A/N The last chapter (so long ago!) was Ozorne. This one was written for the first TPE Halloween challenge! The quote above was one of ten provided to inspire a story and this ended up being it. Enjoy!

"Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us and, sometimes, they win." -Stephen King

He had always been haunted by a ghost. It had lurked in a motherless childhood, an empty manor, and a father's constantly closed door.

Even though he gained great power, it never left him. Not even his sister could see how this specter drove him, telling him that if he wasn't the best then he had proven nothing: he was still that disappointment of a son his father couldn't even be bothered to know.

Long before he brought Roger of Conté back from the dead, he was haunted by himself.

And it was this ghost which would, ultimately, kill him.