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Of Cupid and Psyche

By: DemonSaya




Needless to say, the wedding of the Goblin King to his Queen, followed by her coronation, was a busy affair, both in planning and in execution. They went ahead and had a ceremony in Avalon, since her family was already there. Morgaine was permitted attendance, but she had a heavy guard. She left early.

Long before the wedding occurred, Lance was sent off to the monastery, and Alura went off to her own fate. Caledonensis arranged with Toby, Robert and Karen for lessons in the Above, so that Toby would learn to control his own magic. Toby was caught between amazed and highly intimidated by the presence of the great magician that most called Caledonensis, Sarah called Cal, and Arthur called Merlin.

After the official ceremony, Jareth and Sarah saw her family home, Jareth kindly re-ordering time to make up for them being missing in action for nearly two months. By now, Sarah had the faintest bulge growing and had to have several gowns made for her to wear while pregnant. Her Karen and Linda both promised to buy her some maternity clothing from the Above, just to keep her up to date with fashion in both realms.

Morgaine's powers were removed in a quiet ceremony, after which, the older woman didn't speak much. Jareth didn't know how much of her age she'd kept hidden by those spells, until they'd been wiped away by Caledonensis's skillful hands. After the ceremony, Jareth gathered his wife and mother up and they rode in his carriage back to the Castle Beyond the Goblin City. During the trip, Sarah drug the woman out of her self-imposed shell, but talking about how much she'd be counting on Morgaine's help with the twins.

That perked Gramma Morgaine up right away.

Naturally, upon arriving in their home, the goblins threw an impromptu party, celebrating the union of Jareth and Sarah, the upcoming birth of the twins, and – just for good measure – a chicken's birthday.

Whether or not it was actually that chicken's birthday, no one was truly certain.

Time passed, and nearly every month, Jareth found his castle inundated by Sarah's family, the whole of it, sometimes, but usually Robert, Karen and Toby. As she moved through her pregnancy, her doting husband witnessed the babies first movements, rode his wife's hormonal moods, and found that swollen with child, she was still the most beautiful woman in the world to him.

During the birth, she swore up and down that she'd never let him set hand on her again, which of course was an empty threat, since as soon as she was able, they were back in bed, enjoying themselves, although they were far more responsible about it than when she'd wandered unknowingly into his chambers the first time.

They still argued, sometimes so fiercely that they shook the very foundations of the castle, yet they were more passionately in love with each other as days passed, and together, they watched their son and daughter go from wrinkly newborn, to chubby infant, until finally the day that Aislynn, their daughter, got her feet under her and started tearing around the castle. Only a few days later, Aidyn, their son, did the same.

The castle had many visitors now. Septimus often came to visit, bringing gifts of wooden toys for the children, as well as warm blankets made from their fur, after being bleached and then dyed colors suitable for children. Nivaine would bring the dragons (in their small form, of course), and they would wrestle with the two toddlers. The faeries brought their own manner of gifts when they came to visit, and Bran would come with several servants loaded with baby clothing.

In short, they were probably the most spoiled children in the Underground, with the possible exception of Princess Penelope, Guenevere and Arthur's daughter.

Now, the Goblin King was lounging in a boneless manner on his throne, his wife and queen curled up on his lap, her head tucked under his chin. His steady breaths stirred her bangs slightly and he slept, even as he held Sarah in one arm and Aislynn in the other, both sound asleep. Against Sarah's shoulder rested Aidyn, also sleeping. Around the throne was a mass of sleeping goblins.

Sarah stirred, glancing around the throne, noticing that there was the faintest light of twilight outside, and she snuggled into her husband's chest. She'd spoken to Caledonensis that morning. She had decided to not tell Jareth when she'd set aside her contraceptives. She'd found that she could now focus her abilities to sense life within herself, but she trusted Cal for a second opinion. She gave a faint smile and gently stroked her son's back.

"You seem pleased with yourself, Precious." Jareth's voice was slightly slurred from sleep. She felt him press a kiss to her head, felt his lips curl into a smile.

"What do you think about the name Kieran for a boy?" she asked, her own smile growing broad.

She felt the man still a bit. She could almost feel his eyes peering down at her. "Sarah-mine, is that your way of saying you're ready for a third little terror who can not only wear us out, but also the entirety of the castle's goblins?"

She inclined her head to look up at him, putting on her best 'innocent' look. She must have failed miserably, because her husband looked nervous. "Actually, darling, that's my way of saying I'm pregnant."


The End


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