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Syzygy Chapter one


"Max Max Max Max! Can we please play truth or dare? Everyones bored, even Fang said he'll play. Ppppllllleeeeeaaasssseee?" Angel and Nudge sprinted into my room.

Well, no, mine and Fang's room. Angel and Nudge insisted on sharing, and so did Gazzy and Iggy. We're staying at Mom's () house while her and Ella are away on a vacation.

"Sure, girls. We'll play in the living room." I told them, quickly covering my ears to drown out their squeals of joy. Ouch. How did their voices go so high?!

I jumped of the bed and walked to the living room, while Angel and Nudge ran past me. Everyone was already there, waiting for us. I sat down on the couch next to Fang.

"Okay, who will start? Maybe Max should, 'cause she's the leader. Or maybe Iggy, because he doesn't usually start this game. Oh or maybe Angel because she's the youngest. No, I know, Fang should! He never, ever, EVER starts because he doesn't talk a lot. It doesn't help that he goes invisible. And he always wears black, we should make him wear white for a change. He'd be so ma"- Iggy mercifully slapped a hand over Nudge's mouth. She was the only person I knew that could go from "who will start" to Fang's choice of clothes.

I looked at Fang. His expression was a mix between annoyance and amusement. I think Nudge's rant over his wardrobe amused him. He caught me watching him, and wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me to him. Oh, yeah, I forgot. Fang and I are a couple now. (A/N All together now, AWWWWW! Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

"Agh!! Nudge, that's disgusting! Ewww!" Iggy suddenly yelled. I whipped around to discover Nudge grinning evilly at a shocked and disgusted Iggy.

"She licked my hand! She licked me! Nudge if you liked me that much, you could have just told me." Iggy exclaimed.

Out of nowhere, Fang burst out laughing. Soon we were all rolling on the floor laughing at Iggy's expression.

"All right, now if you're all done laughing at my expense, can we please start the game?" Iggy asked venomously.

"Okay, Gazzy you can start." I told the Gasman.

Gazzy got an evil glint in his eyes that I had learned to fear the hard way. The hard way being getting my alarm clock blown up.

He turned to Fang and grinned. "Fang, truth or dare?"

"Dare." Fang said bravely.

"I dare you to go put on a pink shirt. And I know you have one, because Max bought you one for Christmas last year. Oh, and you have to wear it for the rest of the game."

Fang groaned, but slowly got up and went to put on the shirt.

"He's going to get you for that, you know." I told Gazzy ominously.

"Oh, I know. I just want to see him in something other than black." He said brightly.

Fang walked back in to the room then, and I burst out laughing. I had forgotten that the shirt had words on the front. It said, real men wear pink. Like Fang would ever say that.

"Enough with the laughing at me. It's just a shirt. Now, Iggy, truth or dare?" Fang asked.

"Truth." Iggy replied.

"Okay, what would your dream girl look like?" Fang asked after some thought.

"She'd be tall, with greenish blue eyes. Her hair would be blond, just a bit darker than Max's, and shoulder length. Her skin would be tanned, and she'd be pretty strong, for a human girl." Iggy said quietly.

We all gaped at him in astonishment. We definitely had not expected him to know that much about how he'd like his girlfriend to look. He must have thought about this before. Or maybe he had already met this girl…..Oh. That must be it. Our pyromaniac Iggy was lovesick. Interesting.

He seemed to snap out of the reverie he was in, and turned to Nudge, presumably for revenge. Nudge shrank back a bit from Iggy's positively evil expression. He definitely had something good, and Nudge was not going to like it.

"Nudge, truth or dare?" Iggy asked innocently.

"Dare." Nudge said meekly. (A/N I know that she would probably pick truth in this situation, but I had a good dare.)

"Nudge, I dare you to go dunk your head in the toilet. Your whole head." Iggy said. Yep. Definitely out for revenge.

Nudge moaned. "That's disgusting! Max, do I have to?" She whined.

"Yes, Nudge. You're not getting out of this one." I told her firmly.

She walked to the bathroom dejectedly. 5 minutes later, she came back with dripping wet hair.

"Oh. My. God. That was the most disgusting thing I have ever done. I hate you, Iggy." Nudge said unhappily.

"Well, you're the one who licked me. And look at the bright side, now it's your turn." Iggy supplied.

Nudge visibly brightened at remembering it was her turn. "Yay! Max, truth or dare?"

"Dare." What can I say, I think truth is wimpy.

"I dare you to kiss Fang." Nudge said. "On the lips!" She added hurriedly as I leaned towards Fang's cheek.

I changed course and pressed my lips to his. I could feel his longing as I leaned back. I gave him a look that said later, we can go as far as we want. He nodded.

I smiled and said to Angel, "Truth or dare, Angel?"

"Truth." She answered.

"What is your most embarrassing moment?" I asked her wryly. I already knew the answer to that question. I had been there, along with Fang and Iggy.

"Um, I think it was when we lived in Colorado at the "E" house. I got dressed and came out of my room for breakfast and then realized that I had forgotten to put on pants." Angel said, turning bright red.

We all laughed for a minute, and when we had caught our breath, Angel faced Gazzy and asked him, "Truth or dare?"

"Dare." Gazzy said. Poor Gazzy, he had been lured by the adorable face and had forgotten how diabolical his sister could be.

"I dare you to go put on one of Nudge's tank tops and a mini skirt."

Gazzy drew in a long breath in shock, then got up with Nudge to go change into one of her shirts and skirts. A couple minutes later he came back with a blacka nd white checkered skirt and a bubblegum pink tank top. In short, he looked like a fashion model gone wrong. It was hilarious.

"Miss America had better watch her back with you around, Gaz." Iggy choked out between laughs. (A/N I forgot to say that Angel has been sending him mind pictures of Fang and Gazzy)

Gazzy sent a glare in Iggy's direction, which of course was lost on him. Soon, after a couple more wisecracks and laughing spells, I told everyone to get to bed.

"Okay, Max." The three youngest chimed together.

Once they had left, I looked at Fang and Iggy. They looked back at me.

"Well? I thought I just told you to go to bed. What are you waiting for?" I asked impatiently.

"You're telling us to go to bed at the same time as the little kids? That's an insult to our age and status!" Iggy exclaimed, offended.

I internally banged my head against a wall. Stupid, immature, annoying, teenaged guys!

"Iggy and Fang. Have you two lost your minds? It's 12:00 pm! Suck up this "insult to your age and status" and get your butts to bed before I put them there permanently!" I growled.

Fang got up slowly and stretched. "Well, Iggy, we might as well go to bed as the hissy lady here said before she spazzes again and wakes up the younger kids, shall we?" He said very slowly and talked as if I wasn't standing right there.

"I suppose so, old chap. We don't want the hissy lady to ruin her pretty face snarling at us, either. Besides, I am a tad bit tired." Iggy responded, talking in a British accent.

I rolled my eyes at the two of them before following them down the hall. Fang turned into our room, and I started to follow him, before I rememberd that I wanted to talk to Iggy about his description of his dream girl.

"Iggy, can you come in our room for a minute? I want to talk to you about something." I whispered, because Gazzy was sleeping.

"Sure, Max." I could hear the surprise in his voice. He probably had no idea what I wanted to talk about.

Iggy POV

I was lost in my thoughts about my dream girl. The truth was, that girl was real. Well, sort of, at least. She was the star of my dreams every night. She came to me and talked to me in my dreams. The scary thing was, she told me she was a real person, and she had the power to come to people in their dreams. Possibly even more scary was that I was in love with her, and I hadn't even properly met her. I had given the best description of her I could during our game earlier. She wasn't very clear in my dreams. I remember the first night she talked to me…..

I was dreaming about blowing something up, when I heard a voice.

"Hello, Iggy." It said.

The voice was female, and if I concentrated, I could see a fuzzy figure walking towards me. It was getting clearer. Now I could see dark blond hair, tanned skin, and a tall body. Somewhere in the back of my mind I realized that whatever I had been blowing up was gone, and everything was white except for the form standing directly in front of me now. The girl was probably 14 or 15, maybe 16. Her hair waved down to her shoulders, and her eyes were a surprisingly pretty greenish blue. She was wearing a tank top and jeans. I noticed her arms were strong, and what I could see of her legs suggested the same thing. The way she held herself hinted at a strong fighter. Her face was very rounded, not in a fat kind of way, though, and her forehead was broad. Her mouth was curved up in a casual smile, with her hair tucked behind one ear. She was beautiful. Not in the absolutely perfect way, but more of a sweet prettiness that was beautiful in her own way. It was love at first sight. I would kill anything that hurt this girl.

"Who are you?" I asked incredulously.

"My name is for you to find out on your own. I am 14, just as you are. And I am not a figment of your imagination. I am as real as any of your flock. I live in Canada, and was recently mutated along with my best friend Natalca. I can enter people's dreams, and she can sense life forms near her. It is literally impossible to sneak up on her. I know from experience." She said with a laugh.

Suddenly a picture of a different very pretty girl filled my mind. Her hair was blond also, but with more brown. Her eyes were a striking emerald green, and her skin was more tanned. She was tall, but shorter than my mystery girl. She looked to be the same age, too, maybe a bit younger. Her hair went to her chin and framed her face nicely. She had a tank top and jeans, too. She looked strong, too, but not as strong as mystery girl. Her face was much more angular and smaller. She was smiling a smile that seemed to suggest that she knew something you didn't. She was beautiful, too. Also not in a perfect way, but in her own way different even from mystery girl. I felt a connection to this girl, similar to the way I felt about my flock, but not like I felt about mystery girl.

The image disappeared, and I was faced with my mystery girl again.

"That was Natalca. We are like sisters to each other, because neither of us have any family since they kidnapped us when we were 10. We have the same bond you do with your flock. We would both have died long ago if it weren't for each other. We have saved each other's lives many times over." She said.

I knew what it was like to lose your parents and not have any family. Only another orphan could have detected the note of bitterness when she spoke about her family.

"Why are you here?" I asked curiously.

"To warn you. You are no longer safe. The apocalypse is coming, and Natalca and I are part of the prophesied 8 that will stop it, along with you and your flock. Tomorrow morning we will start on our journey to your home. Then we can figure out the details of our situation and how to save the world. I know I probably seem like a crazy whacko, but you have to trust me. It is imperative to the world's survival. Now I will leave you to sleep and think about what I have told you after one last thing. This is your first clue to my name. It begins with an 's' and ends with an 'n'."

Then mystery girl had disappeard and I had fallen into a dreamless sleep for the rest of the night. She had continued to come to me every night since then, and that had been week ago. She had given me small clues as to her name, but I still hadn't gotten it. I hadn't even guessed, because the ones I came up with didn't fit her. We hadn't talked any more about the saving the world business, we just talked about our lives and our interests. Getting to know each other. She had told me the other part of the prophecy. It was that "one of the two would come together with one of the six". She told me that the best she could make of that "cryptic crap" (I like this girl more and more) was that either her or Natalca was destined to fall in love with one of the flock.

Max's voice brought me back out of dream land.

"Iggy, can you come into our room for a minute? I want to talk to you about

something." She whispered.

"Sure, Max." I whispered back. I had no idea what Max would want to talk to me about.

I walked across the hall into her and Fang's room. She sat down on the bed and pulled me down next to her. I did so. I could hear the shower running, so Fang must be taking a shower.

"Iggy….that girl you described earlier..she's real, isn't she?" Max asked softly.

What?? How could she know about my mystery girl?

"Yes, Max, she is real. And incredibly important to our and the world's survival. Can I wait to explain until Fang is here?" I answered her.

"Of course, Iggy."

As soon as Fang got out of the shower, Max told him to come listen to what I had to say. He sat down at the end of the bed, leaning against the footboard.

"Go ahead, Ig." Max told me.

I explained to them about the girl in my dreams and her friend Natalca. I told them about the prophecy. When I was done, they gaped at me in unmasked shock.

"Wow." Max finally choked out.

"How long ago was that, Iggy? When are they going to get here?" Fang asked, once he recovered.

"A week ago. I'll ask her tonight when they'll get here."

"Okay, Iggy. Thanks for telling us." Max said quietly.

I nodded and left their room. Once I was in my own bed beside Gazzy, I began using all my tricks to fall asleep. I really wanted to talk to the mystery girl. I was really actually pretty tired….

"Iggy? I'm back." She said.

"Hi. When are you going to get here?" I asked.

"About noon tomorrow."

If my eyes could widen in my sleep, they would be like ostrich eggs now.


"Uh-huh. Is that a problem?" I could hear anxiety in her voice.

"No! No, that will be fine. I just didn't expect you to get her so soon."

"Well, I should let you sleep now. It's pretty late. Here's your new clue. It's an Irish name, even though I'm Canadian."


"Bye, Iggy."

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