Moments through Heaven's eyes

By: Flower Girl FF7

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Cloud sat against a tree trunk in a meadow by a stream. He and his comrades have decided to stay there for a rest after a hard day of fighting…

The meadow was a beautiful green adorned with many flowers, with an elegant stream flowing from the base of twin waterfalls. It provided a gentle, cool breeze, which gently touched Cloud's face.

He closed his eyes breathing in…with a breath of content

Then he opened them again.

Cloud gazed at his surroundings at his friends…his comrades…

He smiled at Tifa his childhood friend…who was trying in vain to rub a stain out of her white tank top.

She had smeared it during battle.

Every other second he could hear her cursing and grunting.

Her frustration was hilarious.

She was gentle and optimistic. All you had to worry about was her punches in battle. Cloud had got caught in quite a few of Tifa's scrimmages. It was painful as hell.

He looked to Red XIII who was just napping and bathing in the sun's splendour next to the stream.

The red beast had the look of relaxation and content on his face as he slept.

He was an intelligent beast who loved to learn about his surroundings and origins of ancient species…

Cloud relaxed.

He turned his head and looked to the meadow.

His eyes met a beautiful young girl, with beautiful flowing honey-brown hair that was tied up in a flowing braid tied with a silk pink ribbon.


She was picking flowers and joyously doing it too. She would pick the flower and savour it's flowery sweet aroma and then gently place it in her basket.

She looks so innocent…so sweet…

Cloud's mako blue eyes gazed at the young flower girl….

I never felt this way about anyone…

He remembered how he met her. A beautiful young woman in a dirty, smog-ridden city.

She was selling flowers cheerfully.

There was something about her…

Her smile…

Her eyes…

Her very being…

Cloud's eyes gazed at her…longingly…

I don't know how,

I don't know why,

But girl it seems,

You've touched my life.

You're in my dreams,

You're in my heart,

I'm by myself,

When we're apart.

She was always in his dreams at night. When they would camp out…he would spend countless hours trying to sleep…the torture's of his past would haunt him…but Aeris' warm smile would ward off his fears and pain…and he would be able to sleep with pleasant dreams…dreams of her…

Something strange has come over me,

A raging wind across my seas,

And girl you know that your eyes are to blame,

What am I supposed to do?

If I can't get over you,

And come to find that you don't feel the same.

Cloud sighed…

How do I feel…? Am I…

Cause I'm falling, falling,

Girl I'm falling for you,

And I pray you're falling too,

I've been falling, falling,

Ever since the moment,

I've laid eyes on you…

In love?

I love her…?

It was true… he had fallen for her….ever since the moment he laid eyes on her... That day in the slums…

Would you like a flower?

The memory flooded in…

Cloud smiled.


Cloud turned around to see Aeris smiling at him….

He looked into her eyes…the colour of the lifestream…the colour of the sea during the sunrise…

They are so beautiful…

"Um..Er…Hi Aeris…" Cloud stuttered.

Why am I fumbling so much in front of her?

I lose my step,

I lose my ground,

I lose myself,

When you're around,

I'm holding on, for my life,

To keep from drowning in your eyes

Her eyes sparkled as she laughed.

Cloud blushed as he scratched his head.

Girl what have you done to me,

To make me fall so desperately?

To think I don't even know your name?

How am I supposed to know?

If I can't get over this?

You decide that you don't feel the same?

"So is there something wrong?" Cloud asked worriedly.

"No…but I just wanted to give you one of these…" Aeris smiled handing Cloud a beautiful lavender flower.

Cloud smiled as he accepted.

"Do I have to pay this time?" Cloud said with a sparkle in his eyes.

Aeris laughed. "No that's okay…"

Cloud smiled.

She makes me so happy…

Cause I'm falling, falling,

Girl I'm falling for you,

And I pray you're falling too,

I've been falling, falling,

Ever since the moment,

I've laid eyes on you…

Cloud watched her turn around and run cheerfully in the meadow to pick more flowers…

He sighed happily…

She made him have a glow in his heart…she made him smile…something that no one could do…not even Tifa…

Aeris…do you love me?


Will you stay or will you go?


Heaven knows what my future holds,


Questions linger on my mind,

Cloud hung his head down in sorrow…

What's happening…would she care for me?

Would she love me?

Could she love me?


From daybreak to dark of night,

I'm falling,

I don't know what's come over me

He looked to her once more…

He wished that she could realize…just see how much he was loving, and how much he was falling for her…

Can't you see
I'm falling, falling
Girl I'm falling for you
And I pray
You're falling too, yeah

I hope she's feeling the same…

Falling, falling,
Ever since the moment…


Cloud looked up to the voice…

I laid eyes on you

It was Aeris again…

"Cloud what's wrong?" she asked tilting her head to one side.

Her eyes sparkled at him.

"…Nothing…" Cloud replied.

"Nuh uh…something is wrong. I can tell…" Aeris teased smiling at him.

Cloud smiled.

"It's nothing really…"

"Are you absolutely positively sure?" she asked with an innocent look in her eyes.

"Yes…" Cloud said warmly.

"Okay…but I'm always here for you if you want to talk or if you need a shoulder…"


"And whatever is bothering you…just lift it off your chest. Look around, it's a beautiful day…don't waste it feeling down. Okay? Let's just have fun while it lasts. Live life to the fullest…you never know when it might end." Aeris smiled.

"Thanks…you're right." Cloud nodded.

With that Aeris grabbed Cloud's hand and dragged him to where the others were sitting…

Live life to the fullest…cause you never know when it will end…

All I know is that I want to spend it with you …Aeris…