When Eyes Meet

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Summary: Love transcends time, love crosses borders, and love, with a little mischief, brings two unknowing people together. Princess Tomoyo Daidouji and Prince Eriol Hiiragizawa are enemies, but what if one day a blue-eyed boy somehow stumbles into the hands of the purple haired beauty?

The Slave

June 1, 1198 A.D.

"Princess, wake up, day has appeared. And, oh! Is it going to be a lovely one," a maid crossed the vast room that held one occupant, the Princess of the Daidouji Kingdom.

Rattling rings were heard as the maid opened the curtains that filled the room with light of the bright sunny day.

Tomoyo Daidouji rubbed her sleepy eyes and turned to get out of bed as the maid readied her bath.

It was just another day for the recently turned 17 year old Princess. Her beautiful, purple long hair flowed on her back as she walked towards her shower room.

"My lady, what is your schedule for today?" The maid named Yuri asked, while laying out the Princess' clothing. She had been a good friend of Princess Tomoyo since she could remember and would often speak to the Princess in a relaxed tone.

Tomoyo thought deeply, while in the warm bath's water, "Hm…I don't know, when are the slave traders leaving?"

Yuri giggled at the Princess' inquiry for she knew the reason why the Princess asked.

The Princess was renown for her kindness towards the poor and helpless. She often went to the slave markets to buy slaves and give them a good home. She would assign the slaves that she bought to become interns and practice the arts of the specialists in her kingdom. This ended up as a profit because most of the slaves were so thankful to her that they practiced hard and were forever loyal.

"I believe they depart tomorrow in the early morn to cross the river into the Li Kingdom," Yuri replied as she helped the Princess dry herself and put on the day's clothes.

"Then I will be going to the slave yard," Tomoyo answered and sat in front of her dresser for Yuri to comb her hair, "Do you want to come with me?"

Yuri giggled and smiled to the Princess, "I apologize My Lady, I cannot go because I

have a previous engagement with the seamstress mistress."

"Oh, today is your test, isn't it?" Tomoyo asked.

She had taught Yuri the ways of sewing until Yuri could sew beautiful gowns and other intricate designs. If Yuri passed her test, she would become a specialist in sewing and her designs might someday adorn the highest officials of the Daidouji Kingdom.

"Good luck," Tomoyo wished.

"Thank you, my lady." Yuri had finished and led her lady to get dressed.

Tomoyo dressed in a simple purple, silk gown that she had sewed herself. It hugged her curves and tastefully displayed her features, while still allowing her to easily move.

Yuri exited the room, bidding farewell to the Princess. Tomoyo soon followed suit to head down the grand staircase for breakfast.

Guards at the side of the doors that led to the breakfast room bowed and opened the doors. The food was served on a little round table that held two chairs. Tomoyo ate alone, hating the silence that bit at her, trying to ignore it all the while.

She saddened looking at the other chair.

Her mother, Queen Sonomi Daidouji was a kind, wise and sometimes a little crazy over cute things. One day, almost a year ago, she had disappeared on an expedition to the borders of the Daidouji lands to help villagers rebuild their homes after a fall flood that tackled homes down. When the company had almost finished reconstructing the homes, enemy soldiers crossed the borders and attacked the village.

All that Tomoyo had heard was that the Queen's body could not be found, while most of the soldiers and villagers had gotten out of the enemy's attacks safely. Tomoyo placed down her fork and stared at her plate.

The tall double doors that opened to the breakfast room revealing a man with the Daidouji insignia adorning his armor. He speedily approached the Princess and bowed low in a show of respect.

"My Lady, I hear you are heading towards the slave yards again today?" The man asked after he stood back up.

Tomoyo held back a twitch at the sight of him, then straightened her shoulders and held her chin up high, "Yes Sir Lance, I am."

"Then several soldiers and I will accompany you on your journey,"

Tomoyo inwardly sighed, "I do not need an escort every time I go out into my kingdom,"

"I'm sorry My Lady, your safety was charged to me by Her Majesty and now times are unsafe with the war. Please let me know when you wish to leave," Sir Lance bowed low once more.

'We are always at war!' Tomoyo shouted in her mind. She wanted to travel her kingdom wherever and whenever she desired. She would never be free!

"Fine. You are dismissed. We will leave within the hour." Tomoyo turned away, ashamed of her self that she was taking her anger out on her knight who only wanted to keep her safe.

Sir Lance rose once more and left.

Once the double mahogany doors closed, Tomoyo let out a deep breath and cradled her chin in both her hands.

'Where are you Mama? Come back! I miss you and I can't go anywhere now that you're gone. The council has become even stricter since you left and now I can't even visit Sakura. I feel so lonely…' Tomoyo sighed and stood up leaving her barely touched food behind to her guards that she knew were already waiting for her outside in the courtyard.

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'Ouch,' A boy thought as his hands were once again chaffed by the chains that held them by his wrists above his head.

'Gosh, Eriol. That was smart. Run away from your kingdom to have some fun in freedom, only to get caught by slave traders…in your own Kingdom!' Eriol yelled at himself, angered by his confinement.

Around a month ago, Eriol was roaming the border of the Hiiragizawa kingdom, when he heard a cry. He ran to the sound only to find out that a mother and her son were going to be captured by slave traders. Eriol rushed in to save them. He had succeeded, but only at the price of being caught himself. The slave traders immediately crossed the borders, not wanting any retaliation from the Hiiragizawa kingdom for capturing one of their people.

They traveled through the Kinomoto Kingdom lands and their ally kingdoms selling off their bountiful amount of slaves. He was a handsome boy that caught the eyes of many buyers, but no one wanted to buy him after the slave traders had told their customers that he was caught on the lands of the Li ally kingdom.

So here he was. Stuck in a small, dark, dingy cell after being dragged from one slave pen to another—too many times to count. He looked up suddenly when he heard voices speak outside his cell.

"Ugh, I can' 'elieve we still got dat stupid slave. I thought we would get rid of 'im quick. Mayhaps we shouldn' tell da next buyer dat 'es from da Li lands," one of the burly guards spoke in a gruff voice. (Ugh, I can't believe we still got that stupid slave. I thought we would get rid of him quick. Perhaps we shouldn't tell the next buyer that he's from the Li lands).

" 'ay, we can' lie 'bout the others 'cause they all look like Li scums, but 'es weird. 'tis so 'ard to sell a blue ayd freak." (Yeah, we can't lie about the others because they all look like Li people, but he's weird. It's so hard to sell a blue eyed freak.).

Both the guards laughed at the joke and walked away.

All Eriol could do was glare at the retreating shadows of the two guards, but hope sparked in his heart. He may be sold soon! Then he could learn his new home and easily escape. At least there he wouldn't be bound to a wall everyday and second.

His eyes sparkled as he contemplated on what tricks he would do to his new master to ensure his survival and escape. Rich people could be such fools, they were all so easily to manipulate. He would just play up to their wealth, status, and their "supposed" beauty and the next time they looked, he would be long gone. A grin grew on his face that was half hidden by shadows that was seen by only blackness.

- x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o - - x . o -- x . o - - x . o - - x . o -

"So what do you have for me today?" Princess Tomoyo asked walking into the slave pens followed by her too many guards.

"We have a lot of handsome boys if you wish for a warm bed or we also have a wide variety of Li scums if you wish for a good torture," the slave merchant rambled rubbing his hands together, knowing that his customer was rich by her attire and entourage.

Tomoyo grimaced in disgust at the merchant's words, but she also held back knowing that this was what war did to people, it turned their insides ugly which made their outsides even more revolting.

"I hear you are heading for the Li lands after this,"

"Yes, yes we are heading there tomorrow morning,"

"Then I wish for someone who is not from the Li or their ally lands,"

This earned a gaping mouth from the merchant and he stopped in shock, but quickly recovered and thought. Most Daidouji citizens and their allies wished for Li occupants and allies to torture them out of satisfaction from the war's discrimination.

'Why would this young lady want someone of her own lands? She must be an emissary from the government. They often try to buy back their own people. I have to be careful not to anger this one or I might find myself in the Daidouji Kingdom's jail. But I don't have anyone who's not from the Li lands, our supply of slaves are low from going across the Kinomoto and allies lands. Oh, but there is that one boy…'

The merchant smiled, "I apologize for my rudeness. Of course we have someone who I'm sure you would like,"

The merchant led Tomoyo and her entourage towards the very back of the slave pen. They crossed cells whose occupants looked up to the party. Some held faces of fear, other with faces of despair, and much more with no life in their swallow indented faces.

"Get up!" The merchant yelled at the guard who jumped up from his nap on a barrel.

"Open cell 29,"

" 'a-ay sir!" the guard bowed clumsily and opened up a wooden door that led to a very dark room. (Y-yes sir!).

"This way Madam," the merchant allowed Tomoyo to walk ahead of him in to a small cell. She entered alone and was greeted by darkness. A really pungent smell slammed into her senses. She quickly drew her handkerchief from her pocket it and placed it over her nose.

"This one is really good. I'm sure you'll like him, he's…" the merchant started to ramble.

"Leave," Tomoyo said and the merchant backed away and waited outside the cell door.

Tomoyo slowly approached the figure that was chained to the wall by his wrists and ankles. She knelt down by the figure and was surprised when the figure suddenly looked up.

" 'ello Miss," the boy gave a big smile to her. (Hello Miss).

Tomoyo just looked at him surprised and gazed at his eyes. His demeanor was not impressive. His head held bountiful of messy dark hair, his face was bushy by his tangled mustache and beard, and his body was caked in dirt and dried blood.

But his eyes.

His eyes caught her. She found her self being sucked into his eyes which was like the depths of the ocean, calming, but yet held so much mystery and power.

Tomoyo was jerked out of her trance when the boy spoke again, " 'our mighty pretty Miss, what's the likes o' you doin' in 'ere?" he smiled again and tilted his head. (You're really pretty Miss. Why is someone like you here?).

Tomoyo shook her head, then looked back at the boy again. "What's your name?"

"Folks call 'e Eriol, but 'ou can call 'e whatever you wish," the boys grin never escaped his face. (People call me Eriol, but you can call me whatever you wish).

There was something wrong with him, Tomoyo felt. He didn't seem to fit into the scene of an unfortunate low class person who was mistakenly caught by slave traders. Tomoyo kept her guard.

"What can you do?"

" 'ay can do 'nything you 'ant, I can even make sure you 'eel mighty 'ine at night 'oo… Ouch!" Eriol recoiled being smacked in the middle of his head by a fan. Tomoyo withdrew her fan and glared at the boy. (I can do anything you want, I can even make sure you feel really good at night too…Ouch!)

"Do you really think I'm as low as that?" Tomoyo glared at him angrily.

She didn't know why she was so mad though. Of course, slaves would expect customers to buy them for just that purpose, as most customers came to slave pens for that, but for some reason she was offended. She didn't want this slave to think that she was like them.

" 'o course not Miss! 'ay apologize," Eriol quirked his brow at this woman. (Of course not Miss! I apologize).

'So she wasn't here for a bed partner, then why was a woman as rich as her in a slave pen?'

"Ugh," Tomoyo got up and walked towards the merchant, "is there anyone else that's from the Daidouji Kingdom or our friendly lands?"

"No, I'm sorry madam, he's the only one," the merchant said wanting the customer to buy the slave that they couldn't get rid of for so long.

Tomoyo glanced back at the boy on the wall who only grinned in return.

For some reason she felt disturbed. It didn't feel right. This boy held too much intelligence and wisdom in his eyes to be a slave. Tomoyo sighed then looked at the merchant once more.

"Fine, I'll buy him." The merchant was elated and started rambling about prices, but Tomoyo didn't hear him for she had glanced back at the slave again and was once more entranced in his never ending eyes.

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