"Three Words" (THT)

Just give me your hand, sweetheart.

We'll cross this bridge together.

I want to tell you that everything will be okay with me by your side.

And okay what I just told you isn't the direct truth

But even if things weren't ok

I'm telling you we would have each other to rely on.

I'm the actual guy for you, Brooke Davis.

I know that you usually attack life with that energetic smile of yours.

Warmth emanates your entire being when you do,

Enthralls anyone who is in your company,

Indulging me most of all,

I really did fall in love with you.

You believe me.

That's why you're petrified.

You're going on autopilot.

"Because I don't do that, I'm a mother for god's sake."

You want to run away.

Your expression tells me how truly scared you are.

We both know I can't erase those three words.

Even though I proposed that we could pretend the last hour never happened,

Inside I was hurting.

There was so much bravery I had exhibited to be the first one

Exposing helplessness in voicing a powerful 'I love you.'

"In the movie business, we call it a deleted scene."

"Can we really do that?" Your chestnut eyes inquire.

'No,' I mutely thought.

"Go pull yourself together Brooke Davis. You look a mess."

I still gave you an escape

Tried to make the situation lighter than it assuredly was.

You muttered a small, sensitive, "Okay," and nodded with your gorgeous head.

While your body was facing in another direction,

I let myself fall to pieces.

My dark eyes were downcast.

I was way more conflicted than I led on.

"I'll wait for you."

A/N: Inspirations: Avril Lavigne- "I'm With You" and "Naked," plus my interpretations (and some canon quotes/references (which I don't own)). I did rework the scene a little bit, added the last quote later than the canon scene did. I'm using my writer's privilege on that one I guess. Credit goes out to brulianforever for correcting me on a quote. Did you guys miss me? ;)