Hello everyone! I am about to make a new story, a fanfic and I was wondering if you guys would like it. It goes like this:

Bella is just starting her junior year. she's been living in Chicago since she was one. She comes from Aravia (an: I will be making up names- Aravia is just a make up name, nothing real :P). she never went back to Aravia since her arrival in Chicago. Her dad however loves Aravia because that was his birthplace and his true home. He hates Chicago with passion and always has. Bella and the rest of her family, Renee(Mother), Addison (Sister) and Jamie (brother), totally hate Aravia because of it's condition. There are no pathways to walk on, you walk on the road. No jobs. Bombs, kidnapping, killing, stealing you name it. There's never electricity, the police isn't good at their job, I mean to get yourself out of trouble you can bribe them, you can't trust anyone there. And the school are horrifying. It is mandatory for you to know Aravai (the language) to pass the language classes. The teachers are weird and they could beat a student on their hand with a ruler. The principal's a dud. It's just an awful place. Like you can't get out of you house with having the chances of ever returning (AN: I'M MAKIGN STUFF UP THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE THIS AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Above all this, Bella's grandpa, Charlie's father, dies. Charlie now wants to go back avoiding all the troubles because he somehow doesn't believe them. Charlie isn't abusive, he doesn't beat his family but once his mind is set, you can't chance his decision. Bella and the rest try to stop him but he takes them back home anyways. There Bella learns how it truly is. Her father is sorry and now understand but there is no going back. He can't AFFORD it!!! As life continues Bella runs in with the worst yet gorgeous person ever, none other than EDWARD CULLEN (applause :P). Edward has his own problems. He drinks, smokes, he's a failure in all his classes, he doesn't really care about any thing, he's been to jail so many times he's made friendship with most of the police officers, he's a big player, he's in a gang-that means he kills people (only if they're bad), and does all the bad stuff. But beyond all that, he's an AWESOME basketball player. When he sees Bella and right away he wants her. Bella likes his beauty but he disgust her so she declines. Bewildered, Edward threatens her with many things if she doesn't obey him. She tells her father but Edward threatens her father and her whole family. Since there isn't anything Bella can do, she accepts him proposal and does what ever he wants her to do or he'll rape her. But as the story progresses, Edward feels more than lust towards her…can it be love? You'll find out if I would write it.

Plz review and tell me if I should write this story thank u :P