Author: cable_addict

Title: Teenaged Love in Another Life

Challenge: 6-Alternative Universe

Word Count: 498

Rating: K

Warnings: Fluff? Kinda. Highschool!


"Daddy!" Juliet whined to her father, Henry Spencer.

"I said no!" Henry yelled back, Juliet looked like she had been slapped, so Henry quickly lowered his voice and spoke again.

"Julie, what do you even know about this guy? How long have you known him?" Henry tried to get his teenaged daughter to see his point, but this tactic seemed to backfire.

"His name's Shawn O'Hara, he's from Miami. He's my age, get's good grades, and I've known him since the second day of high school.

Henry pinched the bridge of his nose. Once again, his daughter had outsmarted him. He sighed and nodded. "Fine. But you have to be back by 9 or you're grounded."

"Midnight." Juliet quickly said.

"10." Henry said, just as quickly.

"11." Juliet supplied. Henry thought about this for a moment before finally nodding. Juliet squealed and jumped up, running to give her father a hug. "Thank you daddy!" She grinned at how easily she had manipulated her father. 11 was the time that she wanted all along.


"Jules!" Shawn called from in front of the school.

"Remember, I said 11." Henry said as Juliet closed the truck's door.

"I know Dad, I know." She ran over to Shawn and gave him a hug.

"I'm surprised you made it." He joked.

"I know. It took some major manipulating, but I did it." She grinned. Shawn offered his hand, and together they walked into the school's gym.

"You look beautiful by the way." Shawn said. "I'd bet a weeks pay that you'll win Homecoming Queen."


"And the Homecoming Queen is…" Principal Vick announced as she read off of the card. "Juliet Spencer!" The crowd of students burst into applause and cheers as Juliet made her way up to the stage. She smiled as Vick put the crown on her head and handed her a bouquet of roses. "Congratulations Ms. Spencer!" She waited until the applause had died down before speaking again. "Now it's time to announce the Homecoming King!" There was a slight murmur throughout the crowd. Vick opened the envelope and smiled. "Shawn O'Hara!" The crowd applauded again as Shawn made his way up to the stage and accepted his crown.


The dance had ended and Shawn and Juliet were now standing outside her house.

"I can't believe your parents let you get a motorcycle." Juliet laughed as she looked over at the item of transportation.

He laughed as well. "Yeah, I was kind of shocked too. But, I had the money, so they didn't really have a say in the matter." She smiled. "I love it when you smile."

"I love it that you love it when I smile." She said, and then giggled slightly. "Oh wow. That was super corny."

Shawn shrugged. "Only slightly." He lent in and kissed her softly on the lips. "I'll see you tomorrow Jules." He smiled over his shoulder as he walked back to his motorcycle.


From the window, Henry Spencer, smiled.