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A special thanks to YukinoKara-san who supported the story from the very beginning and gave me writing tips. Thanks to Sonar-san who gave me the idea for this little blooper chapter.


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Al-How much sugar have you had today?

Me-I'm not telling youuuuuuu. It's a seeeecreeeet.

Al-……Okay then.

Me-Right, so this is basically just me randomly talking about things with the cast of the fic. So everyone, what'd you think?

Ed-It sucked. U_U

Me- =(

Al-Nii-san! That wasn't nice!

Ed-Well it's true. I mean, it ended on a weird note. What happens to everyone now?

Me-I'd like to let the audience think up their own ending.

Loud chorus of "Cooornyyy!"

Me-Oh all right!

Essentially, Roy and Riza date for a while then get married.

Chorus of "Awwwws!"

Random person-I Like EdXRoy better!

Me-0_o….ok…same thing for Ed and Envy.

Chorus of "Awwwws!"

Same random person-I still like EdXRoy better.

Me-Then why did you read this? -.-;; And it's the same thing for Havoc and Fuery.

Chorus of "Awwwws!"

Me-….Hey random person who is most likely a fangirl, aren't ya gonna say something?

Random person (who is most likely a fangirl) again-I have nothing against it.

Me-Well that's good…

At this point you know who this is-But EdXRoy is the best!


Ed- That's it? The stereotypical marriage at the end? Huffs How unoriginal.

Me-So are you saying you DON'T want to marry Envy?

Ed-….*Blush* I didn't say that.

Envy-Hey author person, could you possibly describe our wedding night if you know what I mean~. ^_0 =P

Me-Oh ho ho~! I know EXACTLY what you mean. :)

Ed-No no no no no! That is private and personal! Also, I will not have you scaring my little brother's mind!

Al-Yeah, please don't. I have nothing against my brother's sexual preference; I would just rather not know what goes on behind closed doors. Shudders

Ed-Speaking of Al, what happened to him?

Me-Oh yeah, that's right. You both found an alternate way to bring back the body parts (and body) you lost, not the Philosophers Stone.

Ed-Sweet! What was it?

Me-…would you believe a magical talking golden toad?


Me-Well that's what it was so deal with it.


Me-Also, Al eventually admits his love for Winry too and she feels the same way.

Al-Yeah! ^-^

Roy-So when's the wedding?

Me-Whenever they want to have it.

Al-Hey, hey! We're still just kids!

Roy-Well you're not gonna stay young forever. Get to it!! And make Ed your ring bearer; he's the right size.

Ed-What'd you say? =(

Riza-Roy, leave him both alone.

Roy-Ok Honey.

Everyone else-Honey?

Ed-Who are you and what have you done with Roy Mustang?

Roy- Sarcastic Ha ha ha. You know author; your description of our fates is really short.

Me-You're right Colonel. So here's some background info:

Roy becomes the Fuhrer, but the name changes to President cuz it's a democracy or something like that (I don't know what kind of government they set up at the end of the first series of FMA but it was most likely a democratic republic, right?)…

Roy-Woo hoo!

Me-…and the first order of business is the Miniskirt Law!


Riza-*Rolls eyes* Oh brother.

Roy-*Grins* Admit it, you love it. Turns to me She does, right?

Me-Yup, she does lean to love it.

Riza-*sighs* Fine, I love the skirts.

Roy- ^_^ 3

Riza-I have a question, do we have children?

Me-Do you want children?

Riza-*Cheeks turn pink* Well, yes. Roy and I have talked about it…

Me-Ok then go make babies.

Roy and Riza-…*Sweat drop*

Al-There's no way to respond to that. -_-;;;

Me-Anyway, Envy didn't stop with his perverted comments completely. They just weren't as frequent. Also, both their cell phone message board was overloaded with lovey-dovey texts.

Envy-And, I still leave him sexy messages too. But now, he does too. ;P

Ed-o///o ENVY!!


Me-So anyway, Fuery got over his shyness of undressing in front of others. Well, he was still shy about that, but not in front of Havoc that was for sure! Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more!

Fuery- ////// Just because it's true doesn't mean you can say that sort of thing out loud!

Ed-Yeah, same for me!

Me-So you both admit that what was said about you both was true.

Ed and Fuery-………..

Me-Envy, could I hear a few of these messages he leaves you?

Envy-But of course. ;) hands me cell phone

Ed-Erk! Noooooo!



Hey Envy it's me. I'll be home from work soon and when I get back you better be ready for a loooong night cuz I've been craving you all day~. I think you know what I want: You, on top, hands on my shoulders. Me, on my back, legs spread…

Ed-*Grabs cell phone* What is wrong with you?! =( o////o

Me-*Small amount of blood coming out of nose* Thank you for the visual….}D

Al-*shaking* I know far too much about my brother now…

Everyone else-Us too. sweat drop

Ed-*Hits Envy* Why do you give her your cell?! You're evil!!

Envy-*Hugs Ed* I'm sorry, but it was totally worth it to hear your sweet little voice practically begging for sex~

Ed-*Looks away* I wasn't begging… -//////-

Me-To continue; in the end, the 'wolf' caught his 'prey'.

Havoc-Finally! ^_^ Turns to Fuery with a devilish gleam in his eyes and puts his arms around him Heh heh heh; I have you now, my little rabbit.

Fuery-Um, uh... SERIOUSLY blushing You won't let me go will you?

Havoc-Nope. Evil grin You're so cute I could just eat you up. In fact, I think I will.

Fuery-Eek! P…please don't eat me!

Havoc-Don't be frightened little one. My hunger is not a hunger of the stomach but a hunger of the flesh…

Roy- waves Hellooooo. We're all still here.

Havoc-Ack! Oh yeah, you guys…

Fuery- o///o*Mumbling to himself* H…how embarrassing…going through our role play at a time like this…

Me-*On the verge of a nosebleed* Dammit Roy, why'd you stop them?!

Roy-Hey pervert,

Me-*Forgot what just happened* Yes?

Ed-*Sweat drop* She responds to that…

Roy-I noticed that a lot of the chapters took some time to write and you had some weird rough drafts.

Me-I did indeed. For instance, I was going to have the characters do impressions of each other and basically mock each together but I couldn't think of anything besides Ed and Roy…

Ed-Hi, I'm Roy Mustang. I'm a womanizing, arrogant jerk and I can make flames appear by snapping my fingers! Snaps fingers I act like I'm soooooooo cool but I'm COMPLETELY USELESS when it's raining and I'm outside.

Roy-Hi I'm Edward Elric. My temper is almost as SHORT as me. To give you an idea of how TINY I am, let's do a little comparison game. If I were a planet I'd be Pluto! If I were a horse breed I'd be a Shetland pony! If I were a dog I'd be a Chihuahua!

Both glare at each other

Riza-Sometimes it feels like a married a child…and that just proves it. -_-;;;

Me-If you two are quite finished, I'll go on…

Plus, the shower chapter was originally "saucier" than what I wrote but then I decided that I didn't like it (It didn't go along with the story) so I wrote another one, the published one.

Fuery-Saucier? Blush Do I dare even find out?

Me-*Evil glint in my eyes and an evil smile to go along with them* Well, if you insist…

The original draft was that Havoc would offer to relieve Fuery's shyness of showering with others by showering with him. (How does that help? I don't know; that's why I changed it.)


Me-Heh heh, yup!

During it, they both try to stay calm about the situation but both sneak occasional peaks. ;P (They also have to think of other things in order to, er, keep "it" down). At one point, Fuery catches Havoc looking at him. Havoc moves closer to him, so close that Fuery has to back up against the wall. He's about to confess his love to him when BAM!, in walks the Moment Killer, Roy Mustang! Fuery runs out, dresses, and leaves. Havoc is pissed.

Havoc- Turns to Roy Why must you always ruin every chance I have of a relationship?!

Roy-*Shrugs* it's just something I do.

Al-He doesn't even sound like he's ashamed of it…-_-;;;

Me-That wasn't the only thing I changed. There were some odd truth or dares too. Like, when was your first blowjob, or if I was your slave for a day what would you have me do? (My roommate suggested these)

Everyone except Envy-…0_0

Envy- For the BJ question, is it the first time you received or the first time you gave one?

Me-Well for a girl it's the first time you gave one, for a straight guy it's the first time you received one and for a gay guy it's however he wants to answer it.

Ed- You are a sick person!

Me-I know! ^-^ and I'm a virgin too but my mind is a sewer! =D

Ed-Why would you be proud of that?

Roy- Hey hey, I want Havoc to answer the second question and the "I" should be Fuery.

Havoc-*Looks at Fuery hungrily* =)

Fuery-*Blush* Wh…what would you have me do?

Havoc-For starters, I'd have you call me 'Master'. Then I guess I'd have you do my laundry and cook all my meals for me.


Havoc-And by nightfall I'd handcuff you to the bed and do ~very~ naughty things to you.

Fuery- Meep! 0//////0 Handcuffs?! But…but…

Havoc-Silence slave! Now do as you're told.

Fuery-*Gulp* Ye…yes Master.

Roy-Still here…

Havoc-Then leave.

Roy-You can't tell me what to do! I'm your superior!

Havoc-*Sighs* Fine.

Me-Let's see, what should we talk about next?

Riza-What's left?

Me-Hmmm…Oh! Scar and Lust live happily ever after.

Ed-Good to know…I think…

Me-And uh...that's about it. Thanks again to everyone who read, reviewed and favorited! 3 3 3 Now I can tell that every couple in here is going to be having some "fun" tonight. :)

Everyone except Al-*No longer listening to me since I said 'that's about it'.*

Envy-*Turns to Ed with a devilish grin*

Ed-*Looks right back at him with an equally devilish grin*

Roy-So, about that baby?


Havoc-*Pulls Fuery into a hug* Hey rabbit, how do you feel about handcuffs? =)

Fuery-*Blush* Oh my…we've never done this yet but…I'm up for it…

Al-Dear God the sexual tension in here is so thick you could cut it with a knife!

Me-I know, don't you love it?! ^w^