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So If you're too lazy to read the previous chapter about what happened I'll tell you briefly. Yaya pretends to date with Nagihiko, Kuukai is pretending to like Utau and so due to heavy misunderstood circumstances, they created a little chaos of their own.

Chapter 6- Crashing down on each other

Morning the next day, 7 am

Yaya carefully walks around the campus while dragging Nagihiko along, she watches out for any student that may see them.

She subconsciously held on Nagihiko's neck as she was searching throughout the corners for any possible intruders.

"Y-Y-Yaya you might want to loosen up a bit." Nagihiko says as he was choking and longing from some oxygen.

She released him immediately and he fell to the floor hitting his head.


Then she rushes to him she apologizes over and over, "Wah! Yaya's sorry for hurting Nagi-kun." By the time she gently tapped Nagihiko's forehead, Kuukai and Utau came together.

Kuukai had a sudden rush of emotions because of what he saw. So he intentionally trips Utau after that he catches her.

"What are you doing Idiot?" Utau exclaims as he was holding her waist, he looked at Yaya hoping for a reaction but Yaya pouted and dragged Nagihiko away pretending that nothing happened.

"Tch. Stupid Yaya ignoring me." Kuukai mumbled, he pulled Utau along forcibly as they trodded the grounds of their campus. Anyway, Neither of the two confused couples realized that they were one hour early for school.

So the four of them went in their separate ways and in an unexpected way, Yaya and Kuukai crossed paths. Both were just strolling around so there was a long silence between them. None of them had the courage to talk but then Yaya says, "How's your relationship with Utau?"

"Oh just fine going strong. " Kuukai lied actually the two of them were totally incompatible, no matter how much he tried, he knew that it should eventually end soon.

Yaya was irritated to hear him say they were happy and everything so she lied as well, "Well I am going to have a date with Nagi-kun tomorrow."

"Aren't you even bothered about Rima-san's feelings?"

"What about it?"

"You know about it."

"She understands."

Kuukai looks at her straight in the eye, "What if she doesn't?"

Yaya was in the verge of crying, she bit her lower lip and she exclaimed, "You don't care! Goodbye!"

She ran away as fast as she could and as much as Kuukai wanted to follow her, he couldn't. The pain they have caused each other is just widening the gap between them. It's a bitter reality he had to face.

Classes start with Yaya spacing out.

"Mrs. Yuiki read page 34 now." her teacher tells her in a stern tone.

Yaya looks up from her desk, and it is simply obvious that she wasn't paying any attention.

"Y-Yes?" she shakily asked, her teacher gave her a look that meant one thing. DETENTION. That's it she got detention for spacing out for the second time around.


Nagihiko tries to tell her to calm down, "Can you keep on pretending like this?"

"I have to make that Idiot ,mine again." she sobs in frustration, from a distance Nagihiko sees Kuukai looking at them so he hugs her out of the blue.

He sweet talks her, "Don't worry I'm still here."

Then resounding footsteps of a furious Kuukai came dashing towards them he asks, "Why is that girl crying and why are you holding her??"

A grin escaped from Nagihiko's lips, his plan was working and since Utau doesn't seem to be around he continues, "Well we're dating isn't that natural?"

Yaya then jumps in between them, "Stop it now! You Kuukai creature someday you'll know what kind of burden you are passing onto me!"

She grabs Nagihiko's hand and they ran away to an empty corridor.

The two perplexed creatures both sigh after they realized their earlier actions.

"Sorry." Nagihiko immediately apologized.

Yaya replies in between breaths, "It's okay. I like what you did."

"He's scary when he's mad." Nagihiko remarked as he breathes calmly.

"Don't worry it'll end soon." she reassures but in her heart, she doesn't even know if it'll ever end. She wanted him badly but unfortunately, she doesn't feel that Kuukai feels the same way towards her.

In the meanwhile..

Kuukai and Utau talks heart to heart in the rooftop. Utau rolled up the sleeves of her uniform. She twirls her blonde hair and then she popped a bubblegum in her mouth. Kuukai remained silent and he speaks, "Actually, I have something to tell you-"

"I already know." she answers before he could even finish his sentence.

He stared at her, "Let me finish."

"Fine, speak."

It took him about 10 seconds before he could even utter a word.

He looks at her intentionally,"Utau, let's break up."


"But not now."


The two were pulled in another argue session, they seemingly flashed frustration in their eyes.

Kuukai blurted out, "Hey! How could you just answer 'okay' when someone just tells you that he's breaking up with you?!"

Utau responded loudly,"What the-? What do you want? You want to see me moping around and sulking around while shouting your name? I'm not insane!"

"At least cry a little, say thank you!"

"This is not a manga! This is reality Kuukai!"

Soon they were tired of bickering and they both grinned in agreement. They reach out their hands to shake hands. They have a deal, a deal only the two of them knows but only one thing is sure to come out of this situation.

They will straighten out Yaya's true feelings so more secrets are created. Everything will become peaceful again right? Wrong, in fact everything is just about to begin because more misunderstandings will surface.

"It's a deal."

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