Hey i only own JULIEN KARMEN ARON and ALEX. This is my first fanfic. (the first few chapters are a little corny but it does get better i promise!) this story is like a script. EJ: is julien/ energyjul. SG: Karmen/ Sharkgirl. SB: Taylor/sharkboy. K: Kelli. hope its not to confusing enjoy!

Update(2012): Hey so this story is kind of..well ok it is a piece of crap cause me and my friend wrote it when we were like 8. We're currently in the process of editing and revising it so that it is much MUCH better. I'll be uploading it when we're done and after I finish the prequel "The Protectors: Julien No longer home". In the meantime you guys can read this but remember: 8 year olds wrote this sooo.

The Protectors

EJ: where are we?

SG: The bottom of the ocean, genius.

EJ: oh yeah, water.

(Shark boy appears)

SB: The army is ready and the submarine is prepared, but Kelli just walked up to me with blood red eyes and told me she loved me.

EJ: What!? That is so wrong, anyway she'd kill you if you got close enough.

SB: That's what's scaring me. She did get close enough.

(Kelli appears)

K: I didn't need to kill you then. Now, I do. Oh, and looking for your army? Check the funeral parlor.

SG: You can't talk to my bro like that! I hope you like ice in your face.

EJ: Get Kelli! I'll stay with Shark boy…(he he)

K: (She is defeated) Wh- wh-where am I?

SG: You don't know? You're at the bottom of the ocean, where you almost killed me, Julien and shark boy!

K: Oh, sorry. Sometimes I get out of control.

SG: You need a shrink! Powers don't themselves!

K: You have no ides! (She vanishes)

EJ: Are you ok, Shark girl? There was a huge light over here.

SG: Kelli said her powers were controlling her.

EJ: What's her history?

SG: Well, she was lava girls bff…

EJ: You don't mean-

SG: We have to check.

SB: What's up, guys?

EJ: (sigh) your girl may be a maniac.

SB: ARE YOU SERIOUS!? You must be Insane!

EJ: It was your sisters decision, don't look at me.

SG: I'm not making any conclusions, but to be safe, let's visit.

SB: Great, field trip to death!

EJ: Which volcano? There's several in front of us.

SG: Shark Boy knows.

(They look at him)

SB: The tallest one.

EJ: Hey, Lava girl who's your friend?

LG: Your murderer. (She has red eyes)

SB: Don't do it LG! It's me Shark boy.

(Lava Girl blinks and her eyes turn pink)

LG: Kelli used her powers again! RUN!

EJ: Uh, hello. Why run we all have powers.

LG: I guess we can take her, but don't tell me I didn't tell you so!

K: FACE THE RATH OF ME! How did I get here?

LG: Don't play dumb, Kelli. You know how you got here.

K: Man! Anyway, I can still defeat you (She squints her eyes) Hey, why isn't anything happening?

SG: Oh, did I tell you? (Whispers in her ear)

K: NO! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DESTROY I…I mean we the oceans!?

SG: Oh, well. (She smiles) bye! (She waves and they turn to leave.)

(Woman says as leaving)

W: Taylor, Watch your sister!

SG: Home alone again. Wanna watch TV?

SB: Nah, I checked the guide. All reruns.

SG: (sigh) can I get on the computer?

SB: Sure, whatever.

(Online email)

SG: You there, Julien?

EJ: Yeah, what do you want?

SG: Attention, I'm bored.

EJ: come to my house.

SG: Nah, why don't you come here? Taylor just bought us five new DS games.

EJ: Sure. I'll bring my DS.

Now leaving: SG

Now leaving: EJ


SG: Taylor someone's at the door!

SB: Quit doing that! (Opens door) HE-oh, it's you. She's in her room. (Excited) We're having pizza so you can stay for dinner. (Shuts door)

EJ: You know, I've never noticed how a lot of the rooms in your house have a light blue carpet and sky themed walls.

SG: Yeah. It's kinda cool. (Changing subject) I heard a gunshot at wal-mart last week.

EJ: And I saw a guy once walk out of school with a pocket knife in his hand.

SG: It kinda scares me. I've never had to use my powers to save my life except once. It's usually been for others.

EJ: Wait, you feel that? Something's coming. I can sense it.

(Wall tears off)

EJ: The wind is to strong! AAAHHH!

SB: (walks in) Whoa! HOLD ON, JULIEN!

(Saves her butt)

EJ: Thanks, Sharkster, but what's going on?

SG: There's a human in front of that storm!

SB: Guess I should and a plate for dinner.

EJ: We can take him! (Creates energy ball) (GETS HIT WITH ENERGY BALL)

(Shark boy catches Julien)

EJ: (standing up) that was weird I though I was the only seijin [say-jen]

(Shark boy catches Julien)


(Energy balls heading toward them)

EJ: (Creates energy shield that makes the balls hit the human)

[Human fall down and go boom]

EJ: Who was that?

SG: Whoever it is, we've got to find out where he came form.

SB: We will, after dinner.

EJ: (smiling) I'm all for that

SG: Fine

EJ: This pizza is good where u got it!

SB: I made it. (Smiles)

SG: (giving them a suspicious look) Am I missing something?

EJ+SB: What?

SG: Never mind!

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