the both of them to understand. I know this seems like something life changing right now, but wait a couple of months- hell, take a couple of years. Whenever you come around, they will still be here for you, Ikki, supporting you."

Ikki just shook his head again, glancing at the bed where his friends lay, still entwined in their sinful embrace. "What would my parents say? They were always such believers; they were so adamant that I grow up with religion that they made sure to make my sisters teach me the world of their Christian god. How could I betray everything that my parents wanted from me? How could you ask me to make the whole of my life nothing in the eyes of god?"

Luna starred at him as though he were crazy, "Any god," she snarled, "That would seek to condemn his children for something that they cannot help is no god at all; just a lie told by those who fear their own feelings and seek to hide behind some omnipotent entity."

Ikki looked like he was about to say something, but Luna held up her hand, stopping him before he could start. "Ikki, you are loved; here, right this moment. Whether or not this god of your parents' beliefs would cast your immortal soul into flames, you are on this earth, in this place, facing two people that you have fought for, bled for, and what would you say to them? Would you cast judgment upon them and call them sinners for their pure love?"

Ikki looked at the bad again, his eyes shining, and shook his head.

Luna smiled. "Of course not; you love your friends. If you, who have had to grow up with religion shoved down his throat, could forgive them for some perceived sin, then couldn't your god do the same?"

Ikki opened and closed his mouth like a fish, before finally whispering, "I just don't know anymore. I need time to think this over."

And then he was gone, fleeing the room as though hell itself had opened up to swallow him whole. Luna watched him go with pride in her eyes, and a satisfied smirk on her face. "He'll come around," she said, still not looking at the bed, "And when he does, he will need for you two to be there, to support him."

Now, Luna walked towards the bed, still looking at the spot that Ikki had been standing in. "He knows in his heart that his family will love him no matter what, but he is too confused by the god that was forced upon him to understand that right now." Here she sat upon the bed, and turned to cast her sharp, dual colored gaze towards the two boys that had felt their own hearts breaking while Ikki had stood in front of him, their friend weighed down by a faith that wasn't in his nature." Smiling down at their nakedness, she gave a throaty chuckle, "And I see that the two of you have had a good time in here, just like I had hoped." Looking over and Branded and Broken, though, her gaze turned chilling. "And what of the two of you? Did I not say that you were to pleasure each other and our guests? I am growing tired of your failures, twins, and I will not be held responsible for what happens to the two of you on the outside of our little home."

Branded flinched into his brother, whimpering, and Broken's eyes turned to steel, "We were fixing to go along with your request, Master, but you interrupted us. You told us to be pleasured, and we were; by watching Kazu and Agito making love to each other. As soon as Kazu and Agito are willing, we will start fulfilling the second half of your order."

Luna scowled and opened her mouth to retort, but Kazu cut her off, "Luna," he said, "I don't want to have sex with either Broken or Branded. I just want to make love t the person that I love, nothing more. I am really glad, and thankful, that I had the chance to do that here, and I can't even begin to express how much this means to me, that I had your help in the matter, but, please, don't make me hate you over this. I really don't want to lose respect for a person that I think is really wise and fair."

Broken let his eyes widen, surprised that someone would confront Luna over something like them. "Kazu," he whispered, "It really is okay, you know? We've had to perform for people our whole lives, and we're used to it by now."

Kazu shook his head, refusing to be a part of anything like what Luna was trying to make him witness. "I can't let you two be forced into something like this, not if I can help it." He looked at Luna, "I don't know what the hell Luna has planned for us behind her mysterious eyes," here he paused, "but if the two of you want to have consensual, non-coerced sex, then go right ahead; just let us leave the room." Here Kazu stood, extending his hand to the brothers, "But, if you don't want to have sex, then come with us; we'll protect you from the world as well as we can, and we will not demand anything from you but for you to work hard as part of our team." He paused, then smirked, "And working hard doesn't include any kind of sexual favors or anything, just training with AT's and doing your best in wars."

Branded smiled up at Kazu, taking his hand, "You're nice, Kazu, even if you do look like a little pussy. I hope you follow through with what you've just offered; I think I would really like being able to be around you guys all the time. I'm sure it would never be dull with the two of you."

At last, Luna gave an exhausted sigh, leaning forward to pat everyone on the head, even though Broken and Branded both flinched hen she did. "Now," she said, hefting herself from the bed, "that that has been decided, it is finally time to make the announcements to the groups. Come on you guys, get your clothes and follow me to the wash rooms. We have a presentation to make, and I don't think you want to do it looking like you just walked out of a brothel."

Kazu, Agito, Broken, and Branded all looked at her askance, wondering what crack she was smoking.

"Err," Kazu muttered, "What the hell are you talking about Luna?"

Luna stopped mid step. "Oh," she said, "Right. I forgot to let ya'll in on my plans."

Without explaining any of what she had just said, she continued walking, motioning for them to follow.

Twenty minutes later found the four boys showered and clothed in clean barrowed clothes, and sitting in a large, coliseum style room, waiting for everyone that flew for wither of the teams to filter into the room.

As the last of the seats filled up, and Luna motioned for some of the stragglers to come sit on the floor in front of them, Agito whispered, "What the fuck is going on with this chick? One minute she's nice as Granny Smith, and the next she might be the reincarnation of Hitler!"

Kazu couldn't help but agree; Luna had a hair-trigger temper, and a multi-track mind that just couldn't be made up.

"Okay," Luna finally said, silencing everyone in the rooms, "As you all know," here she motioned to her team, "and for all of you who don't" here she motioned towards Ikki and the rest of Kogarasmaru, "I am not a young as I appear. I have been leading this group for five long years, and I have been looking for my replacement for almost roué of them."

Several groups of people in Luna's squad gave cat calls or shouts about how they felt because of her trying to find her replacement. Luna just smiled and held her hand up for silence.

"It's more than time for me to move on; to make a break from this group and allow you all to spread your winds without having to worry about me judging you from past experiences." She said.

Looking at all of the faces of the people in her group, and at the people in Kogarasmaru, she sighed, "I know, of course, that I cannot leave out of the blue, and that I must make a butt load of preparations before I go, and I will. My first order of business is to chose who will succeed me after I am gone; and I have come up with five choices for you all; and I will name them at a later date, but for now, I will be splitting up our group and combining it with various other groups so that you can all try to find some place where you might like to go, should you not like who I have left command. For now, I want half of our people to join Kogarasmaru, and for half of Kogarasmaru to join us, so that we can share our techniques with each other, and strengthen our bonds; we must learn to thrive, both apart from the other, and in tandem. I have already discussed this with Ikki, leader of Kogarasmaru, and we have come to an agreement on who is to leave with them, and who is to stay with us. I will let you all know before the end of the day who is to report where, and to whom. Thank you."

At the end of Luna's speech, silence reigned, but when that silence broke, it was like a raging thunder storm, where nothing could be understood.

Agito cast a wide-eyed look to Kazu, and mouthed, "What the Fuck?"

Kazu shook his head; he wished that he knew.

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