With friends like this... you get everything that's worth it.


Tracey Claybon

Story is originally posted to Twisting the Hellmouth. I realized I never posted these stories to my account -so, here is something "new" for all of you who've waited for an update from me...

This is an FFA Pairing - Faith/Alfred Pennyworth, Set in no particular timeframe, but around the time of/ just post the events of 52.

Thought indicates someone thinking.

Faith woke slowly and gingerly from a dream of a big man wearing a costume shaped like a bat fighting the Vrock demon she remembered she'd been stalking in Gotham City with a severely aching head. She'd come to Gotham at Giles' request because of a favor to the Scoobies owed the Black Canary and a computer genius called Oracle - the city was having a sudden influx of demonic activity in the area thanks to something called the Crime Bible.

She remembered that Giles had mentioned something about the mythical ... well, she'd thought he was a urban myth till last night! - Batman having been advised that she was in his city and WHY, but....

Batman is real?

Last thing she'd remembered was seeing the demon rip the Batman's mask off his head, revealing the very famous face of Bruce Wayne, then watching that demon throw the man at her, then... nothing.

And - wait a minute - Bruce Wayne in the Bat suit... and he'd been kicking serious a... ?

... Bruce Wayne wasn't known for lifting anything heavier than a pretty blond or wielding a badly held golf club, but… the man in the Bat suit fought on a par with Buffy - or me... What's going on here?

Faith pinched the bridge of her nose, wincing at how much her head hurt and decided to chance trying to sit up in bed.

She moved slowly to avoid jarring her aching head any more than necessary and began to note details about where she was, realizing that she was in a comfortable bed with real silk sheets in a richly decorated room, wearing a man's shirt. She looked up toward a door to the left of the room, where the scents of French toast, bacon and eggs that had coaxed her growling stomach to wake the rest of her so it could be filled were wafting her way. A older, graying and slightly balding older man with stiff posture and surprisingly gentle eyes who was holding a silver, covered platter looked at her and smiled a bit at the impatient growl from her impatient stomach..

"Master Bruce has asked me to escort you to meet him in his study after you finish your breakfast; I've set out some clothing that should fit you in the bathroom to replace your own - they were damaged beyond all repair. If you need anything - anything at all - my name is Alfred Pennyworth."

Faith smiled back at the man, suddenly more at ease than she'd felt in a long time.

She may not have known a lot about what was going on just yet, but something in this man's eyes reminded her of her Watcher, in a very grandfatherly way. She felt that if she was fortunate enough to get to know this man - he'd be the kind of friend that becomes stronger than family.

Faith found herself fervently hoping for the opportunity to get to know this Alfred Pennyworth. She could always use another real friend, and she sensed this could be the start of a GREAT friendship...