"It's Just Empathy!"


A Shaynah Fan Fic

Chapter 3

Dinah's cell phone only had to vibrate once to get her attention. In one swift move, she reached into her pocket and flipped open her phone. It was a text from Shayne.

"Meet me here at 4."

Dinah knew where "here" was. In her relationship with Shayne, "here" had several meanings.

"Here" meaning 'us'.

"Here" meaning 'our place'.

"Here" meaning 'right here, in this moment'.

And "hear", meaning 'I can't hear the TV.' 'Get hearing aids then.' 'No, my self esteem can't handle another handicap right now.' 'Why not? I handled you in a wheel chair, I could handle you with little plastic things in your ears too.' 'Yeah, thanks, no. I have a beautiful woman to impress now. One more flaw and she'll probably flee.' -pause- 'I'm not going anywhere.' -kiss- 'I love everything about you, including your flaws.' -kiss- -kisssssssssssssss- 'You really think I'm beautiful?' 'Oh yeah. Beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, lovely......'

When Dinah got the text, she immediately headed to their place.

The roof.


"Shayne?" Dinah walked quickly up the stairs to the roof. As she placed her hand on the handle of the door, it opened suddenly causing Dinah to fall into Shayne's arms. He uttered a quick 'hey' that was covered up by a clutter of confusion, "Shayne, Shayne, w-what are you doing up here?! What's going on? What's wrong...I-"

"Hey, hey.." Shayne hugged Dinah close, running his hand through her hair as he continued, "nothing's wrong, nothing."

Dinah looked up at Shayne, worried evident in her expression. "Then why are you here?"

Shayne reached for her hand and led her to the roof top. Near the edge of the roof was a table, occupied by champagne and a dinner for two. "Wha.."

"Shh.." Shayne hushed her with a kiss. "You didn't think I ran out this morning for no reason did you?"

Dinah gazed at Shayne with a mix of emotions. Although feeling like she was on cloud nine right now, she couldn't stop shaking, thinking about the possibility of Shayne on the roof again. Thankful that wasn't the case, and feeling a rush of relief, she pulled him towards her and kissed him passionately.

Shayne held Dinah closely, trying as hard as he could to keep the other person out of his head.


TBC of course.