This is a sequel to "Beautiful Stranger", so please read it FIRST for better enjoyment.

Emmett's POV

"Rose, baby, come on…I didn't do anything." I wasn't whining, I said it quite suavely, but she continued to pack her suitcase anyway. "So I look, hell, everybody looks, it doesn't mean anything." What am I…blind? Am I supposed to pretend I can't see the luscious ladies that seem to be around every corner? Rose roughly shoved a pair of jeans into her bag, her favorite pair, this isn't good. It was time to plead.

I was considering if getting down on my knees and batting my eyes would be too much when she closed the case with a loud snap and shoved her passport in my face. "I'm going OUT!" She spat at me. What does that mean? Out, as in out of the country?

"Rose, you're upset…" I started. All it got me was an eye roll from my blonde bombshell. "Let me come with you…" I was interrupted with a deadly look. "At least tell me where you're going!" I finished exasperated.

She smiled but it didn't reach her eyes, they were still smoldering. "Just think of me as Audrey Hepburn taking a Roman holiday." She yanked the case from the bed. I got hip checked as she swerved around me with lightening speed and headed for the exit. The bump she gave me set me off balance and I heard the slam before I could follow her.

Well, shut the front door! I didn't even have time to pull the ace I had in the wings. That would be the part where I ask her not to go.

Carlisle's POV

The boy was pitiful. I didn't think I could stand watching him sulk for one more day. A term came to my mind that described him in total, whipped. I had to confront him; there was nothing else for it. "Son, why don't you get out of town?" And out of my sight. "Take a little trip to get your mind off of Ro…her." I almost flubbed it, Emmett didn't want us to mention Rosalie's name. A huge exaggerated sigh came from the couch which had been Emmett's solace for the last several days. He flopped over to look at me with his sickeningly sad puppy eyes, his arm flailed over his body and hung lifeless over the edge of the sofa.

"I don't know. I don't feel like doing anything." He moaned, this was followed by another quite audible breath. His other hand went over his eyes in a very Marlene Dietrich way. I cringed. He should have just yelled out woe is me and gotten it over with.

I tried again, "Take the Jeep and drive out to Eugene. You haven't seen Edward or Bella for some time." If anyone could kick the doldrums out of the boy it would be Bella, she always amused him immensely. He wasn't taking the bait so I upped the ante, "I'd also like your opinion on our new cohort, Sarah Davenport."

The hand covering his eyes lifted. I definitely had a nibble there. I went for the hook, "I understand Edward's attempt at teaching her how to hunt was interrupted. You'd be doing me a great favor if you could take over where he left off." What sibling could resist one upping his brother?

Emmett sat up. I hadn't seen him vertical for awhile. He was a crumpled mess, but there was a hint of a spark back in his eyes. "Well, when you put it like that…" he cracked his knuckles and I flinched. "I mean…just to help you out of course. Between you and me, Edward's not much of a teacher." He gave me a knowing look and pulled a phone from his pocket. He hit speed dial and continued explaining how he was only doing this for my sake. "After all, we can't have a part of our clan living on squirrels…or whatever. You have to know how to finesse a woman, how to enlighten her without…hello? Hey bro, what's up?"

I used the diversion as my chance to escape.

Edward's POV

I walked by the store for the third time, trying to work up enough courage to go inside when my phone rang. Emmett, well, that would be good for a distraction. I answered, "Hey Emmett…oh, nothing really. At the mall, yeah, I know. Okay, look I'm standing outside Victoria Secret…stop laughing…seriously stop." An older woman walked by me with her shopping bags and winked. Yeesh!

I spoke softer into the phone feeling like a degenerate. "Emmett, would you have any idea…that is…back in the day women used to wear these…I mean…." Just spit it out you coward. "Do they still make garters?" I steeled myself for his booming laughter, but all I got was, "well duh!" from the other end of the phone. I don't think that's even a word. According to Emmett they never stopped making them, thank god, and they weren't garters but garter belts and that I should get silk hosiery as well. He then suggested I get my butt into the store and ask. I tried to explain that the salesgirls would surely be uncomfortable helping a man, and that's when the laughing started up again.

"There will probably be a cat fight to see who gets to help you. If one or more of those poor little demure salesgirls don't offer to model your purchase for you I'll eat my hat." This was after all Emmett's window of expertise. I decided to trust his judgment. I braced myself and entered the pink establishment.