AN: series of oneshots. Varied characters, Varied stories.

#1. The Rain's Rhapsody.

Pairing: Sasuke X Naruto

Rated: M


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Tap tap tap tap tap.

"Ugh… it's raining heavy today; I should have brought my bigger umbrella! At least I know next time to be prepared."

Naruto walked the path of the street, knowing by heart alone his way back home. It was a lengthy walk, and exhausting walk, but a relaxing one, especially in the rain. The darkness of the night enveloped his senses like a virus, but this infection he had been used to for quite some time. He calmly walked this dark, foreboding streets, uncaring to the sounds and the people that occasionally made noises around him. He had gotten two thirds of the way there when the rain turned to hail.


Naruto thought he could handle this new onslaught, only to realize how wrong his prediction was. He numbed his body to the feeling of the falling ice, but when he saw the blood dripping over his eye he realized he had to get out of it sooner than he had expected.

Luckily, he knew his way around this part of the world, and he quickly made his way to the nearest area of refuge, specifically a river's bridge. He ran under it with the dash of the gods, assessing his injuries upon his safety.

Blood. A wound.


He breathed a little bit lighter. Traveling for long periods of time was necessary, so the numbing of his body was a method of getting to his destinations faster without stopping for rest. However, he would only have to get used to sounds, or water. He guessed it didn't work when base-ball sized ice vomit was being thrown at you from the sky.

He took out a bandage from his traveling bag. Lucky for him his mother always packed him a first aid kit for situations he would never be smart enough to be prepared for. He wrapped up his head where needed, and looked out into the hail storm, concerned only with the amount of time it would take away from his quick return home from work.

His mother would be sad. She would cry. Her baby could be injured. The only reason he was allowed to make the long trip too and fro being his age was due to the fact that they needed the money, and thank god this job he caught paid well.


Naruto's head instinctively whipped towards the sound, and his body automatically jumped back in defense. A fight was forming in his head, and he didn't know hoe he would battle with such a limited space, and the water so close by to fall into. But what he saw wasn't something to be afraid of; it was just another kid, just like him. He was hugging his knees, looking at the water move so rapidly, with ice being lodged in its layer of water 'skin'.

"Oh? I'm sorry for jumping, I was just cautious is all, you can never be too sure nowadays."

"Still be cautious. Just because I'm young doesn't mean I couldn't be a rapist."

Naruto looked closer, relaxing his defense regardless of what he just heard. The kid couldn't have been that much older than he was, maybe even younger. The nerve people had in them to say such things was astounding. Did he really believe Naruto was that weak? He was just trying to make the aura of the situation lighter.

"Oh? Like you could do anything! You're just as old as I am probably!"

"How old are you?"

"Naruto Uzumaki! 17!"

"And you told an 18 year old stranger your age and name…. you must go that way then."


"You sure?"

Naruto had subconsciously gotten closer, stomping and raising in volume at every answer he gave. This raven haired punk didn't know who he was. Just because he was 17 didn't mean he didn't know how to whoop some 18 year's ass. He learned to fight somewhere between the first and second month of going back and forth from work. Being jumped is only a surprise that don't expect it. After the first time, he learned his lesson, and began to teach himself ways of defending himself.

"Are you asking for a fight?"

"There we go. That's how it should be. I'm a stranger. You're a stranger. You should be at this level of intensity from the get go. It keeps you from getting raped."


Naruto launched a punch towards his face. His face. The guy didn't even have a name. Did it matter? But surprisingly, he grabbed Naruto's wrist in the middle of the air, and pulled him down on top of him, using Naruto's own force to do his dirty work.

"See? I could be a rapist."


"Probably what you are, coming at me like that."

Naruto punched at his targets face once again with the other arm. Sadly, just like the first, it was taken captive, and now his arms crossed each other while he was straddling the unknown boy.

"Wow. Never thought you would be so aggressive?"

"Fuck you!!"

"All right."

The boy completely flipped the situation, throwing Naruto flat on his back. Due to the positioning of the throw, his back was now caked in the river bank's mud. His hands were being held by the wrist in the water, restrained heavily by the boy holding his fingertips into the now ice-cold water.

"The name is Sasuke. Need a last name, retard?"



Sasuke dipped down on Naruto, placing his lips on Naruto softly, then firmly as to mark Naruto's mind with the action before pulling away completely, body, arms, and all. Naruto, lay there affixed, rather sinking into the river, seeing as the only thing that was keeping him in place was the body that had acted as a giant err, human-weight. Before he sunk any further into the river he sat up, stopping his descent. He tapped his lips for a millisecond in contemplative thought…

Then exploded.


The boy, now Sasuke, simply stared back, laughing at the label. He ran a finger through his hair, not caring about the distress the boy was feeling. Naruto, looking at his outstretched form, looked onto his enemy fully, realizing he was actually more in size than he originally thought him to be.

His pale skin just seemed paler in the light of the hail, and his outfit was simplistic. A dark purple dress shirt and dark jeans. It made Naruto wonder why he was under the bridge in the first place. Naruto with his simple work uniform consisting of simple shorts and a now dirty T-shirt, felt slightly inferior to his outward appearance.

"And you liked it?"

"Of course I fucking didn't like it!"

"Prove it then.

Naruto rose to his feet upon seeing Sasuke rose to his feet. He approached him at the same time as he saw Sasuke approaching. They stood facing each other, Naruto realizing that Sasuke was not only bigger, but taller than he realized. He really could have realized.

"Here's the deal dope. You take and give me a kiss without wanting more, and I'll let you beat the living shit out of me to no desire. Fail and you have to shut the hell up."

"No! This is another fucking excuse to kiss me. "

"Maybe. But if you don't, then ill just have to tell your parents about our little encounter."

"Fucking stalker!"

"Maybe, Or maybe I'm just a horny teenager, trying to get off."

"Fucking rapist stalker!"

"Yeah yeah yeah. You can even say that as you beat me to a pulp if you're as straight as you claim."

Naruto didn't want to do it. He didn't. But he just froze when it came time to answer, or to act. He could still hear the hail just meters away, and he could see that it was getting darker by the minute, but his sense of kinetic movement was failing. He focused on Sasuke, and his brain decided to take over systematically when nothing was being done.

"What do I have to do faggot!?"

"Just kiss me, open or closed, and then I do the same. If you don't beg me for another one afterwards, then as promised, I'll let you beat the shit out of me."

Naruto didn't say anything else after that. He just wanted to get it over with. He trudged forward in his dirt stained pants, looking Sasuke dead in the eye. He turned his head to the side, and closed the distance between them. Seconds after the impact, he turned away, disgusted with his actions. But it was necessary to keep all of this behind him.

"Bleh! That was disgusting!!"

"My turn."

Sasuke slowly turned Naruto towards the bridge's foundation, and all the while, Naruto began to panic. He didn't know what was going on, wasn't he supposed to just get kissed? He was determined not be be thrown around, and certainly not raped.

"HEY!? You said you were only going to kiss me"

"That's right. But I didn't say anything about some foreplay."

"You SICK-"

Sasuke sat down, in the middle of his angry speech. Right there, on the moist ground. Naruto looked down in confusion until Sasuke pulled him down with him, a sight similar to earlier, but now both of them had their footing where they could do anything. Naruto glared at Sasuke, who gave Naruto the blankest of looks, as though nothing Naruto could do could faze him in the slightest. This caused Naruto to growl deep within his throat, itching to punch him in that smug face of his.

Slowly, Naruto saw and felt Sasuke reach behind his head and pull him closer until they were so close they could see the whites in their eyes. Naruto soon noted that Sasuke's eyes were actually a cool shade of red. But just as soon as he saw them, be began to close his eyes, in expectance of the predetermined action. He could feel Sasuke draw him in closer, yet for all the time he felt himself drift foreword he swore he should have felt those soft lips of his by now.

Wait…. What?

His lips connected with something other than lips. His opened his eyes, realizing he was kissing Sasuke's neck, while all the time Sasuke had planned to get him there in the get go. He could smell Sasuke's scent, a little of it mixed with the smell of mud, but still it was desirable none-the-less.

"Bite me, please?"

Eh, what the heck? He had asked nicely. But this was it! Wouldn't this count as a kiss? Their bodies were touching and a mouth was involved. Wait… never mind. He opened his mouth and bit down lightly, never doing anything of the sort. His last girlfriend, Sakura, thought things like this were too kinky, and would never let him do anything near what he was getting into now.

"Ugh, that's hard enough for a punk dobe. But wait, what was I expecting from you?"

Naruto bit down hard. He planned to be nice, but Sasuke pushed his luck. He tasted the flesh in his mouth. It was tasteless. All he wanted was to cause him some pain; after all he was the one who asked for it? How could teeth in flesh equal anything less than pain?


Was that a moan? Naruto released his prey, a trail of saliva leaving the now purplish mark. He looked at Sasuke's face, whose eyes, were avoiding his own. He looked down at his work, realizing that he had pierced skin and actually caused some bleeding.


Naruto then watched as Sasuke eyes came into focus within his own. Naruto felt a pressure attacking his lower body, but he wasn't sure from where. During the scuffle he must have landed on Sasuke's foot or something. He was brought out of this new focus when Sasuke pulled the back of his neck, pushing his face back down into his previous position.

"Shut up and do it again idiot. A moan means yes, in English."

Not really realizing what he was getting himself into, he bit down again. Not as hard as he just did, but hard enough to where he could hear Sasuke's voice whisper into his ear sounds of pleasure. He traveled around his collar bone and neck in full, with Sasuke moving any fabric in the way out as soon as he sensed it was needed to be moved, instinctively.

Naruto had been doing this for a good five minutes when he bit down on Sasuke's left collar bone. Upon hard contact, Sasuke latched onto his attacker, letting a primitive moan escape his mouth for only Naruto to hear.

Naruto wasn't really into it till that moment. He became aroused seconds within hearing such a lusty sound. Naruto pulled away once again, causing another saliva trail to form. Sasuke faced him this time, looking at him with desperation.

"Ugh why did you stop? You totally just turned me on you dope. Fuck- aaah"

Naruto said nothing, pushing Sasuke into the ground with his body. He put his hands under Sasuke's shirt, rubbing him down as thought he was cleaning a Lamborghini. Every touch seemed to get a noise from the boy under him. He lowered himself further on the boy, placing his lips on his once again.

Without warning, Sasuke sat up, picking up the boy as he went, forcing his back to the wall that was the bridge structure Naruto had long forgotten about. Naruto was in shock as his arms were raised above his head. His face was in fear as Sasuke smiled darkly. All was a rouse to get him to break the bet and have Sasuke have his way. That dark manipulative bastard.

Sasuke pressed his lips onto Naruto's separating them with his tongue. Naruto had favorite positions, and this was one of them, just not in the way he had always thought it would be in. He moaned into the kiss, he never expected it to be so…


He now wrapped his legs willingly around Sasuke, without pressure by the older boy, feeling a bit too hot to let everything be out of his control. It was one thing to be raped. Another to be molested. He opened his mouth wider. He needed to taste more of this stranger. He needed to be forced, to be fed, and to be dominated by this overwhelming presence. All it took to get him in the mood was the sounds. Because in reality, Naruto really, really wasn't into this kind of thing at all. He knew in the future he would look back and be disgusted with himself, but hey, he was a male, and the penis had taken over.

To his surprise, the rush of dominance didn't last long.

Sasuke pulled Naruto back on top of him, looking to the side non-chalantly.

"I'm a bit injured to fuck you, so can you fuck me?"

The seconds that occupied the time after the breakage of the kiss hit him slowly, but after the words were understood, Naruto violently objected.

"Hell no! Why the hell would I do that! I don't even know you. I'm leaving!"

Naruto stood and began to walk towards the now lightening hail. He no longer cared if his parents find out. No way would he allow himself to play into Sasuke's plans so easily. He took a step towards the hail, making the decision to face it rather than face the gay that came with the shelter from it.

But a hand grabbed his leg and before he knew what was happening, he had been forced against the bridge. Naruto collected himself, getting rid of the shock stars in his eyes. He looked at his eye level for Sasuke; however he still didn't see him.

"Ugh, you're such a baby."

He didn't have to wonder long where the raven haired boy had went before the button to his shorts suddenly became much unlatched. He looked down, frozen, as his underwear was pulled down as well, revealing a very excited third wheel to this party of two.

"SASUKE! GET-aaah shiiit"

He was swallowed whole. He didn't know when he started, but Naruto knew Sasuke knew what he was doing. The way the raven haired boy handled his erection was an entirely new feeling. Naruto had never asked any of his girlfriends to do him this favor; he never knew how to ask. He closed his eyes, letting Sasuke take control of the situation as he had in the first place.

"Uugh don't stop Sasuke."

"hmm, you switch sides so easily.. I knew you –gauk-"

Naruto placed a hand on the back of Sasuke's sculpted head, forcing himself deeper into Sasuke's throat as he began to throat fuck him. He began to hear Sasuke gag, and a sadistic side of him enjoyed it. When the noise of his cock going into Sasuke's mouth got louder, Naruto's sex drive and adrenaline kicked in, causing him to go faster and faster with each passing minute. Sasuke was now moaning as he gagged, precum dripping from his mouth as Naruto had increased the pace.

The reason behind his burst of energy was revealed as cum began to slip out of Sasuke's engaged mouth. Sasuke began to choke, but he never stopped his activities, letting what he could not swallow seep out of his mouth as he performed. Naruto looked down in a haze, meeting Sasuke's determined eyes for seconds before he stopped moving abruptly, causing Sasuke to make a confused muffled sound. With no time wasted Naruto fully came into Sasuke's mouth, watching Sasuke in the eye as he swallowed all of what Naruto was giving him. The sound of Sasuke swallowing filled Naruto's ears and he began to blush, realizing what he had been the conductor of. He pulled out of his station, a trail of cum leaving Sasuke's open mouth, still dripping with the after product.

It was silent, both of them recollecting themselves before Sasuke, licking his lips, broke the silence.

"… You could have drowned me you know."

The next week, Naruto was walking home from work in the same manner that he had before, looking for his "friend" discretely as possible.

He neared the memory filled bridge, looking all around for any sign of him, but for the last week it seemed as though he would never see him again.

He entered the bridge's shade, taking shelter from nothing as he just sat there, poking at the water's edge. He looked around a few more time before he rose, he would always be able to come back tomorrow. Just then, a heavy spring shower came in, completely unannounced. He decided to stick around, as his mother was aware the road he now took, and knew he would be home when he could.


Naruto turned around to see Sasuke, walking under the structure opposing him, looking similar to the way he did in their first meeting.

"Miss me? Or were you just hiding from the weather?"