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'And in the end, they were happy because they had found each other.'


The book was tossed against the room where it collided with the wall and slid down to the floor with a loud thump. Cerulean eyes stared at the limp book and they contemplated throwing the paperback into the fireplace (which was unlit), but it wouldn't help ease the pain in his chest. Instead, the person stood up, picked the book up from the floor, and carefully placed it back on the bookshelf.

Destroying the book would destroy the only remainder he had of his previous life and he didn't want that.

Naruto sighed and glanced outside the window. It was a nice spring day and from his small study, he could hear the children playing in the streets. He scolded himself as he sat in front of the window to watch the children play Red Rover on the street. After nearly five months, he would have thought that he was over his ex leaving, but he was still upset.

For three years, he had dated a fiery blond named Temari, but seven months ago, she confessed that her feelings had changed and she only saw him as a friend. She said that she would feel bad leading him on and wanted to stop before something else bloomed between them. They were friends still and they saw each other occasionally, but it didn't take the pain away. Over the months it had eased away to a dull ache that he could push away from time to time, but today his eyes had fallen on the book again. With it, it had brought back unbidden memories and the loneliness in his heart.

Maybe it was time to return the book.

It was one of Temari's favorite books and he had bought it for her at a bookstore that was down the road from his house. The store was small with a side café that had seating outside for when the weather was nice. One of the nice things about the store was that it mixed used books with new ones, so people could buy books at a slightly cheaper price. The owner of the bookshop offered credit so customers could exchange books or sell them back.

It was called The Raven and it always reminded Naruto of Edgar Allen Poe's; 'The Raven.' It didn't help that the owner had a black bird, affectionately called Nevermore.

With a sigh, Naruto removed the book for the shelf and grabbed his keys. It wouldn't do to keep brooding on the past and returning the book might help him overcome the last hump that was preventing him from moving on. He shrugged his jacket on and locked the door behind him before he started his walk to the bookstore.

When he reached the store, it was empty with the exception of the lone raven bird sitting on its perch at the checkout desk. It let out a caw at his arrival and Naruto walked up to the front desk, smiling at the bird and glancing around the empty shop.

"Hey Nevermore, is Itachi here?"

The bird looked at him, cocked his head, and then jumped off his perch. Naruto moved back as the birds wingspan swept past his face and disappeared into the back storage room. It was strange at times to talk to the bird like a human, but Naruto swore that the bird knew what he was saying. But if that raven ever talked back to him, he'd probably die of shock.

He shifted against the counter's edge and glanced around the store. Not much had changed since he was last here a few weeks ago to see one of his friends who worked in the café. It was quiet and he wondered where everyone was, it was a nice day outside to just sit and sip some tea.

"Hello Naruto."

The blond jumped slightly and spun around, eyes focusing on the raven-haired man in front of him. Nevermore was sitting on his shoulder and his black feather almost blended in with the man's dark hair.

"Hi Itachi." He leaned forward a little, "I wasn't taking you away from anything was I?"

Itachi shook his head, "No, why do you ask?"

Naruto reached his hand out to grab a small leaf stuck in the raven's hair, "You have a leaf in your hair and you look flustered; like you were hurried to get here."

The older male gently took the leaf from Naruto's hand and placed it in his pocket, "I assure you, you weren't interrupting anything. What can I do for you?"

"Ah, I want to return this book. I'm kind of tired of looking at it." Naruto admitted and slid the paperback across the counter.

Itachi picked up the book and looked over it before glancing up at the blond, "Didn't you buy this for…"

He nodded, "Yeah, I just feel like I should return it now. I'm not much into reading; all books end the same."

Itachi raised an eyebrow at the comment but took the book from the offered hand. He placed it on a cart and pulled up a window on the computer screen. "I'm guessing you don't want credit than."

"Actually, can I put it towards the café?" Naruto asked, "It's been nice out lately and summer will be here soon."

The Uchiha inclined his head, "Of course." He punched in some numbers on the computer and watched as words danced across the page before the printer spit out a receipt. He handed the paper to the blond and his dark eyes danced with amusement as the bird on his shoulder shifted. "We're not busy right now; would you like to join us for some tea from the café? Our treat."

A grin spread across Naruto's face, "Really?" At Itachi's nod, he bobbed his head enthusiastically, "Sure."

He bounded over to the small side café and watched as Itachi moved around the shop preparing the drinks. The bird left his shoulder and casually walked along the short countertop, a bag of tea clasped in its beak. It stopped in front of Naruto and eyed him, making the blond smile as he gently removed the bag from the birds' mouth.

"Someone's smart."

The raven preened its feathers, making it look like a black soot ball instead of a bird. A laugh escaped Naruto's mouth as he smoothed down the ruffled feathers and the bird nipped lightly at his wrist. Itachi set a cup next to the blond before picking up the bird and scolding it lightly.

"Be nice." He said as it took to the air and hovered near the door.

Itachi walked to the entrance and opened the door so Nevermore could fly outside. He gestured for Naruto to follow him and they settled down in the chairs outside.

"Aren't you worried he won't come back?" Naruto asked.

The Uchiha's eyes followed Nevermore's movements before turning their attention back to Naruto, "No. He'll come back; he's bound to me as well as this store."

Naruto blinked at the comment but didn't say anything on the subject. There were times when Itachi often spoke in riddles and he usually played them off as simple teasing and never thought much about it. But looking at Itachi, he could see the distant stare in the raven's eyes, almost as if he was somewhere else and the present didn't matter. He looked peaceful and relaxed; something that he envied right now. He pushed the thought aside and sipped at his drink now that it had cooled down; there was much about Itachi that he didn't know, but at the same time, he had never really asked.

Something about the man's calm demeanor put him at ease and he wondered how Itachi could always stay so calm. It was as if he was living out some unknown dream or scene from a book and only he knew the books twist and turns. Perhaps he should ask him for some tips on how to relax more in life; if not he'd be gray by the time he was thirty.

That wasn't a comforting thought.

There was a cry from the sky before Nevermore dropped onto the table with a graceful hop, jerking Naruto away from his train of thought. The bird wondered over to Naruto's cup and dipped his head at the blond. Before Naruto could comprehend what the raven was doing, it had poked its beak into his drink.


Nevermore made a crackling noise from deep within his throat and Naruto could have sworn that the bird was laughing at him. The black beak disappeared into the liquid again and blue eyes stared in amazement as the tea vanished down the tiny throat.

"My apologizes." Itachi said, humor lacing his voice, "He usually drinks from mine, he seems to be in a playful mood today."

Naruto glanced up at Itachi, whose eyes shown with amusement and he cocked his head when the Uchiha switched their two cups after placing the bird on his shoulder. He muttered something to the bird who puffed his feathers out in annoyance before settling on the new perch. Without any further thought, he brought the cup to his mouth and sipped at the warm drink, allowing the liquid to warm his stomach. It tasted a little different but he didn't dwell on the finer details; if anything, it tasted better than his had.

"I didn't know birds liked tea." He muttered.

Itachi shrugged, "Everyone is different; you learn to accept them for who they are, including all the weird quirks that accompany them."

The blond grinned at the comment, knowing that Itachi was right. For example, he liked to walk in the rain, even if it meant he would become sick the next day. He wasn't sure why he liked it, but it always seemed to calm his mind and put his body at ease.

A loud chiming noise echoed through the small town square and Naruto's head turned in the direction of the noise. Beyond the tree line was the tall clock tower that marked the center of the town, and its face was just visible through the trees. He frowned at the clock and sipped at the drink some more. It was getting late and he needed to get ready for his job tomorrow. His eyes flickered back to Itachi and a slight flush crept up on his cheeks when he realized the raven was staring at him.

"Do you need to go back home?" He asked.

Naruto nodded, "Yeah. We're taking the students to the planetarium tomorrow since its Friday."

They sat in comfortable silence before Itachi stood up and picked up the cups from the table, "Then I guess I'll let you go."

The blond stood up as well, "I'm sorry I have to rush off like this Itachi. I had a nice time this afternoon though."

A small smile slipped across Itachi's face, "I'm glad. Feel free to come back anytime." He looked at the bird on his shoulder, "We had a good time too."

Naruto grinned and said his goodbyes before heading back to his house. Overhead, the clouds drifted lazily and the sun began its descent to the horizon, throwing shadows on the trees. The wind gusted through the trees and Naruto paused outside his door.

It was going to rain tomorrow afternoon.

That next afternoon, Naruto stumbled into his house and threw his keys on the tabletop. It had been a pleasant day at the planetarium and he had enjoyed spending the morning with his students. They were always so anxious to learn and seeing their excited faces as they explored the museum had put him a good mood.

Until a fellow teacher approached him with devastating news.

Temari had been killed in car accident while going to work.

Even if they had broken up several months ago, the news was still unwelcoming and it tugged at his heart. They had been good friends before they started dating and they were still friends after it. Death wasn't something he wished on any one; ex or not. Outside, he could hear the faintest rumbles of thunder and he slid down against the wall. She was gone and nothing could bring her back; he would never see her laugh with their group of friends and the outings with his friends would be strangely quiet.

The first sounds of the rain hitting his window jolted him out of his trance and his eyes glanced up the paned glass. He watched as the bead of water traveled down the glass before joining another drop and then continued down towards the sill.

He wasn't sure how long he sat on the carpet watching the droplets, but he did remember grabbing his keys and letting the door shut behind him.

The raindrops were cold as they pelted his skin and traveled down his face. He liked to think of them as tears as they moved down his features and dropped off his chin. He couldn't remember the last time he cried and Temari's death was no different. He was saddened at the news and he had felt the familiar pricks behind his eyes, but still nothing feel from them.

Tears were a sign of weakness.

At least that's what his father used to tell him when he was younger.

Yet, bottling up emotions was never good for a person; they always threatened to rupture at the worst time.

His feet led him to the white bridge that gleamed in the rain. It was an old bridge, one that was covered in marble stone and arched beautifully over the clear river water below. Looking over the river now, it was swollen and the waters swirled with mud, making the water turn an ugly brown color.

Naruto's fingers traced over the smooth surface of the bridges' rail and the cold texture sent chills up his spine. The water beaded off the rock quickly, and the small flashes of lightning made the bridge shine under the light. But for all the water that was on the railing, it wasn't slick and he placed his palms on the surface.

The thought was unexpected.

His shoes made a squishing noise as he placed his feet on the edge before standing up slowly. He quickly found his balance and took a step forward. A grin crossed his face at the sound his shoes made and he took another step. His extended arms allowed him to keep balance as he carefully walked on the railing. A pink tongue poked out in concentration as he focused on placing one foot in front of the other and laughter threatened to escape his throat.

It was a feeling of euphoria and he almost felt like he was floating as he crossed the highest point of the bridge. He didn't look down in fear of losing his balance, but simply paused for a second, before continuing.


His head whipped around as he heard his name being called and his eyes locked with black ones. But the sudden movement had cost him his precious balance and his arms flailed widely as he tried to regain balance again. The damage was done though as his foot slipped off the edge and he felt his body dropping down. The world spun into an array of colorful blurs before his body was incased by the rushing water. The last thing his mind saw were black eyes that were filled with something unrecognizable.


His head was throbbing when he finally woke up to a darkened room. The briefest thoughts that he had died crossed his mind, but a slight pressure to his right told him other wise. He turned his head carefully and his eyes strained to decipher the figure next to him. Whoever it was, they had fallen asleep on the edge of the bed; and consequently, on his arm.

A soft caw made him glance up to the headboard and he watched as the raven glided down to land on his stomach. It walked across his chest and poked him in the forehead, and Naruto had the feeling that the bird was upset with him.

"Sorry Nevermore, I didn't mean to slip."

He turned to look at Itachi who was still asleep with his head supported on his arms and he grimaced. The Uchiha's hair was wet and he was wearing different clothes from the time he saw him on the bridge. Itachi must have jumped in the river to pull him out.

Naruto didn't want to wake the sleeping Uchiha and tried his best to hold his sneeze in, but the fates decided that they didn't like him today. His body jerked at the action and Itachi's calm voice filtered through the room, "That is why you don't play in the rain."

Itachi's head rose from the bedspread and he popped his neck. His arm reached out to click the lamp on before leveling a glare at Naruto. "Should I even ask what you were doing?"

Azure eyes cast themselves away from Itachi's harsh glare and instead found the painting of a bamboo plant rather interesting. Maybe that's what he needed in his house; a plant. One that he could easily take care, and those bamboo ones were always neat. The way they curled around in tight spirals and they were very easy to take care of. Yes, he needed a plant.

Warm hands gripped his chin and turned his face away from the picture. He was forced to look into the angry black eyes of Itachi and his own widened when he saw something else swimming behind the anger; concern.

"Temari was killed today." He answered, "And you know how much I like to walk in the rain."

The grip tightened, "And the suicidal walk on the bridge?"

He shook his head, "No, I wasn't planning anything like that. It was something I always wanted to do and it just seemed like a good idea at the time. You startled me, that's all."

"Yes, because walking over a flooded stream in the rain seems like a good idea." Itachi answered sarcastically.

"I wasn't going to try anything." Naruto cried, "I mean it Itachi, I'm not going to. People do weird things, remember."

Something flickered in Itachi's eyes that Naruto couldn't recognize but he sighed when he felt Itachi's grip loosen. However, with the loosening of Itachi's grip, it allowed the reality of the world to settle in and his shoulders slumped.

"She's gone Itachi."

The raven was silent and his head was ducked slightly, as if he was trying to keep from looking at the blond. Silence stretched between the two as they pondered their thoughts and after a while, Itachi spoke again. "What do you want me to do, Naruto?"

Naruto blinked at the question and he shook his head, "Nothing. It's not like you can bring her back or anything." It was softly spoken, but his voice threatened to crack, even if the tears were absent on his face. "I just want to forget, it'll be easier that way."

"Things like this can't go away in a day's time, they take time to heal and you need to surround yourself with friends." Itachi said gently. "People always try to forget and maybe for a day they will, but it'll come back to them the next morning."

"How? How do they make it go away?" Naruto asked and he tried to swallow the lump in his throat, "Please tell me how Itachi, it hurts so badly."

Itachi turned to face Naruto and he forced the blond to look at him, "You want me to make you forget?"

"Please." He begged.

Itachi's face looked pained before he grabbed Naruto's shaking hands and gently brought them to his lips, kissing his knuckles. His eyes flickered up to gauge Naruto's reaction and after finding none, he leaned forward to place a kiss on his lips while he threaded his fingers through the damp locks.

It wasn't what he wanted, but as his hands dipped under the thin shirt and explored the warm flesh, he knew it was something that the blond needed. Underneath him, Naruto panted his name and he could see the raw emotions swimming in the clouded blue eyes. The pain had all but vanished and in its place, lust now swam. He dipped his head as he sucked on the tan neck and he could feel Naruto's fingers winding through his hair as he tried to press their bodies closer.

It wasn't the way he planned it as their clothes were discarded and piled onto the floor in a small heap. His breath fanned over the tanned chest as he carefully pushed a finger past the ring of muscles, watching Naruto's face carefully. The blue eyes were hidden under closed eyelids and they fluttered open as he pushed in another finger. He felt Naruto tense at the intrusion and he pressed his lips against Naruto's in a way to distract the blond from the pain.

It wasn't his desire to see Naruto's face twisted in pain as he searched for the small spot. He flinched when the blond cried out in pleasure as his fingers brushed against his prostate and he rubbed against the spot again. Naruto panted in his ear and he was whimpering slightly as he removed his fingers. He placed one last kiss on the bruised lips and looked down at the younger male, taking in the sight before gently easing in.

It wasn't what he expected as he pushed past the stretched muscles, while muttering softly in Naruto's ear. He didn't move once he was in and it was only when Naruto pressed his hips down, drawing a moan from both of them, that he moved again. Slowly at first until they settled into a rhythm and their sweat-slicked bodies moved against each other in a sensual dance. He threaded his fingers through Naruto's clenched ones, making the blond open his eyes again.

It wasn't the blonds' touch that made him jump when Naruto wound his hand around his neck, it was the way he sighed into the kiss. It was the way he accepted it and leaned into it more. He jerked away from the motion and was glad that Naruto was too far gone to notice his reactions. His hand drifted down to the blonds' neglected member and started to stroke it in order to bring them both to completion and he bit his lip as the younger male screamed his name. He followed him quickly, but only choked out Naruto's name as he dropped his head into the crook of the blonds' neck.

It wasn't the way he had seen it, and he knew that he would never get that chance again. Because if the blond knew; if Naruto knew, he would never want to see him again.

It wasn't anything like the way he thought it would be; it was much more and the feeling left him feeling empty.

When he woke up again, he was oddly disoriented. It took a few moments in order for him to realize that he wasn't at home, but instead, in someone else's room. He blearily blinked his eyes as he tried to focus on something before panic over took his mind. His gaze finally settled on a bamboo painting and he frowned in thought.

He remembered seeing one like that in Itachi's room and he remembered being with Itachi last night…

Naruto's body shot up in bed and he cried out at the pain that followed.

The previous day quickly rushed back to him; Friday, Temari's death, the bridge, and Itachi. Last night, they had; oh god. His head shook back and forth, it wasn't bad, he had always known that he preferred males to females; Temari had been one of the few exceptions. They had never done anything in the three years that they dated, but last night had been amazing and he swore he would never go back.

He heard a loud cawing and he turned to see Nevermore circling a discarded book on the floor. The bird was crying repeatedly as it continued to circle the open book and Naruto tried to calm him down. The blond was sure that the raven was going to give himself a heart attack if he didn't calm down, but his attempts to relax the bird did nothing. If anything, they made the animal more frantic and Naruto was left watching the bird circle.

It wasn't until a pale hand emerged from the book that the bird finally quieted.

Naruto felt his jaw fall slack as another hand appeared and his eyes widened. This was a dream; it had to be. If not, that book was going to come alive and eat him, he was sure of it.

Nevermore landed on his shoulder, but he didn't acknowledge the birds presence as something black started to rise from the book. Naruto grabbed a pillow and clutched it to his chest, hoping it would provide some sort of protection from whatever was coming out of the book. His breathing had quickened as the figure in the book grunted softly before the black shifted, revealing pale skin.

Pale skin, dark eyes, gently sloping lines starting from under the eyes, and black hair.


He let out a yell as the black eyes locked with his and he toppled off the bed. The blond groaned when he hit the bed and he knew now that he was defiantly awake; you can't get hurt in dreams.

From the space under the bed, he watched as Itachi pulled the rest of his body from the book and bare feet settled at the edge of the bed. He heard his name being called and he poked his head over the edge of the mattress. "Hi Itachi."

The raven's face showed no emotion other than a haunting look and his eyes were glazed over as he looked down at Naruto. He didn't say anything at first and Nevermore floated over to his shoulder, landing softly and blending into the dark hair. He muttered softly to the bird before turning his attention back to the blond.

"You didn't see anything."

"Don't try that Jedi crap with me; what's going on?" Naruto snapped, "Books don't just pop out people."

Itachi's frown deepened, "Nothing happened Naruto, you're just imagining things."

"No, no, no; I just saw you come out of that book."

"No you didn't, you're sleep deprived." Itachi stated.

"Itachi, you, you; book and out…" Naruto tried to gesture with his hands, as if it would make the situation seem better, but nothing was working. His mouth was moving but no words were coming out and his mind refused to form a single sentence.

"Perhaps you were dreaming."

"But last night we…and I'm still at your house. Not, not that I have dreams like that!" Naruto almost shouted, his face turning a brilliant shade of red.

"Then maybe you're still dreaming now."

Naruto's gaze settled on the blanket as his fingers traced the soft material, "I hope I'm not." He said quietly.

"Naruto…" Itachi moved closer to the bed, "I'm sorry, but it'll be better this way."

Itachi's lips descended onto Naruto's, and the blond wrapped his arms around the pale shoulders. He gasped out the raven's name as long fingers threaded themselves through blond locks and Naruto found his eyelids sliding shut.

"Itachi, please; don't."

And darkness surrounded him.

When he woke, he was back in his room and it was raining outside. His head pounded as he struggled to sit up in the bed. He felt as if someone had dropped a piano on his body; not that he knew what that felt like, but he could guess. His thoughts were in turmoil though and he couldn't figure out if last night had been a dream or real life. He blushed as the memories of the previous night surfaced and dream or not, something had happened.

A hiss escaped his mouth as a sharp pain shot up his spine when he sat up and his eyes widened.

It couldn't have been a dream.

He shivered as he remembered Itachi emerging from the book, almost like a demon from the ground. His eyes had been blank and gazed over, as if he had committed some awful crime and only he knew the truth behind it.

But it wasn't possible; people couldn't just appear out of books. And if it were true, did that mean that Itachi was just a character from a book?

He shook his head; Itachi couldn't be a character because things like that didn't happen. It was impossible for people to just jump into books and delve into their inner secrets.

And yet, it almost made sense. The calm, nonchalant air about Itachi, the owning of the bookstore, and his almost infinite knowledge that one would only get from reading numerous books. As crazy as it seemed, it almost sounded logical.

But despite all that logic, there was still something missing and it gnawed at him as he climbed out of bed. He stepped into the shower and as the hot water rushed over his body, he tried to remember everything that happened last night; dream or not.

He blushed at the first memory before brushing it aside as he rubbed his shampoo into a thick lather. He remembered seeing Itachi appear out of the book and they had argued briefly over something. His eyes clenched shut as the shampoo ran down his face and he tried to remember what happened after that.

There was pressure on his lips and he knew Itachi had whispered something. His heart thumped painfully as he rinsed his hair out and he willed his mind to remember the words that were whispered to him. The only thing he remembered was begging the raven not to do something, but it was that something that was missing from his memories.

'I'm sorry, but it'll be better this way.'

Naruto's head jerked as the words finally came rushing back to him and he quickly stumbled out of the shower. He ignored the pain in his body and rushed to get dress, nearly tripping over the bottom of his jeans as he ran through the hallway.

Dream or not, he couldn't stand it if Itachi left, and he needed to reassure himself that the raven was still there. That nothing had changed from last night.

It was raining outside as he ran from his house and his feet splashed in the puddles but he didn't give either a fleeting thought. Despite the warm April days in the earlier week, the rain had brought colder weather with it and his breath danced in front of him as he ran. He pushed past the few people on the street and they gave him weird looks from under their umbrellas, but he ignored them; grabbing an umbrella had seemed like an insignificant idea at the time.

The bookstore came into view and despite seeing the lights on inside the building, it didn't satisfy his fear. He flung the door open and stood in the doorway, gasping for breath and dripping water onto the tile floor. The store was empty due to the weather, but neither Itachi nor Nevermore were in the store.

"Itachi?" He called out hesitantly and moved further into the building.

It was deathly silent except for the annoying sound of a clock ticking away the seconds. No sound came from the café and the soft hum of the computer was missing. He shivered as the cold air settled on his body and he walked up to the counter. It was empty behind the desk and he tried to see around the counter.

His eyes caught sight of a door that he guessed led to the back room and he chewed on his lip. He didn't want to sneak around Itachi's store, but he wanted to make sure the raven was still here and wasn't going to go anywhere. That was a logical excuse.

But that didn't stop his heart from racing as he slid over the countertop. He knocked on the door and waited for a response before pushing the door open. A blast of cold air greeted him along with the smell of dirt and old leather. It wrapped around his senses as he walked through the dimly lit hallway and stumbled on a small step.

His hands brushed against cool stone and as his eyes adjusted more, he realized that he was standing in front of a stairwell. He swallowed and cautiously made his way down the steps, feeling for each one as the passage way became darker. As he neared what he assumed was the end of the stairwell, a faint light shone around a corner. He hesitantly called Itachi's name but received no answer. A sigh escaped his lips and he continued down until the ground leveled out.

Another door met him and from the handle, a large paddock lock swung. It was unlocked and the door was slightly ajar, as if Itachi had been in a hurry to leave the room. He felt his heart race against his chest as he pushed the door open and warmer air enveloped his body. His eyes widened as he took in the large underground room that was filled with books. Their gold lettering on the spines danced in the soft light and he walked closer to the shelves.

His fingers ran over the titles, or rather, the authors' name. None of the books had a title on their spines, only the authors name was visible along with a picture of said author and he wondered how old the books were. Most had dust on them and the shelves themselves were covered in a thick layer of dust.

He continued around the room and he stopped when he reached a desk in the middle of the room. There were a few books stacked here, and one of them was open; blank pages stared back at him. He tore his eyes away from the blank book, he felt as if he was intruding on something and he knew he needed to leave. But it was the topmost book on the stack that caught his attention.

With trembling hands, he reached out and picked up the book; noting that it wasn't covered in dust like the others. Instead, it seemed to be well taken care of, almost as if someone was making sure it wasn't damaged in anyway. His fingers traced over the golden title on the front cover and the feel of the material under his fingers almost made him drop the book.

In gold lettering, the title stared at him.

'Uzumaki Naruto.'

Part two will be coming soon...