I hated the place where I had lived. Hated it.

Why did my parents ever have to live here? Why choose somewhere were its cold and awful outside like the North Pole? Why not the sunny beaches of Malibu, California or Miami, Florida. That's the reason why I left. I'll repeat one more time, I hate the cold! My parents decided to live there because they knew all the people there, and ecetra. Okay, well enough about the cold, I'll shut up now.

When I was eighteen, I told my parents about my idea about me leaving the North Pole. They thought it would be too dangerous; there are your typical worried parents. I told them that I would take a cruise ship, or a yacht, or a huge boat, that it was safe. Then they responded, do you want to be like a passenger in Titanic? I decided to give up on this fight, but I was now eighteen, I can make my own decisions.

A month later, my parents were driving down an icy road after they left one of there friend's parties, the road was beside a cliff. It was told to be the most dangerous road in the North Pole. Well, it was dark and foggy out and they never had been down that route. My father couldn't see clear, and they . . . drove off the cliff.

I was too depressed and moody to stay in that little town in the North Pole. I have the horrible memory of my parent's demise in that town. I didn't have a yacht, or a cruise ship, or any type of protective boat. I had a shrimp boat, a boat that is used to fish for shrimp. If you have seen Forrest Gump, you know what type of boat I'm talking about. It was my great-grandfather's boat he used in his business. I stored up for my journey and left.

I stayed at sea for many weeks, which turned into many months. I didn't run out of supplies, which was good. I didn't steer my ship, I just let it guide it's self. There were many storms, but that didn't stop this 60-year-old shrimp boat.

After three months, two weeks, and five days at sea, I finally found land. I was over-excited, hoping it was Malibu or Miami. The fog started to clear up, to my horror it was also covered in snow! I raced to the steering wheel, so I could turn the ship around. I forced all my weight on to it, turning the wheel and the ship about 90 degrees around, then I heard a bang. The ship altered to a stop. I went to check the damage on the side of the boat, where I heard the bang. I had crashed into an iceberg. Leaving a huge hole in the side of the boat. I was so close to the island now, even though I didn't want to go there, but it was my only choice, if I could make it there. That or drown.

I searched the boat for a life jacket, an inflatable raft, anything that might help me survive. Nothing. Not even a plank of wood that could help me float. And the worst part of all is that, I cannot swim. No one ever taught me how to. I could feel the ship shifting its angle. My parents were right, now I am one of the passengers of the Titanic. It was so ironic how this was all like the Titanic.

The boat tilted some more. This time, the boat's front where I was, was up in the air. It was slightly off the water. I was guessing that the hole in the boat was near the back so the water was accumulating there. I backed up more toward the back against the rail of the boat. The boat was sinking fast. I panicked, gripping the rail with all my strength. The front of the boat was starting to go under the ice cold water. The boat was now half way up from being straight in the air.

The middle of the boat, where the cabin was, was starting to go under the water. Crap, I totally forgot about my suitcase! I could of used that to help me stay above the water. I suck when I'm under pressure. I'm so close to the island, If only I could make it. I'm only about 1 1/2 boats away from the Island.

The water came closer and closer to me. I could feel the frigid water as it touched me as I struggled to hold on. Even though I was close to the island, the water was pretty deep. It was up to my waist now. I gripped to rail more, closing my eyes, almost fainting from my fear of drowning. Then I felt a grip around me, I was guessing it was shark, but it was a light grip. I didn't open my eyes until I felt a solid ground under me.

"Are you okay!?" a voice asked. I opened my eyes to see a girl, about fifteen with bright red hair kneeling beside me. "Yeah" I replied. She helped me stand, the uncomfortable feeling of the cold water still in me. "What happened?" she asked. "I crashed into an iceberg, and my boat kind of sunk" I said. "Were you coming to this island?" she asked. "No, I used to live in a small town at the North Pole; It was to cold up there for me so I decided to get on a boat and leave. I was hoping to end up somewhere like where its summer year long, but I ended up here . . ." I said. "Hmm. Bad luck. I'm Klutzy. I know it's a weird name but it's German." she extended her hand. "I'm Herbert."