"It's Just Empathy!"


A Shaynah Fan Fic

Chapter 1

Seven months, two weeks, three days and fifteen hours; or in general terms, it had been almost eight months since Dinah and Shayne crossed paths in Germany.

"Annoying pain in the ass."

"Mopey and dramatic."

First impressions were overrated, and they didn't always turn out to be true in the endgame.

As a wide awake Shayne held Dinah in his arms, there was only one person on his mind. And it wasn't Dinah.

He lightly traced patterns against Dinah's arm while he silently wished the person he was currently holding, was someone else. Someone he had waited so long to see, but would probably never have the chance to.

Closing his eyes, he imagined he was holding the other love of his life.