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#3 Aggravation

Pairing: Kakuzu X Hidan

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"One, two, three, four, five, si—"

Meet Kakuzu. Freshman to the Akatsuki University. While being a said freshman, he was not as plain as his titled sounded. Kakuzu had been to 3 universities before this one. Why?

"Twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven, twen-"

Kakuzu had an obsession with counting. Why? Because he had, that's why. He loved to count and to calculate. To own in the sense of knowing that he owned. He loved every increment he was able to count, and he didn't take anything for granted. If it was there, it could be owned, and if it could be owned it would allow him to add another number to his collection.

But back to the expulsions.

Kakuzu also had a very, very bad anger problem.

Other humans in general, he couldn't stand them for very long had if they were not on his level.

His last six attempts at the word roommate?

Not on his level.

He was very educated; after all, his calculative obsession drove him to get perfect scores. He wanted and needed to prove that it could be done. He couldn't stand having an 89 or a 99, or even a decimal within his answer. He would even purposefully lose, or retake any test he was not satisfied with in high school, and during the time he had been in other Universities, Takigakure for example, he would do the same, obsessive score taking pain that he would never let die within himself.

Even now he was counting the dots above news ahead approximately on the ceiling that will become his new room for a long time. He near 56 when he heard a tap on the door. From the top bunk of the double bed, he was considering if he should go down an himself. However, when his eyes refocused to the ceiling and he was on 57 he decided against it.

come in. The door is open. he decided to stop counting at 60 and then looked over to the now open door, revealing a boy whose hair was not only silver, but slicked back with what Kakuzu could only believed to be a waste of money. Once again he was roomed with a retard. he turned back to the ceiling decided he would rather count the dots then look at this new boy.

"Dude! What happened to your fucking face!!" Kakuzu, forgetting completely about the dots, raised his hand to his face, feeling the obvious stitches on the sides of his face. He had forgotten to wear his mask. He could already tell in his mind that this was not going to go as he had planned.

he will simply going to introduce himself and then go back to his own business, coming into the room only when he needed to. That way he would not be able to fight with his roommate. But now that would be impossible, since this new guy probably would want to know exactly what did happen in order to make and get such a scar.

Once again he hated retards. Why couldn't they understand that some things you just leave alone? Kakuzu was trying to formulate another plan in his mind when the new kid spoke.

"Hey retard! Don't you understand fucking English!?" Kakuzu snapped. He turned completely so that he could jump off the bed and then did so without a moment's hesitation. Using his height, the towered himself over the boy, staring directly into his vividly pink eyes. Kakuzu knew that without his mask, or even with it, he was a giant figure that would normally scare the living daylights out of anyone who was considered normal.

But this boy in front of him, saw this as a challenge.

"What the fuck you think you are. You think your some fucking gangster don't you? Go fuck yourself."

Hidan turned back and began to pick up his things getting ready to put his things where they belonged. What he did not think about doing was protecting himself from when Kakuzu reached to grab to his shoulder, and spun him around to face him completely once again. Kakuzu then slammed his own hand into Hidan's neck, driving him into the closest wall.

"That fucking hurt you bastard! Put me the fuck down."

Kakuzu was about to punch Hidan in the face when he realized that he had been trying to be nice for a reason. He took a deep breath counting to 10 and released the boy. He had to keep this room, this was his last chance. But this boy was pushing it. Kakuzu had to find some way to stop this before he had to go to a new university.

"What the fuck? Are you insanely fucked?!" Without hesitation, Kakuzu looked up from his contemplative state, looking the boy once again in the eye, causing the silver haired boy to shudder in anticipation for round two.

"Do you know that you could be an excellent teacher?" Hidan lost his unnerved state and replaced it with the once again angry one. "Why the fuck you think that? I hate those bitches." Hidan said, as though he was spitting. Kakuzu laughed. It was as though Kakuzu do not care what the other said at this point. Actually I'm talking about if the English language was centered on a single word. You said the word "fuck", including the one just now, a total of 10 times and since you entered the room. It's sad that there's one single thing that would keep you from being employed.

Frustrated and angry, Hidan then asked a question the first time without cursing. "What are you trying to say?"

"You probably couldn't give any examples to the students. A good teacher is only as good as the stories he is able to make, and seeing how much you whine, I wouldn't doubt that no girl would want you, and even men would have to gag you in order to do anything with you."

Hidan grabbed the chain from around his neck as though it was holding him back. Kakuzu raised an eyebrow, wondering if he had hit a nerve.

"You fucking bastard. That is absolutely not true. I've fucked many people and they all liked every second of it. I'm not fucking noisy in bed, you fucking jerk."

Kakuzu made his way back to the ladder of his bed, not interested in the lying of a freshman in college. Sure he was attractive, but that was only one attribute for people to look at.

"Of course I believe you. I just don't believe what you say to the extent that you say it."

Hidan pulled the other boy back down to him, speaking to his face. Whose eyes were not shaking or scared? Neither of them.

"If you don't fucking believe me, then why don't you try proving what you say?" With this Kakuzu stepped back onto the ladder and into his bed, not giving Hidan the time of day he so desperately seemed to want and need to survive.

"No thank you. For one, I don't fuck men, and two, it wouldn't be half as pleasurable as you think it's going to be."

Hidan was shaken, and even now held a sense of pride with his words, as he still clung onto the chain he hadn't let go since Kakuzu's previous comment. "Then if you don't fuck me, I can always go to the administration, and get you kicked out for trying to strangle me Mr. six roommate failure."

Kakuzu didn't mover from his position, still looking to the wall of his bed, but he was changed on the inside of his mind completely. The picture he had formed of Hidan in many an aspect had just changed considerably.

"You knew about that this entire time, yet you still chose to be my roommate? You're even dumber than you try to act"

"Don't change the subject, retard. Fuck me now and let me prove I'm right and you're wrong, or get the fuck out of Akatsuki University."

Fuck. Kakuzu do not have a choice. He was not going to leave this university. He tried forming some other plan so that he could get himself out of it, but nothing would allow him to leave the offer the boy had made. Defeated, he climbed down from the bed and snorted. He had been beaten.

"You bastard, don't think that I'm going to be gentle." He reached down onto the hem of his shirt, moving it from below his belly button to over his head, removing it effortlessly. Hidan followed suit, taking of his from the top and scooting it from his head in a shuffling manner.

Once both of their shirts were off, Kakuzu moved onto the boy, taking him by the legs onto the bottom bunk. if he had less of the charge when he 'tackled' the boy, they probably would have ended up on the floor. Hidan was nonetheless aroused by the rough contact, and pressed his chest up to the taller boy. Not expecting anything of a 'cute' nature, Hidan was shocked to find Kakuzu's lips pressed upon his more than once, then finding a tongue beating at his lips for entrance. Upon Kakuzu's release of his lips, Hidan slyly smirked, as if he had gotten ahead in this game of cat and dog.

"I thought you wouldn't be gentle? Last time I checked kissing at my face like a girl was considered fucking gent- mh!?" Hidan bit his tongue to keep himself from making a sharp yelp at the pleasurable pain that was the bite Kakuzu made on his neck. Hidan knew his own body well, and knew that he had been bitten hard enough to bruise.

"I'm being nice. and I thought you would be fucking quiet?" before Hidan could speak again, Kakuzu bit down back upon his first mark, causing Hidan to siss out a sound before going quiet for more punishment. Kakuzu smirked.

"Oh? Following the rules now?" Leaving a confused Hidan on the bed, Kakuzu went forth to get the discarded shirts from whence they had been on the floor. he snaked himself between Hidan's legs as he forcibly took the smaller boy's wrists into one of his hands, tying them together tightly with the cloth. He then tied the compromised knot to the headboard, forcing Hidan's hands stationary above his head.

"Kinky?" Hidan said as a single statement, trying not to break Kakuzu's self introduced rules of being quiet to the best of his ability. Kakuzu didn't reply as he bit and licked the whole of the boy's neck, causing him to squirm with every hard bite, as they had begun to get harder and harder with every succeeding bite. at a point, they even began to draw blood.

Hidan pushed himself up so that Kakuzu would look him in the eye. Once Kakuzu had reached the orbs that were his eyes, he realized that Hidan wasn't buckling in pain, but from lust and want of more fulfillments. If his eyes didn't say 'fuck Kakuzu, do something else', then he didn't know what the square root of pie was in its full number state.

And he did.

He held Hidan's chin upward to obscure his view and prevent him from looking down and began to lap at his exposed chest. he bit and nibbled here and there, earning a number of hissess and grunts from the boy below him. he obviously had skills, now he planned to use them at least to silence the boy that was so willing to be fucked. and half of him wanted to beat the boy and make him scream out in both agony and pleasure, even if it was just some stupid bet.

He let go of Hidan's chin to begin unbuttoning his pants, taking them off slowly as he worked at Hidan's zipper with his teeth. he masterfully unzipped the pants, as though that was his mastery, and quickly looked up to the boy, feeling eyes on his head. not surprised to find what he had expected, he was a bit surprised to see the boy mouth a 'woah' instead of the 'fuck' that he had pictured him mouthing in his head. Apparently he never saw a guy unbutton pants with his mouth before.

He removed both of their pants easily, Hidan helping the best he could as he lifted his butt into the air to make the process easier. Both of their erections were obvious as they stared each other down. Kakuzu, being the tease that he was, decided to combine his obsession with foreplay.

He lowered his head down to the throbbing member, bobbing up and down on its own, as though anticipating the head just inches away from it.

"I wonder how long you can last. eh, shouldn't be too long." he lowered his head closer, Hidan's eyes on his scars and his hair."

"one". Kakuzu lowered his head completely on to the throbbing member. But it wasn't fast. It was in fact very and painfully slow. So slow in fact, that when Kakuzu let himself paused upon swallowing the whole of his target, he was able to gurgle and nibble at the member as he rose, not gagging at all because of the speed he had taken.

This time when he looked up at Hidan, his eyes were half lidded, and he was mouthing 'oh fuck', the way he thought he would. At this rate, he calculated, the boy would not last. "Two". Kakuzu lowered himself for round two, and replicated act one in its fullest, emphasizing the low growl and making sure to bite a little harder than he had before.

This time Hidan didn't try keeping his moan to himself. he buckled against his restraints, wanting Kakuzu to go faster, but the sadist kept his pace through the entire cycle. He didn't look up as he began his third decent, whispering a 'three' to himself as he made his next round. This time he put much more effort in pleasing the muscle, and licked heavily until he was all down to the core of his toy, then rose back up, mouth open and precum leaking out of it, being released from the cavern only from teeth that were biting heavily upon the rod.

Before Kakuzu got even all the way up to the tip, he felt the body convulse, and soon found himself tasting a salty aftertaste he didn't particularly care for. But he laughed to himself as he swallowed it down whole. The boy had only lasted a number of nearly 3 rounds. Pretty sad.

Kakuzu looked at the arms wrapping around his head, wondering how in the hell the boy had gotten free from his bonds. Upon a quick and hasty further inspection, it was revealed that the boy's wrists were red, signaling that he had struggled heavily against the binding. He pulled the taller boy to whisper into his ear, obviously not caring it had only taken three licks to finish him off.

When both of their chests had met each other once again, Hidan whispered into Kakuzu's ear so soft that he asked Hidan to repeat himself, which he did.

"Fuck me, please."

With such a begging, who was Kakuzu to decline? He plunged himself completely into the boy before him, earning a grunt of pain and suffering that he loved and clinged onto. He said he wouldn't be gentle, but he did allow the boy several moments to adjust to his dick, and then proceeded to move at a frightful pace. Hidan had given up being silent, and just moaned loudly at every pounding thrust. He never had it so rough, and this was just how he had pictured the best sex of his life being. Rough and pleasurable. Being a Masochist never proved to be so fulfilling.

With all the foreplay, it wasn't hard for Kakuzu to come sooner rather than later, and with it came Hidan's second coming. They laid there for a moment, before Hidan spoke out, dissolving the silence.

"I'm still not over the fact you unzipped my pants with your mouth."

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