Bella POV

Today was a normal day in Forks, except the Cullen's had gone hunting, they weren't expected until late tonight or early morning. I was going to head over to their house early the next day. It was all right to do that, seeing as how it was Saturday. Little did I know the morning of April 9, 2009 would be the beginning of the end, or possibly the end of the beginning?

I ran out the door to my car and hopped in, Charlie had already left for work. 'I am positively ecstatic' I thought to myself. Today is the day that I am ready to tell Edward that I will marry him. I will be the luckiest person on Earth. I still didn't understand what he sees in me; he could do so much better, not that I would push him to do that or anything.

I drove down the dreary streets of Forks, of course it was raining. AGAIN. 'To bad' I thought as I pulled up to the spectacular house, hardly able to contain my excitement. I walked up the stairs on the old, yet strangely beautiful, white washed porch. There was a note tapped to the door. Written on it was:

Dear Bella,

Hey Bells! How was Friday? Did you make it the day without tripping? Of course not. Well, incase Edward isn't there, I just wanted to tell you that I took the rest of the family shopping. I wanted to take you, but I saw what you were going to tell Edward! He will be so happy! I haven't told the rest of the family yet, I figured you (well, not really you, but Edward) would want to tell them. Have fun! Don't forget to make yourself at home!


I could practically see her bouncing with excitement as she wrote this. If I didn't know her I still would have been able to tell, seeing as how most of the sentences ended with an exclamation point.

I shoved the note into my pocket and made my way to the door. I walked into the house and started my way up the eccentric stairs, going extra slowly to make sure I didn't fall. Then down the hallway and up the second set of stairs. As I was knocking on the door, I heard the front door open and close, eventually Emmett's booming laughter made its way towards me.

"Aw! Come on Rose! Don't be like that! I didn't stop to think that you were in the way, when I started the water fight with Jazz!" Emmett said, trying to apologize to his wife. I heard the noise of wet heels on hard-wood floor.

I turned my attention back to what I was doing. The door was slightly ajar and he had not answered yet, so I timidly opened the door.

What I saw left me breathless. There was clothes cluttering the floor and CD's were scattered about too. I looked to see the shelf that had the CD's on it, it looked as if something hit it and they fell down. But this is not what left me breathless. There she was, in all her glory, in the bed. She was sitting directly below Edward. There that beautiful, golden eyed, blonde haired, devil was layed. All my nightmares had come true. Edward had found another.

Not only a stranger, I gazed upon them -they had not noticed by entrance- as Tanya and Edward were there in my bed.

Jasper –sensing my distraught- ran of the stairs. The other quickly followed him. I saw this out of my peripheral vision; I could not take my eyes of the couple our bed.

NOOOOO! I screamed in my head. This can't be happening! I started to feel queasy, then I swayed. I can't stand! I cried in my mind. T was slowly getting darker and darker. The only thing keeping me from losing consciousness, was hearing Alice shouting my name in horror, but that was still foggy.

He's cheating on me, my mind told me, it was in an oddly calm manner for this … this … situation. My mind had not registered this fact yet, -something I was relieved about- but my body had. I fell to the floor, my arms reaching out for nothing feverishly, my legs whipped up into my chest as if to protect my stomach. But, it was too late, the damage was done and that image would forever haunt my consciousness and my dreams. My stomach was gagging instinctually, I was forever grateful at this moment that I skipped breakfast.

HA! I thought to myself, how ironic. I just found my soon-to-be-fiancé in my bed with another woman, and I was concerned that his rug would get dirty. Well, he was my soon-to-be-fiancé.

I was gasping. I could not stay here. I picked myself up and did what I did best when dealing with problems, I ran. By the time I got to my car Alice had thought to stop me.

"Bella! Please don't go! We need you!" Alice cried desperately behind me. "I need you! Don't go!" her body lurched with tearless sobs as she grasped my wrist.

"Alice," I said my voice quivering, threatening to break at any moment, "Just let me go." I was hopping these words had the same effect on Alice as they had when Renee had said them to Charlie about ten years ago.

I jumped into my truck before I got a response. It was hard to drive with my vision blurred so badly from the tears that were now streaming down my face as if a damn just broke. I couldn't hold them in any more, –nor did I want too- and I let my emotions take the best of me, it was the easiest way out.