A/N The last chapter was Thom. Pretty sure I had his name in there, since the pronouns got confusing while talking about him and Roger. This chapter has the characters' name in it, as well, as he is only quasi-canon. Hakkon is the falconer in Snowsdale, Daine's village, and was the one who led the men in hunting her after she went cra'. His character has been written by me before, in Breaking Point. And so, Halloween prompt #2 from TPE!

"Sometimes human places create inhuman monsters." -The Shining

Snowsdale was the kind of village where basket of broths and bread were left on struggling families' doorsteps, where others' children were watched as carefully as one's own. It was a good place, but could only take so much hardship before it created something... dark. Hakkon was leading Snowsdale men through the mountains, hunting Sarra's daughter. Daine had turned, after the bandits, running wild, killing with her hands and teeth.

Hakkon was sick with the decision. The others joked as if they were hunting rabbits, or deer.

They called Daine 'monster'. Hakkon knew with certainty who'd, truly, been made monstrous.