When Eyes Meet

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Summary: Love transcends time, love crosses borders, and love, with a little mischief, brings two unknowing people together. Princess Tomoyo Daidouji and Prince Eriol Hiiragizawa are enemies, but what if one day a blue-eyed boy somehow stumbles into the hands of the purple haired beauty?

The Beginning

December 17, 1187 A.D.

Talks discussing the rights of borders of the lands, resources, and trade weighed heavily on the debate between the Li and Kinomoto Kingdom. Both were two of the most prosperous kingdoms with many allies that stretched far.

"No! The Ghan river should be apart of our kingdom! It has many natural resources that our people need. I will not back down from it." King Li shouted.

"Wrong, we need the river to protect our people. Your people who use the Ghan river steal food and valuables from our people. The only thing that your people need it for is to raid from us!" King Kinomoto retorted.

"How dare you infer that we are lowly pirates…" A low growl developed from the pit of King Li's stomach as his teeth clenched as he delivered the world-renown Li deathly glare.

"I don't infer it, I know it." King Kinomoto gave an equally destructive glare back.

Off to the side, two little girls stood timidly next to an older woman and to her other was a boy, watching as the round table that held the highest officials of both kingdoms who were supposed to rectify their problems, only failed and their friendship became so bleak that it seemed nonexistent.

"Mommy, is daddy okay?" One of the girls clung on her mother's gown shakily asked her mother, while the other stared in intensity with her big purple eyes.

"Of course Sakura-chan, don't worry about it." The older woman responded and gave a priceless smile to both of the children.

Both children calmed, reassured by this older woman's smile. She was the Queen of the Kinomoto kingdom. Her beauty was known far and wide for she had the perfect figure that anyone would die for, flowing gray hair that just kissed her hips, but what caught people most of all were her sparkling eyes. Her eyes sparkled with the warmth of the sun that glittered above the flower petals on a field of fringed pink (Nadeshiko) flowers that warmed anyone who looked into them.

"Why don't we get you to bed? You too little Tomoyo-chan. We wouldn't want to worry your mother," she suggested, the two girls nodded and the three walked out of the Kinomoto Kingdom's ball room, which had been changed into a conference room for the talks with the Li Kingdom.

The boy was left alone. He was the eldest child of the King and Queen of the Kinomoto Kingdom, Prince Touya Kinomoto. He could only glare and remain silent at the talkers, contemplating the ramifications that would result from the broken talks. However, it was late, so he too soon tired and left the ball room.

- x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o -- x . o - - x . o - - x . o -

The sun was falling into the horizon as both kingdom's people withdrew back to their respective shelters. The Kinomoto Kingdom went back into their rooms located in their massive castle and the Li Kingdom's envoy to the provided shelter next to the Kinomoto castle that was always provided for foreign guests.

- x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o -- x . o - - x . o - - x . o -

Queen Nadeshiko sighed as she plopped down onto her bed in the royal chambers, after tucking in her precious daughter, Princess Sakura Kinomoto, and her best friend and cousin, Princess Tomoyo Daidouji of the Daidouji Kingdom.

"Are you doing okay hunny?" King Fujitaka Kinomoto asked, while putting away his heavy royal robes into the tall mahogany closet.

Harsh coughs were heard and King Fujitaka ran over to his wife who was laid sprawled on their bed.

"Nadeshiko, Nadeshiko! Please, hold on! I'll call a doctor." Fujitaka cried after rushing to the bed.

"No, wait! Please…" Nadeshiko gripped Fujitaka's hand causing him to stay when he made way to leave.

A line of blood trailed down the side of her mouth, but nonetheless she smiled and gazed lovingly into her husband's eyes which were showered with worry.

"I think…" She breathed a heavy breath, shutting her eyes, with her chest achingly rising and causing her pain, vividly seen in her eyes. Then she smiled again looking at her husband, "I think my time has come."

"No! You can't leave us Nadeshiko!" Fujitaka cried, "You can't leave Touya, you can't leave Sakura, you can't leave…me, please" Fujitaka choked out gripping his wife's hand all the tighter and burying his face into his wife's chest.

Nadeshiko just smiled and caressed Fujitaka's head. She then gently rose his chin up, "We knew this day was going to come. Please protect Touya and Sakura, Fujitaka." Nadeshiko breathed in deeply again, "Promise me?"

"I promise," Fujitaka nodded, tears flowing down his face like a flood.

"I love you." Nadeshiko's voice was hardly audible and Fujitaka leaned down to kiss his wife one last time.

Nadeshiko's eyes fluttered close and when Fujitaka pulled away, all he could see was his wife's peaceful face, forever destined to sleep a very peaceful sleep.

"I love you too," Fujitaka said lovingly and kissed her forehead, "I'll always protect our children and I'll make sure they'll grow up happy. For you…for you."

Early night changed into late night as Fujitaka slept by his wife's body, still clasping her hand.

- x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o -- x . o - - x . o - - x . o -

Far off from the castle on the high hills which overlooked the kingdom, a loud boom rolled throughout the land and fires sprouted. It rose up to the skies to swallow the Kinomoto castle like a tidal wave. Cries were immediately heard as Kinomoto soldiers filed out of the entrance gates of the castle. Their deafening pounding awoke even the deepest sleepers as they rode horse back crossing the gate that served as a bridge above the moat, which protected the castle.

"Your majesty!" A loud banging was heard that accompanied the sudden opening of the door, which opened to the sleeping quarters of King Li.

King Li jerked awake. "What's wrong?!" He yelled.

The messenger boy recoiled, but quickly recovered, "The Kinomoto soldiers…the Kinomoto soldiers are coming!"

"What?! Why?!" King Li shouted exasperated at the sudden turn of events.

"We're not quite sure. But just a little while ago there was a loud noise that resonated through the kingdom and flames are now working at their castle destroying it to bits. I believe…I believe they think that we did it, in retaliation for our peace talks this past day. And now, they're tearing their way over here!" The messenger boy wracked with worry quickly delivered his message.

'Oh no.' Thought King Li as he hurriedly thought of his next plan of action.

"Wake all of our men! We will fight to save as many as we can! Hurry! In the name of the Li Kingdom!" King Li's voice roared throughout the halls, then the messenger boy stumbled away to carry out his orders.

'I have to protect my son.' King Li thought and rushed to his son's room next door.

"What's wrong father?" A little boy of no less than six, asked sleepily, rubbing the tiredness that justly framed his eyes.

"Get up Xiao-Lang. We're leaving." King Li ordered the boy in a tense voice and picked up his son from the bed.

"Huh? Why father? What's happening?" the little boy quickly became worried by his father's actions and shaking body.

King Li just hurried down the hall as Li soldiers piled out of their rooms to head outside the mansion into the courtyard equipped in their armor and weapons and saddling horses. King Li walked towards a man who was older than him with hair just graying his head.

"Wei, take Xiao-Lang back to the Li Kingdom. Please protect him!" King Li pleaded the elderly servant.

"Of course, your majesty. I will protect him with my life and I will do everything to ensure that he returns safely to the Li Kingdom." Wei bowed low giving all the respect he could, knowing that this might be the last time he would see the brave warrior that he grew up to respect. He stood back up and took the little boy from his father's arms into his own.

"Huh? Daddy?! What's happening?! Don't go!" Little Xiao-Lang cried as he tried to get back into his father's arms, tears accumulating in his eyes.

His father just smiled, patted the boys head and looked into his eyes. "Do you remember Xiao-Lang? Do you remember when I told you that when a Li gives a promise, he will always have to keep it because the pride and honor of the Li clan is on the line?"

"Ahmnmmm…" Xiao-Lang nodded, wiping the unshed tears from his eyes, trying to stay brave in front of his father.

King Li walked up to his son and placed his hand on his son's head, while bending down to face him. "Well, why don't we make a promise right now. If you behave and make sure to go with Wei, then I'll make sure everything is alright and we can play again once we get back home." King Li spoke softly and held up his pinky finger to his son. "Promise?"

"I promise, daddy." They linked pinkies and King Li hugged his son. He nodded to Wei and left towards his soldiers, towards the stampeding angry Kinomoto soldiers, towards an unfortunate, and what would be a devastating fight.

The boy watched his father's retreating back until he was whisked away, farther and farther away from the screams and blood shed. That was the last time the little boy saw his father.

- x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o -- x . o - - x . o - - x . o -

May 5, 1198 A.D.

Twelve years have passed since that unfortunate incident. No one knew what had caused the explosion, which had destroyed nearly half of the vast Kinomoto castle, killed dozens, and wounded many more. The King of the Li kingdom and most of his entourage perished in the infamous battle, which had been named 'The battle of Heaven and Earth' due to the overwhelming numbers of the Kinomoto Kingdom's soldiers. His son had made it back to the Li Kingdom safely, but his heart turned stone hard and cold when he finally realized his father had broken his promise and would never come back home to play with him again. The sacred promise of Li's was broken and he vowed to himself that he would never be so weak as to trust someone again and never so weak to be forced to leave someone who he cherished the most in the whole world to die again.

The Kinomoto family and little Princess Tomoyo Daidouji had also safely made it out of the fire that engulfed their castle. The three children could only watch in horror as the castle, where they had shared and created precious memories, was burning changing from the light gray stone wall that protected them when invaders came, that kept them warm when winter storms beat at it, and gave them priceless memories of laughter, life and song to black ash that littered the ground. Queen Nadeshiko's body was carried out by her husband and after the fire was put out, a silent funeral was held. Cries were screamed, tears were shed, and sadness enveloped the kingdom, but the worse had yet to come.

Two weeks after the incident, the Li Kingdom had sent a messenger to the Kinomoto kingdom declaring war, accusing the Kinomoto kingdom of King Li's death. King Kinomoto was forced to retaliate as hundreds of Li soldiers were sent across the border by the angered Queen Yelan, who had taken the place of her husband's position as the General of the Li army. Although war was in sight, which would bring the inevitable death of many, the middle and lower class families were eager to take part in the war believing that the death of their once beautiful Queen that graced their lands was because of the Li Kingdom.

Songs were sung of how the Li ambassadors brought bad luck, disease, and evil magic into their lands. They told the story that the Li's who came for peace talks actually came to kill their Queen and they had cast evil magic upon the Queen to give her a disease and lead to her eventual death.

War was massive and bloody. The allies of both Kingdoms were forced to take sides. Most notably of the allies were the Daidouji Kingdom on the side of the Kinomoto kingdom and the Hiiragizawa kingdom supporting the Li Kingdom. Poverty and hunger struck everywhere, family members were killed by the war, which only increased the discrimination of both sides and the line that separated them only became more apparent with each day.

Little children cried in hunger as their stomach growled for food that hadn't entered it for weeks. Homeless beggars speckled the streets, only to become more numerous everyday. Crime increased as the police force, which once governed the streets of towns and cities decreased because they were being sent to support the war. Slaves of women, children, and poor boys of the same kingdom were illegally caught and sold by slave traders, not caring of their loyalty and sympathy towards their kingdom's inhabitants. Slave traders only saw greed in the form of spirits, wenches, and wealth which in the time of war could be easily obtained through cheating, lying, and slaving.

Everyone was saddened and tired and wished for escape from the war, but all they had grown up to see in the last decade was blood and hatred for the opposite side. It was unfortunate and all these thoughts had lay heavy on one boy's heart this night.

The navy blue hair young man, stared up to the ceiling of his royal chambers through his spectacles. Eriol Hiiragizawa, Prince of the Hiiragizawa kingdom was in deep thought. He had just come from another meeting about the tiring war, which they usually spoke of, but what surprised him was when his counselors brought up another matter, a personal matter.

"How old are you?" Ask one of his most trusted advisors who was seated second to the right of him on a large round mahogany table, inside a closed room with no windows, a single obvious door, and many hidden passage ways.

Eriol at the head of the table and overseeing the talks, raised a brow at the strange question, but answered, "I'm 17."

The advisor nodded agreeably and spoke, "You are of 17 years 2 months and 23 days."

"Yes, Uncle Kaitari. Is there something wrong with my age?" Eriol asked quizzically.

"No, no, my dear boy. There is not. What is wrong is with your life." Elder Kaitari, an old man of the yawning part of fifties paused, and seriously stared at the boy.

"In our royal statute, most markedly section 107 paragraph 5 sentence 3, that was set by your ancestor King Nobaki Yuu Hiiragizawa, may he rest in peace, it states that when the heir of the Hiiragizawa Kingdom reaches the age of 18, he will be crowned as King to rule over the Hiiragizawa lands if the present King wishes, but if there is no present ruler, then that heir must satisfy the necessary qualities and become King at 18 years of age." Elder Kaitari took a deep breath and continued. "In 2 months you will reach 18 years of age, which is fine because you have met all requirements extremely well, all except one, you need a wife."

At this point all counselors, lords, and sires looked at the boy who only could gulp at the sudden pressure. He opened his mouth to retort, but was only cut off.

"We realize that you have gone through many candidates and they all fell deeply in love with you, but you refused all. We have also realized that 2 months is a short period, so we have agreed to extend your date of acceptance to 6 months and 26 days from now, otherwise known as January 1st to celebrate the New Year in good luck by your marriage and coronation. You will have these months and days to find a suitable wife and marry her, so that you may rightfully claim the title as King and rule our land to prosperity." Elder Kaitari completed.

Silence enveloped the room as everyone looked to the Prince for a reaction. Prince Eriol could only gape at the sudden announcement, but he calmed down and took a deep breath and spoke.

"This was decided…by all of you?" Prince Eriol glanced up from rubbing his temples and scanned the room, occupant by occupant.

Heads nodded in acknowledgment, not backing down from the Prince's stern glare. Eriol sighed.

"You have been a good ruler, thus far when your parents passed away, may they rest in peace, and we know that this war is of grand importance, but our kingdom would be much stronger and more peaceful if you took a wife," spoke Lord Gabes of the Tayuki lands located in the Eastern part of the Hiiragizawa kingdom. He was also close to the Prince, as Elder Kaitari was, which was why he was nominated to speak as not to further anger the prince.

Behind Prince Eriol was a man holding many papers, some skewed sticking out of the massive pile. He poked at the rim of his glasses which were falling and nodded in agreement with the rest of the council. Iolk Ren had been taking care of the Prince since the former King and Queen had passed away and had become a strict guardian to him, advising Prince Eriol in all the proper ways of a Prince and good ruler.

"Fine, I will do as asked by the council," Eriol stood up, "You are all dismissed."

Screeches by chairs were heard as everyone got up to leave and go back to their homes.

The assembly dispersed, but before then the Prince was long gone heading back to his room followed by Iolk.

"Your highness," Iolk panted trying to keep up with the Prince, "you must sign and look over the papers from the Uki clan of the West requesting for more police service, and the strategy for the war against the Daidouji kingdom must be refined, a meeting from the lieutenants was requested to talk over their strategy, and…"

"Please," Eriol suddenly turned around, cutting Iolk off from naming his never ending list of duties, "leave me at peace for tonight."

"Of course," Iolk nodded, "We shall continue tomorrow," understanding that the news of having to find a wife weighed largely on his Prince's shoulders.

Eriol smiled and entered his room, closing the door softly behind him.

Staring at his ceiling quickly grew boring, the Prince tried to sleep, but his worry over the past day events impeded upon his sleep. 'How was he supposed to find a decent suitor within a year's time? He had not found one in all of his 17 years of life, why would he be able to find one now?' Then an idea struck him, which earned a smile that filled his face. 'If he could not find one here in the Hiiragizawa kingdom, then why not just look elsewhere?'

Eriol quickly gathered his pack that was always ready in case of emergencies, which often occurred as he had to go out and lead his army to support the Li Kingdom's battles or some other crisis which called to his attention elsewhere in his kingdom. He pulled himself into the frames of his window, but stopped when he heard a voice.

"Master, where are you headed?" a voice whispered out from the blackest corner in the royal chambers.

The voice walked out of the darkness and into the moonlight that had streamed through the open window. On her perfect figure with long ruby hair and beautiful butterfly wings that sprouted from her back, sat another smaller black figure that seemed like a cat, but had tiny wings to match the first person.

Eriol smiled his eyes glazing over in a devious plot. He spoke without turning to face the two people who were always there to protect him in the shadows if ever an assassination attempt occurred. His eyes glazed over as they were hidden behind his spectacles by the bright moonlight that illuminated the kingdom and a smiled played across his face.

"I'm going to do just as my advisors have ordered me. I'm going to find a wife and meanwhile get away from all this. I'm tired and I believe as the ruler of this kingdom, I deserve a break," then Eriol jumped out of his window that was located on the top most floor of his castle, which stretched eight stories tall, disappearing into the night.

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