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Chapter One

Ashley fidgeted nervously in her seat. The chair she was currently sitting on was quite uncomfortable and she hoped that she didn't look like someone trying to scratch her butt in a discreet way. She unconsciously kept on sliding her ring off and on her finger as she watched the man behind the desk expectantly. He had been reading her composition book for the past fifteen minutes without making a sound. Ashley had no idea if he liked what he was reading or if he was simply finding a way to let her down nicely. Not that the other record labels let her down nicely. They took one look at her book and turned her away without even considering. She guessed she didn't have the "songwriter" look. Not that she knew what that meant either.

"Hmm," the man said.

Ashley sat up straighter. "So, what do you think?"

Mr. Elwood peered over the book to look at Ashley. His face was unreadable. "Well, we listened to your demo CD, and it was good," he told her.


He put Ashley's book on his desk and folded his hands on top of them. "It was great actually. You have a fresh sound and the lyrics are relatable to everyone. Exactly what this label needs."

Ashley perked up and smiled. These were good signs but she tried not to get her hopes up. "Thank you."

"And these other songs," Mr. Elwood indicated the book. "They're very original and a good variety."

"Thank you," Ashley said again. She still didn't know if she had the job or not. She could sense there was "but" in there somewhere.

"But," he continued. And there it was. "You don't have that much experience in the music industry and we're not sure you can handle all the pressure this business comes with."

Ashley took a deep breath. "With all due respect, Mr. Elwood, I may not have experience but that's the reason I want this job. To get experience and you said my songs are exactly what your label needs. So if you give me a chance, I'll make sure that you'll get several hits from my work," she gave him a smug smile.

Mr. Elwood looked at her. His record label did need a fresh new sound. All his artists seemed to lack in the music-writing department and he always had to hire new songwriters. He couldn't understand how he managed to sign singers with just the good voices and not good songwriters. He looked at the composition book again and that back to Ashley.

"Alright, you got the job."

"I do?" Ashley asked disbelievingly.

"Yes, but we have conditions that can all be explained in your contract, so read the fine print." He handed her a bunch of forms. "Basically, you have all copyright claims to your songs and we're allowed to give them to whoever we want in this label. All song writing credit will go to you of course."

"Of course," Ashley took the forms and skimmed them.

"We want you to work close with the artists so you'll be in the studio a lot. And I just want to say that they're a bit demanding but don't take it personally," he smiled and held out his hand. "Welcome aboard, Miss Davies."

Ashley took his hand and shook it. She couldn't believe she actually got the job. After dreaming about if for so long, it was finally happening. "Thank you."

"We'll see you Monday. I'm going to give your demo to our newly signed artist, Brianna Tenly. I think she'll love your style." He gave her back the composition book.

"Thank you, thank you," Ashley repeated taking the book. She left the office and went to the lobby of the building. She smiled when she saw her girlfriend waiting nervously in a chair, reading a magazine. "Hey," she greeted.

Spencer looked up and dropped the magazine. The smile on Ashley's face let her hopes soar. "So, is the eleventh time the charm?"

Ashley held up the contract forms. "Yes, I got the job!"

Spencer squeed and threw her arms around Ashley pulling her into a very tight hug. "Oh my God! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you."

"Thank you," she hugged Spencer tighter. "I couldn't have done this without you, you know?" she told her once they pulled apart.

"Me? What did I do?"

Ashley scoffed. "Seriously, Spence, you've been there this entire time. Encouraging me to pursue this and went along with me to every interview. You never let me give up even after all those doors were slammed in my face." She leaned in and gave her a kiss on the lips. "You're the best friend and girlfriend I could ever have."

Spencer smiled. She was extremely happy and proud of Ashley. Even though Ashley had inherited an obscene amount of money from her father, she always felt like she was wasting her life away. Ashley didn't want to live off her father's money forever so Spencer suggested that she could get a job. Ashley's half-sister, Kyla, had felt the same way and she had gotten a job at local theater company. She wanted to pursue her dreams of being a stage actor. Spencer encouraged Ashley to do the same and follow her dreams.

Ashley never wanted to be in the spotlight or go on tours. Being a professional musician wasn't what she wanted to do. Songwriting was her thing and she was damn good at it. So Spencer convinced her to submit demos to local record labels to see if she could get a job. It was a shaky start with every one of them turning Ashley down immediately. Spencer was there for her with every rejection. She never let Ashley quit even though it seemed like her dreams were ending and they were ending fast. But Spencer Carlin never gives up hope. Especially on the ones she loves the most.

"So what did they say exactly?" Spencer asked her as they were leaving the building hand in hand.

"Well, he said that my songs were fresh and exactly what the label needed. Oh, and they're already giving my demo to their newly signed artist."

"That's awesome, anyone we know?"

"Um, Brianna something," Ashley tried to recall the name. "Tenly, Brianna Tenly."

The name sounded familiar to Spencer. "Oh yeah, I've heard of her. I think she did a gig down at the Blue Note one time."

"Is she any good?" Ashley asked as they got into her car.

"She did covers when I heard her, and they were really good."

"What kind of music does she do? Because I'm suppose to adapt to their genre or whatever," Ashley said reading over the contract.

Spencer smiled at Ashley's furrowed eyebrows as she read the contract. "Make sure your lawyer reads that too, and Brianna has a poppy sound. Very catchy."

"Poppy and catchy?" Ashley quirked her brow in thought. "I could do that."

Spencer leaned over the gearshift and kissed Ashley on the cheek. "I know. You can do anything. You're Ashley Davies."

"Damn right I am," she shifted the car into reverse and backed out of the parking space. "So, want to grab something to eat? And then head back to my place and have celebratory sex? Kyla's at the theater all day," she said suggestively while running her hand over Spencer's thigh.

Spencer grabbed her hand and held it. "As tempting as that sounds, I have class in a half hour remember?"

Ashley pouted. "Oh yeah, but you still have time to eat right?" She turned her face and gave Spencer a big smile.

"Yes, I have time to eat," Spencer said smiling back at her.

"Good." Ashley grinned and pressed down on the accelerator.

"I meant food, Ash!"

"What?" she said innocently. "That's what I meant, too. You need to get your mind out of the gutter, Spence." She gave her a cheeky smile.

"Right, I need to get my mind out of the gutter. You're too much sometimes, Davies," she said bringing Ashley's hand up to kiss it.

"And you love me, Carlin."

"That I do, and I'm very happy and very proud of you."

"You already said that," Ashley said smiling and pulled up to a local diner.

"I just don't want you to forget it."

Ashley got out of the car and went to open Spencer's door for her. She pulled her out and wrapped her arms around her waist, pulling her close. "Like I'd ever forget anything you say to me. In fact," Ashley pulled her even closer and Spencer snaked her arms around her neck. "I remember you saying that once I get a job you'd let me have my way with you," she smiled and gave her a kiss.

"Don't I always let you have your way with me?" Spencer asked matter of factly. She saw Ashley's eyes had gotten darker and her breathing got a little heavier. "Ash," she warned. "We're in a public place."

"You wanna skip the food and head back to the loft? We still have," she glanced at her watch. "25 minutes until your class starts."

"It takes us 10 to get home and another 5 for you to drive me to campus. So that leaves us 10 minutes."

"So?" Ashley didn't see the problem. Ten minutes was an adequate amount of time.

"Ashley!" Spencer said hitting her on the arm.

"Fine, fine," she grabbed Spencer's hand and made their way into the diner. "Let's go eat food."

Spencer shook her head at Ashley's childish behavior and smiled. "You're definitely too much for me."