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Chapter 20

(In Usagi's Point of View)


I was abruptly cut off as my best friend howled into the phone. "USAGI? USAGI, ARE YOU THERE? WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?" I held the phone as far away from my ear as I could manage.

"So loud, Takahiro, calm down—"

"Calm down? Hell no. first you call me out of nowhere and you say you have to tell me something about Misaki and then you say you have another call and I waited on hold for five minutes and then the line went dead. I called you again and got no answer. I'm not that stupid Akihiko, what's going on? Where's Misaki?"

"Misaki is here, with me."

"Where's here?"

And here's the tetchy part. "Hokkaido."

"What are you doing in Hokkaido?"

"Taking a vacation?" My eye twitched, I'm usually not this bad at lying.

Takahiro, airhead that he was, accepted that. "Why did you just leave me hanging though?"

"Errr, because the person on the other line was Misaki and…" I got it! "And he was at the train station, and he noticed that the train we were taking up here was running on a different schedule than what I'd thought it was. I was so busy trying to gather up our luggage that I forgot you were on the other line. I'm sorry." I should win an Oscar for thinking up that on the fly. "And I must have turned off my cell accidentally, I really must keep a better eye on it."

"Oh, well, I suppose that's no problem. I'm sorry I freaked out and left you like fifty messages." Takahiro sighed and said, "Well, if everyone is doing okay then…I guess I'll talk to you when you get back."

Guilt flooded my veins. I normally never felt anything of this kind but it was my best friend and it was his brother that had gotten hurt. "Wait, Takahiro…"


"I…" What the hell do I say now? "I—"

The phone was suddenly torn from my hands. "Hi, my name is Dolohov Michinako, I'm a friend of Misa-kun's who am I talking to?" I couldn't hear what Takahiro replied but the girl responded, "Misa-kun's Onii-chan? It's nice to meet you. Now what Usami-sensei isn't saying is that Misaki and he are at my mother's onsen(1) and Misaki-kun fell by one of the outdoor pools against some rocks and scraped up his chest kind of badly, but he's fine now. Usami-sensei is just feeling guilty that he couldn't catch Misaki-kun." I stared at her in shock. She was the one who deserved the Oscar.

"Oh no, I'm sure that would just upset Misa-kun if you came up here. I'm pretty sure he would just order you to go back home, I mean, coming up here would certainly disrupt your work right?" She paused listening then finished, "I'll make sure he gets the best treatment and tell him you say hello, okay? … Alright, Sayounara." She snapped the phone shut and looked up at me, mischief glinting in her eyes. "Well, I think that since I covered for you with your lover's big brother, I oughta be getting an autograph and the very least."

I stared at her for a moment, then nodded. This girl was brilliant. She'd make an excellent author should she choose to bow out of being a doctor. "I'll give you an autograph."

"And can I have an advance copy of your next Junai Romantica book?"

"Sure." What was it to me anyway. She could have it when Aikawa did.

"Yippee," she yelled, jumping to her feet and dancing a bit. I watched her for a moment then said, "I'm going to check on Misaki."

"Okay," she replied, not stopping dancing as I walked away. I reached his room as the doctor and nurses were coming out of it.

The nurses sow me and giggled. I ignored them, looking at the doctor who was glowering rather disdainfully. I looked at him carefully, for signs that he was mistreating Misaki because he had me, a man, as his lover. I was about to ask him flat out, but he spoke first. "The injuries are healing well, and all of the lasting infection has been removed. He needs to stay here for a couple more days, to give the stitches time to set in and for the flesh to start closing again. He lives in Tokyo, right?"

I nodded, "Yes."

"Well, in his current condition, he should not be travelling for at least a week. I'd recommend finding a nearby hotel, a decent one I mean," he flushed, slightly, while I glared at him. Did he think I would take an injured person to a love hotel which basically screamed dirty surfaces?

"Well, I suppose you can go in and see him, he's sleeping though, so don't wake him. The body heals best when it's at rest."

I nodded and walked past the doctor. It seemed he wasn't mistreating my lover so I let him off without punching him over being a bigot. I ought to get a reward from Misaki for being the bigger person. I opened the door and walked over to Misaki's bed. He was curled up on his side looking small and thin and frail. His brown hair hung in a mess over his face. I stared down at the beautiful boy before me. He was the one for me, no one could ever replace him. He made everything seem so much better. I reached down and brushed a hand over his cheek, sweeping the hair to the side. I started, Misaki's emerald eyes were open and looking up into mine.


"Hey, Misaki, How are you feeling?" I ran my hand over his cheek again.

(Switch to Misaki's Point of View)

I reached up to touch Usagi-san's hand. It froze on my cheek as I gripped it. "I'm okay. I pretended to be asleep so the doctor would stop asking me questions."

Usagi-san chuckled and leaned down, kissing my lips gently. It was little more than a butterfly of a kiss, but it burned all the same. I smiled and Usagi-san grinned to and kissed me again, harder. "I love you." He murmured against my lips.

"I l-love you, too," I gasped as his tongue filled my mouth. I gasped and kissed him back as best as I could. He reached around me to pull me gently off the pillow and into a sitting position where he could kiss me harder still. I lifted my hands and wrapped them around his neck. Usagi-san ran his huge hands over my thin body and sent blazing trails across my back and chest. I moaned and sagged in Usagi-san's grasp. "I love you."

The end.

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