Near to You

Chapter 1


"Bella, let's take a walk" Edward suggested when we pulled up to my house in his silver Volvo. Without waiting for a response he walked into the forest disappearing behind the trees. Confused, I got out of the car and followed Edward. I found him leaning stiffly against a tree, his jaw clenched tight, and his eyes pitch black.

"Bella, this isn't working out," he said, his voice hard, "We're leaving." I froze; I knew something like this would happen. He's been acting distant these past few weeks.

"Why?" I asked, my voice barely a whisper.

"You are simply boring to us now, and I've found someone new. She's much prettier than you, and she is better than you in everyway" He said speaking the words that shattered me beyond repair. But, he continued with this torture.

"Don't try to find us, none of us care anymore. You were just a toy to all of us, nothing more," he said chuckling darkly, "Good-bye Isabella, forever." And with that he was gone…out of my life…forever.

My knees started trembling and they couldn't take the weight much longer so I fell into a heap on the cold, wet ground. I curled up into a ball and sobbed hard… He truly didn't love me; he thought I was ugly and useless. It wasn't hard for me to believe those words. They were so true and yet so painful.

The truth sometimes can hurt. I thought weakly before letting myself be consumed by sleep.


I was woken up by the sounds of hushed voiced talking rapidly. I concentrated on listening to them.

"He just left her there,"

"Poor thing, she's probably in so much pain,"

"If that Cullen boy ever shows his face near my Bella again I swear-" I recognized that voice, my father.

I looked around trying to decipher my surroundings. I was in my room. I got up slowly, and stretched my sore muscles.

"Dad," I croaked, my throat sore from all the crying. I cleared my throat, which made me wince a bit.

The door opened revealing my dad and another man. He was very tall, russet colored skin, and long black hair.

"Oh, Bells" Charlie breathed a sigh of relief and hugged me tightly but still being cautious.

"Bella, this is Sam, he found you in the forest," Charlie explained, then his features darkened, "Bella, did that boy leave you there?"

I hesitated but nodded. His fists clenched and I could here his teeth grinding together.

"Dad, I think I should move back with Renee in Florida...I don't want to have to deal with this, deal with all the memories of Ed-him." I couldn't get his name out.

Charlie looked pained and I regretted even suggesting it but it had to be done.

"Ok Bella, whatever is best," he kissed my forehead, "Now, get some rest and I'll call Renee." He said and headed for the door.

Before he closed the door I called out to him, "Dad, I love you"


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